2019 Chevy Bolt EV Order Books Opened At Canadian Dealerships

Chevrolet Bolt EV


The 2019 Bolt could begin arriving at Canadian dealerships by late August.

Inventories of the 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV have been painfully low in the U.S. for the past few months. Part of the reason for this is an increase in exports. Globally, Bolt/Ampera-e sales are up in Korea, Canada and Europe over last year.

“We were extremely tight on inventory” General Motors spokesman Jim Cain told Bloomberg last month. He cited a 42% increase in sales in Q1 and battery supply issues as primary factors. “That’s why we’re increasing production.”

A similar situation has occurred up north in Canada. So far the Bolt has been in high demand but low supply. There has been a waiting list on new orders in Canada of up to 12 months.

Bolt EV delivered to Canadian dealers

This month, dealers in the U.S. began taking orders for the 2019 model year. According to Time To Electrify.ca, sales on the new model year are also opened for Canada. They received confirmation from Joe Stellato, Product Specialist at Dean Myers Chevrolet in Toronto. According to Time To Electrify, some deliveries could be fulfilled in as little as 8 weeks.

It’s possible that GM will be increasing shipments to Canadian dealers as soon as August. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, specifically referenced global demand when announcing a production increase at CERAWeek energy conference in Houston. Barra stated:

We are encouraged by this momentum, and because of increasing global demand for the Chevrolet Bolt EV, we are announcing today that we will increase Bolt EV production later this year at our Orion Assembly plant north of Detroit.

The increase in production is reportedly set to occur by the Q4 sales rush when GM is expected to pass 200,000 U.S. sales. This should improve availability of the car in Canada and other global markets as well.

Source: Time To Electrify


Chevrolet Bolt EVs - finding more US driveways every month!
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The introduction (and US reception) of the Chevy Bolt EV has pulled forward GM's 200,000th sale by at least a year (now expected in Q2 2018) Chevrolet Bolt at the recent GM Official autocross event near Detroit. Chevrolet Bolt EV (wallpaper 2,560x) Chevrolet Bolt EV Chevrolet Bolt EV (wallpaper 2,560x) Chevrolet Bolt EV (wallpaper 2,560x) 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Chevrolet Bolt EV The best option overall is generally to drive at normal speed Chevrolet Bolt Chevrolet Bolt Chevrolet Bolt EV Interior Chevrolet Bolt EV:  Lots of useful room inside...and a fair about of standard finishes Bolt Interior Chevy Bolt Chevrolet Bolt EV - right-hand-drive?! Chevy Bolt rear seats The rear seating area offers plenty of room for passengers Inside the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt

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…and now it’s already closed again? Hopefully, GM plans to ship realistic numbers of Bolts everywhere for MY19.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Until they commit to buying batteries in realistic numbers, that will not happen.

It’s a conundrum: at the current production numbers, GM is actually losing money on Bolt sales, except in places with strong emission mandates. To sell them at a profit, they would have to increase production significantly… But they are probably loath to do so, because they realise that demand is likely to wane once base Model 3 and LEAF 2019 become available. (Unless they lower the price — but then it would be even harder to make it profitable…)

GM could easily sell 100,000 copies of the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

If they would just drop the price by $2,500.-

No it wouldn’t…IEV did an article that 80% of EV buyers LEASE; lease offers change monthly, yet it’s usually highly subsidized including several thousand off in incentives if one qualifies for them…

As mentioned, you can already get them up to $5,000 off. This is maybe typical for GM though as they average something like 10-15% incentives per car (they build discounts into the MSRP).

The best selling gas compact hatchback only sells about 50k units a year in the US, so I really wouldn’t expect more than that even if they cut the price $10k. The only way to really grow sales for the Bolt EV is sell it overseas or make a CUV version (they call the Bolt a CUV, but make it actually a CUV in style and offer AWD).

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Can’t sell what you don’t have.

2,596 new Bolt EV’s & 4,836 new Volts on cars.com right now; what don’t they have?

$38K-2.5K=$35.5K. Truecar shows about $35K as selling price of Bolt. I got it for $32.5K, $6K less than MSRP. It came with DCFC, so savings is actually bit more. Yet, they still have Bolts available at the dealership at that price.

