2018 Zero DSR ZF14.4 Ridden Record-Setting 691.8 Miles In 24 Hours


German rider sets European record (U.S. & world record holder is Iron Butt Terry) for distance traveled in 24 hours on an electric motorcycle.

A rider has just set a new European record for the longest distance covered on an electric motorcycle in 24 hours. To do so, he traveled almost 700 miles (technically 1113.4km or 691.8 miles) which is roughly equal to riding from DC to Chicago or San Francisco to Portland.

World Record For 24 Hours – Iron Butt Terry Makes History By Riding Electric Zero Motorcycle 1,000 Miles In 24 Hours

Remo Klawitter is a bicycle shop owner, an electric motorcycle enthusiast, and the proud owner of a 2018 Zero DSR ZF14.4 that appears to get quite a bit of use. Klawitter traveled along a pre-planned loop in Germany between Berlin and the Land Centre for Renewable Energies in Neustrelitz. The electric scoot used for the record was a stock DSR ZF14.4 equipped with Zero’s optional Charge “Tank”, allowing Klawitter to ride in roughly 90 mile stints while cruising at freeway speeds.

“I have been thinking about a 24 hour ride since the middle of 2017. Primarily I wanted to have fun, while drawing people’s attention to the practicality of electric motorcycles,” explains Klawitter. “Everything we have used is readily available from Zero and the route was on public roads.”

Over the course of Klawitter’s 24-hour excursion, a total of 9.5 hours were spent charging up the Zero’s batteries. While the batteries charged, Klawitter too the opportunity to grab a bite to eat and get some rest. To help extend his riding time, Klawitter rider used Zero’s new Charge Tank, which allows connection to Level Two public charging points. In addition, he had Zero’s accessory quick chargers which allow for a full charge in just an hour’s time.

“I was able to speak to many people who were interested in the bike and the journey. The technology worked great and the average speed was 46.4kph (28.8mph) including the breaks,” said Klawitter.

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If it could charge like SparkEV, it would’ve taken bit over 16 hours.


If SparkEV was charging on Level 2 like the bike, it’d take several days.

If Tesla was charging on Level 1, it’d take weeks. Or maybe months considering leakage.

No offence. But to put this in perspective: carl reese did 2116.5 mi in24 hours.
I know, we have to re-think travelling attitude with EV’S, but still: a way to go

There were no EVs or electric motorbikes in the 70s but I got me a new Honda Gold Wing when it came out in 1975 & the super smooth ride was incredible beyond belief. That weekend I promptly made a record attempt at the 24hr by riding from LA to SF & down to SD & back to LA…some 1175 miles in ONE DAY!! I am afraid a six hundred mile ride is a bit of a ho hum… even for EVs.

I did 1050 miles in 18 hours on my 1982 UJM air cooled 750. You having done so before Gold Wing became fully faired tourer is just as masochistic as I!

In case any cop is reading this, I kept below the speed limit the entire time.

Christian Ascheberg set a record with a covered recumbent bike (threewheeler) 1219km in 24h without any motor (only his own muscles)

I thougt 1500 km should be possible with a e-motorbike and fast charging
The aerodynamic so I think is the keypoint.

Nice ride! Glad to see yet another electric biker going longer distances. Several of us have gone 500+ miles in a day, and more will do it once DC fast charging is available but it’s always fun to see more people trailblazing on different continents.