Video Overview: 2019 Chevy Bolt Gives Drivers More Control


Plus how the Bolt looks wearing Green Mist Metallic paint.

While the Chevy Volt is getting a number of major improvements for its mid-cycle update, changes on the Bolt are more modest. This isn’t surprising since the car has been on the market less than 2 years.

Chevrolet says their engineers are always working to fine-tune their vehicles. We just recently learned that the 2018 Bolt EV quietly received seat comfort improvements that have been carried over. For the 2019 Bolt EV, changes to the climate controls and battery charge level offer the most obvious improvements over earlier model years.

New Bolt EV In Green Mist Metallic

Previously, the Chevy Bolt provided an option for Hilltop Reserve. This setting would charge the vehicle to just under 90%. Officially this was intended to be used to gain energy while descending from a home or charging location from a high elevation.

Of course, for everyone else, there were still benefits. A 100% charge initially limits regenerative braking. Hilltop Reserve provides access to 1 pedal driving at the start of each day. It is also generally considered a good practice to keep a lithium-ion battery charged between 20% and 80%.

Bolt EV Target Charge Between 35% and 100%

Now the Bolt EV will let you choose your own maximum target charge. When demonstrated in the video, the user can choose anywhere between a 40% and 100% state of charge.

The other user convenience feature is separating the heat and A/C controls. Previously, the climate would automatically switch between heat and A/C depending on the exterior and interior temperatures. This generally works well, although it can sometimes be troublesome. If the temperature drastically changes during the day, the heater could come on unintentionally for instance.

While small, these changes are certainly welcome. The only downside? A Chevrolet representative informed us that there are no plans at this time to make these features available via software update on the 2017 or 2018 model years.

2019 Bolt EV New A/C Controls

For the full impressions of the 2019 Chevy Bolt, check out the video above!

Video Description via InCharge DIY on YouTube:

In this video we take a look at what has changed since 2017 when the Bolt EV was first released. These are new changes for model year 2019.

Special Thanks to: Hakeem & Clint at Sport Chevrolet 3101 Automobile Blvd Silver Spring MD 20904 US

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Are the software enhancements coming as an over-the-air update to Bolt EVs already on the road?

Sadly no… at least there are no plans ‘at the moment.’

It’s a bummer! 🙁 I wanted these upgrades.

But the existence of these changes to charge level, the seates, and climate controls means Chevy was listening to user feedback… Let them know you want the software upgrades as well!

My experience with basically every car company:
Dealer: “That infotainment/software problem? Yes, this problem/limitation is now fixed.”
Me: “Great, could you please update my cars software please?”
Dealer: “You have to buy the newer version of the car if you want this fix.”
Me: “But the software and infotainment look exactly the same as on my car!?”
Dealer: “Yes but they are different…sorry”

So you have to buy a whole new car for the software updates?

Agree, this seems ridiculous. This would be an easy OTA update or at the very least, a free dealer update.

And I’m still here waiting on adaptive cruise.

Adaptive Cruise would require a change in hardware because the Bolt doesn’t have a radar sensor which is needed to accurately measure distance to the car ahead.

Supposedily the Buick Encore EV will only be a little bit more expensive yet a lot more premium…That would most likey be the better GM EV to put ACC on…

If GM was smart they would start rolling these updates out over the air. That is an advantage that Tesla has. If GM/Chevy wants to build a loyal customer base actually treating your customer well with OTA upgrades like this would be a huge step.

Unfortunately the protectionist contracts with the dealers prevent a lot of OTA updates to be made by GM. GM can maybe change small things in the infotainment or related to OnStar, but that’s about it.

The more interesting question is what’s the production target, and whether it’ll be just a 3-country car (USA, Canada, S. Korea)? That’ll show whether GM is serious.

Well, it is currently on sale in Europe as the Opel Ampera-e. But Opel has their own plug ins on the way so the Ampera-e isn’t a priority for them. Still Europe receives similar allocations to Canada. Through August, roughly 1,900 have been sold in europe.

The car is also currently on sale in Mexico and UAE. Saudi Arabia is next on the list I believe. These will be pretty small markets.

China is the major wild card. China has protectionist policies that make it difficult/impossible to sell the Bolt there. But with GM having issues with A123 and the company still needing to increase their zero emission plug ins in China… there might be a chance. Maybe. Probably not though.

Glad to hear that 1900 have been sold in Europe. That is more than just a handful. Obviously Peugeot-Citroen wants to push their own home-grown product rather than a rebranded Chevy. But I think those Euopeans who take a chance on the Ampera-e will love it, as long as Peugeot maintains service availability for the car, not that it will need a lot of it anyway – with electric power steering, and semi-hermetic refrigeration systems, GM (as well as other companies, to be fair) have eliminated many maintenance items that formerly were maintenance headaches.

The problem with allocating the same amount of cars to Europe and Canada, is of course that Europe had 20 times the population. In fact Europe as a whole has a larger population than the whole of North America.

The Bolt EV is now also on sale in Brasil and has been on sale in a few middle eastern countries for a year now.

GM doesn’t care about customer service.
The dealer won’t even order a roll of tape for fixing a recall item until they tear open my Bolt EV, then confirm they need to replace it, put everything back in, send me home, & make another appointment to come in to install the tape around the sensors.
GM blames the dealers, dealer blame GM as they are following GM’s process

“…the 2018 Bolt EV quietly received seat comfort improvements that have been carried over.”