So no, they can’t sell 100K Bolts by just dropping the price by $2.5K when $6K drop still doesn’t result in whole lot of sales.

What?! You got one? Congrats! What happens to the Spark?
Pretty good deal at $22K!

SparkEV is that you? Were you unable to wait any longer for the short range Model 3? Or is the Bolt just to tide you over until you can get one? My wife has to make a decision on what to do soon… wait it out for the Model 3 or get a Volt.

Either way, congrats on the Bolt! Sounds like you got a good deal. Welcome to the SparkEV + BoltEV ownership club. It’s very exclusive. (I don’t know any other members except for us! 😛 )

Yup, took the plunge to Bolt. Tesla 3 that I want probably won’t be available until 2020 (base + auto pilot). I was thinking about IoniqEV or another lease, but Bolt for $23K post subsidy was too good to pass up. It’s as quick as other hot hatches (like GTI), and cheaper.

SparkEV lease is up later in the month. I was really dreading going back to gasser while waiting for better EV. But with Bolt, I have more time to wait for Tesla 3 or Y or whatever else.

Getting a Bolt in the US is no easy task. I bought one and it was shipped from a dealer in Soith Dakota (not really an EV hot spot). And the dealership where I bought my Bolt is really struggling to get Volts as well. I can’t imagine trying to get any GM EV in Canada.

Too bad GM has taken such a lackluster attitude towards EVs. They seem to be squandering an opportunity.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Volt is phasing out. It’s going to even more difficult finding one.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Volt drivetrain should be reworked into a CUV. Bump the AER to over 60 miles and you have a bestseller.

If they do it on the GMC Terrain Buick Regal X wagon, impala bodies I will buy it

Think Buick Encore for now. Hopefully some bigger EV’s later that fit some gear! (People too)

Oh sure, why not? Just make it bigger, heavier with much worse aerodynamics AND make it go further AER too!! Let me guess, also sell it for $2500 less than now as well. That’s all. Easy peasy. They should bang that one out by the end of the week.

I think it’s the EV enthusiasts that need reworking.

The Volt and Bolt have been the top EV sellers in Canada. The per-capita rate is much higher than in the US so maybe easier to get up here.
But… the demand in Ontario will drop significantly very soon. A conservative government was just elected and the generous rebates are expected to be a victim of the change in power.
So that should free up some supply 😉

Correct. The blue Bolt I ordered last month will become available if the Doug Ford conservatives start fooling around with the EV rebate.

I mean, global warming is a good thing for Ontario, right? 🤡

I bet the conservative government in Ontario will cut the generous rebate in ON ($14K) to match the rebate levels of socialist government in BC ($5K) and liberal government in QC ($8K). “I mean global warming is good thing for” British Columbia and Quebec “right?” :))))) (Not to mention the other provinces run by liberals and socialists that have NO rebates for EVs. …. Oh! Oh! Let’s not forget about Justin Trudeau and his federal liberal government. Hi LOVES to fight the green house emissions sooooo much.)

If Ontario maintains its EV rebate, it will be due to the influence of the Automobile Industry’s lobbyists in Toronto.

Premier Doug Ford could possibly avoid cutting the rebate because the industry loves it… and he wouldn’t want to scare away whatever is left from Ontario’s automobile sector. (Especially with Moscow Don wrecking havoc in Washington.)

I bet the conservative government in Ontario will cut the generous rebate in ON ($14K) to match the rebate levels of socialist government in BC ($5K) and liberal government in QC ($8K) :))))) (Not to mention the other provinces run by liberals and socialists that have NO rebates for EVs. …. Oh! Oh! Let’s not forget about Justin Trudeau and his federal liberal government. Hi LOVES to fight the green house emissions sooooo much.)


I am in east central Iowa, not exactly an EV hotbed. If I search for Bolt EVs there are 68 within easy driving distance on electric range (200 mi). If I expand to 250 mi I see 109. However, 3 months ago I saw twice as many, so they are probably starting to reduce inventories finally.

The Bolt EV is a car that would do excellent in other countries, glad to see they seem to be focusing on Canada and Korea now, should be easier to sell them there.

I’ll car-splain this for you…Franchise dealerships often perform dealer to dealer swaps; often with low demand vehicles these aren’t dollar for dollar swaps…Doing it this way is a very well known way to avoid certain vehicle requirements, Bolts for example (at one time) had a requirement to have a DCFC charger…A very likely scenario was the South Dakota dealer was willing to sell/swap to your dealer at a discount to get rid of it…

interesting topic about demand in the US. There are 1500 2017’s left, and 1000 2018’s on lots. They seem to sit on lots in the Chicago land area.

I drove my Volt from Colorado to South Carolina last month. The one thing I realized is how regional EVs are. I will see quite a few on the highways in Colorado and New Mexico, but there were almost none between Omaha and SC.

I drove my 2012 Volt from Ohio to NYC last weekend. The car did great with 90k miles on it but my partner was uncomfortable the whole way. Thinking about the Bolt , i3 Rex 94ah, or new battery and Honda Clarity base since it comes with everything besides leather power seats

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

As long as batteries remain in short supply, prices will remain high for EVs. The supply outlook for compnies who do not own their own battery factory is not looking good going forward.

They only need to commit to orders to get the supply, that is the thing. LG will build out to meet demand if GM pays them. Probably takes them 2 years to meet demand.

That is what Tesla did with Panasonic, they knew roughly what demand they would have after they took pre-orders 2 years ago and now they are producing those batteries.

All the VW battery contracts (and other companies) are evidence of this. They are signing contracts to get the production going. It is a huge risk for them as if they don’t sell them they are on the hook for paying for X number of batteries they aren’t using. This is why all but Tesla have ordered fairly small, I don’t think they were seeing as much market for EVs back when they placed their orders.

“They only need to commit to orders to get the supply, that is the thing. LG will build out to meet demand if GM pays them. Probably takes them 2 years to meet demand.”

But that’s the point: Filling any large order from LG or any other battery cell maker will always lag two years behind placing the order, because LG — like other cell makers — won’t commit to building out more manufacturing capacity until they have an order in hand.

This is why Ford built its River Rouge complex back in the Model T days, and it’s why Tesla has spent billions on Gigafactory 1. In both cases, that allowed the auto maker to decide for itself how fast to ramp up production, rather than being limited by supply from independent suppliers.

Ten or 15 years from now, the auto industry will be dominated by auto makers who partnered with battery cell makers to build high-capacity battery factories (plus BYD, which started out as a battery cell maker). Those auto makers which refuse to make that investment will wither away.


As you have pointed out, the whole “vertical integration” concept has been tried many times. At one point Ford made every single component of the Model T. This didn’t last that long. It would be only about ten years before they spun off and sold most of it. When the market and by extension, the sales turn downward, a great big ol’ company can quickly become a great big ol’ liability.

Tesla will come to understand this as soon as the bubble pops again.

Tesla isn’t as stupid as you think it is. If they can make more money by contracting out more of the car, they will.

Every automaker is claiming that they can buy battery packs cheaper than Tesla/Panasonic, but we’ve been waiting years for them to prove it. GM was boasting about $145/kWh from LG, so why can’t they make a profit when the Bolt’s batteries only cost $9k?

I’m still skeptical about VW’s battery contracts. Usually they have termination clauses, so their effect on factory buildout depends on the details.

Anybody looking for Bolt, there are some in Seattle, discounts too… I tried to get my brother in law to buy one yesterday, we drove Bolt, and Leaf, he bought an Audi A3 🙁 … I have to say, that Audi had the tightest panel gaps on the doors of any car I have ever seen (less then 2mm). I was impressed.

I had an A3. Mechanical and driving masterpiece. Electronic nightmare.

Yeah, I am certainly not an Audi fan, but the FFQ was awesome… I understand his buying decision though, that A3 is way nicer looking, driving, and interior then the Bolt, or Leaf, and AWD in case of snow, and we got it for 35K, so cheaper then Bolt before tax incentives. I did not want him to buy it, but cannot argue with the logic.

“and we got it for 35K, so cheaper then Bolt before tax incentives”
…so $10k more up front…and some more after. I could argue with that logic.

10K more up front? What does that mean?

Up front before gas savings. Not really up front since you have to wait for the end of the year to get it but you get it eventually.