Finally! What took them so long?

I get the impression that GM is going far out of its way to spend as little on this car as possible, even where it’s obviously needed. 🙁

I wonder what a real EV supporter, that will actually BUY ANY kind of ev, will think. I don’t care what people think who will never support electric cars since they won’t ever buy one, not even a used one for a relative.

Why do they let EV-haters on here, who have nothing constructive to say, but just bash cars and the true ev-supporters who drive them, yet are too dumb about things to offer constructive criticism?

GM’s spending more money on this car than you’ll ever spend. They have obviously improved the suspension, and the cheap cloth seats from the base model were always fine – of course, you’d never know that.

If you talk to some Bolt ev owners, the car is already quite perfect for what it is. This is just making it more so.

One small complaint I would like see addressed, if it hasn’t already, is to get rid of the radio hash from the inverter when trying to listen to a weak AM radio station. I have to let the car coast in Neutral to get rid of it.

The 2017 has won SO MANY awards for a low-priced car, and many here think its almost a perfect car for what it is, as is.

Since you can’t make a constructive comment, all you can do is disparage a car many of us love, and personally insult those of us who purchase them.

You are overreacting bill to pushmi’s comment. The bolt is a very good bev but there are a number of areas where it still needs to be n should be improved. Pushmi is merely summing up that frustration from many of us.
A few of the still lagging areas on the 2019 bolt,
Why is the max quick charge rate still so low?
Quick charge capability still not standard?
Why is there not aeb standard or even more easily aviable?
Why no adaptive cruise control?
No improvements at all in range?

I like the fact that it shows you the projected ev range, but it seems like they would have included a battery percentage.

Just contact Chevy Corporate. Keep bothering them about this.

Since you obviously know how to do that, would you mind publishing the number to get to a live caring human that is familiar with GM’s EV program?

Does it improve charging taper? Also, can it take 80kW as was suggested in the original user manual?

Grrr! This sounds like a bit of planned obsolescence via software. I have a 2017 Bolt which got an over-the-air software update in June 2018. The only obvious change? Now I can hit the screen button to turn on the front/rear view camera if the shift selector is in Park. (For some reason, before, GM had denied use of the cameras while parked – not exactly like that was something I had a burning itch to do anyway!). I read that for some owners the update also stripped out the ability to upload a photo album, but that feature was already gone by the time I got my Bolt. If GM thinks we’ll trade in just to get a few new software features that should be in an update rolled out to existing cars, GM should guess again. I like my Bolt a lot, but I think the infotainment software is pretty crappy. The screens look bland like something you’d see as an end of semester student senior project knocked out on a Raspberry Pi. I believe keeping it simple is a smart goal for screens in a car, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a little more eye… Read more »

Looks like GM is following the philosophy of ‘Pencils Down’.

When you buy an EV, you have to ask if the car, as it currently exists, is something that you want. Modernizations, if any, will come in future years or future models.

By virtue of all the AWARDS the 2017 Bolt ev has won, just as it was, it wasn’t a bad first try. I’m satisfied with mine. Its a peppy, sporty, practical, high-value, and low-maintenance vehicle.

It has Oriental Styling which takes a bit to get used to, but then no car is perfect, and GM by far checks most of the boxes.

If the 2019 is even closer to a perfect car, so be it. I won’t be buying that model anytime soon, but I don’t begrudge anyone buying that model that will be an even better value than my car was.

What is Oriental styling??

Any Demos where you at for this car? Looking here in Elyria-Lorain area can’t find one except use with DCFC for $31k

While we are at it asking for feature upgrades, it would be nice if the Bolt had enough computing power to support on-board GPS display that did not require CarPlay or Android Auto. There are times that on-board GPS is better in remote areas or urban canyons where mobile phone reception doesn’t work. The car has VSS, acceleration and steering angle inputs that could enhance resolution versus a mobile phone as the GPS sensor. We probably aren’t going to see that because GM would rather sell us OnStar concierge service. The secret is I would probably be willing to pay to have map updates downloaded to my on-board GPS more than I would be willing to pay for OnStar’s system. The problem with OnStar is if you change your mind pretty much means having to start over with your route request.

I hate onboard OEM provided navigation systems. My phone and apps are constantly updated and the GPS works without mobile phone reception. Google maps for example allows you to local download maps.

GM does charge for those map updates. Just offered to my ’17 if I bring it in and pay $50 some bucks. Gotta pass, should be free.
I think they will continue to be greedy until they stop loosing money on them or competition dictates.

Love Sport Chevrolet (referred to in the video). They have been very supportive of Great job.

They have also have been great partners w/ EZ-EV, we helped take them from worst performing EV sales in the state to number 12 for EV sales in the nation!

Holy moly please have someone from the 21st century edit your videos…

What’s the point in having the Bolt be setup to accept updates but not utilize that tech? GM please send some of these new features over to previous model years in a software update. This is the 21st century where software updates are commonplace and expected with any progressing technology. If you’re concerned about impacting sales, wait until the 2017-2018s are all sold then release. Updates are a selling point.

I’m still here waiting software update of separating the heat and A/C controls on the 2017 or 2018 model years.