Oops. You slipped. “and we got it for 35K…” Admit it. There is no brother in law. You gave up on EVs and took the easy way and bought an ICE power car.

No need to make up stories. Just enjoy your new car. You made the choice that 99%+ of new car buyers in America make.

No way dude, I went and negotiated to get the car for my brother in law… Got it down from 39XXX to 35K, I love dealer negotiations (its like a chess game), always try to help family members out.

Yeah that’s got to be the most important reason to buy a car, tight panel gaps. LOL.

Not me buying it, but I noticed the impressive build quality because I pay attention to things like that whether it is for me or others. If you want to speak about the car industry knowledgeably you have to pay attention to all the makers.

There a Bolt used for $28k in Elyria Ohio with 200miles on it with DCFC sunnyside Chevrolet. Waiting to drop to $27k or $26k to purchase

You don’t get the $7500 credit for a used one so that is not a very good deal.

Unless you don’t qualify for the rebate, or can’t wait for tax time in 2019.

Anecdotally, I was just in Ontario and Quebec doing a 1000+ mile trip and noticed a huge number of Chevy Volts (20+), 6 Tesla Model 3s, 3 Chevy Bolt EVs, and many Tesla Model S/Xs.

Québec probably has the cheapest electricity in NA with the highest gaz prices in Canada, 8 to 10k incentive. Seems like a sweet spot for EVs.

I find it interesting that one of the constant knocks on Tesla is their inability to get the Model 3 out there to the masses. And yet you have GM, the big historic player, that still can’t get the Bolt out there to the masses.

(Here’s your softball pitch, bro1999- get your ‘thumbs down’ button finger warmed up)

John, there is a difference… Model 3 is critical to Tesla’s survival and was planned for high production. Bolt is GM playing with EV, built on an old, and shared assembly line. When the numbers work for GM to make money on EV’s they will flood the market with them. GM just put the 2019 Silverado into full production this month, and they built 1K the first week, now on a planned 3 week quality hold, then they will unleash the high volume lines… Quite a difference on a line GM depends on for survival.

Those are valid points. Apples and oranges, I stand corrected.

Well to beat the $7500 shut down in the states my friends in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada tell me that they’ve gotten a huge number of model ‘3’s lately, which is good because the ONTARIO C$ 14,000 credit is due to be eliminated shortly by the new Conservative gov’t in the province. There is acceptance, that for an indefinite time in ONTARIO, there is going to be NO credit for buying an EV.

Looks to me like the car makers blew it. They should have flooded ONTARIO with ev’s while the tax credit was there. Now, seeing as people have to make ends meet, it will be far harder for anyone to purchase an EV that suddenly got C$14,000 more expensive.

Chevy Dealer In Rawdon QC has a 2018 Bolt Demo with 4000Kms advertised asking 50,000 Cdn. It’s where I bought my demo 2017 Volt. Wonder if I can talk them into having it as a loaner while they do my first oil service and recall work done.

According to the MTO website, it says that the application for the Ontario Electric Vehicle incentive must be submitted AFTER the vehicle is registered and plated. So it seems to me like it’s a huge gamble to order the vehicle with the hope that the $14,000 CAD rebate will still be available when the vehicle arrives. I’m not sure if the dealership would take that risk and give me the discount up-front at the time of the order? Anyone know?

I asked this question yesterday, while discussing the price for a 2018 Volt. Currently they also have a $1500 GM discount, ending July 3rd. I was told this (2 different dealers in Mississauga): the $1500 discount applies when the car is delivered, and they cannot price-protect that. Regarding the 13k rebate, this is listed in the bill of sale as downpayment, they cannot guarantee that you will get it. The wait for a Volt was 2 month. I also asked if they agree to put a note in the bill that if I cannot get the 13k rebate, I can cancel the order and get the 1k deposit back, and the answer was no…
I ended up getting a Volt this morning, without seeing it. The car is in transit, the dealer will get it … soon… But since they have the VIN number, they applied for the 13k rebate. The Balance Financed exclude the 13k.

I am not sure if I can apply for a rebate for the charger, yet.

I’m also in Ontario and I’m still on the waiting list. I was told that I had to wait until around January to order a Bolt. My deposit was $500, and I was told that it is fully refundable up until I place the order. I don’t think that the rebate will still exist then.