In 2018 Over 386,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Were Registered In Europe

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Average market share improved to 2.5%

The European plug-in electric car market noted healthy growth in 2018, and that’s despite many plug-in hybrid models being retired in September because of the new WLTP-certification requirements (manufacturers apparently considered them too costly to comply for older low-range PHEVs).

In December, some 40,564 passenger plug-in cars were registered, which is 23% more year-over-year at a high 3.9% market share.

Two thirds of those sales (66%) were all-electric cars, which also noted 70% growth, compared to a 20% decline for plug-in hybrids.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – December 2018

In 2018, total registrations amounted 386,347 (up 33%) at average market share of 2.5%. It’s a new all-time record and because new models are coming (especially Tesla Model 3, but not only) the expectations for 2019 are high – maybe 500,000?

51% of new passenger plug-ins were BEVs, which also increased 48% year-over-year to almost 200,000. Plug-in hybrids managed to increase about 20%.

Most popular models

The best-selling model was the Nissan LEAF with 40,609 registrations, but in the last months the advantage over the second-best Renault ZOE (38,538) shrunk. Moreover, with registrations of commercial versions of ZOE, the two were almost at the same level.

Three more cars exceeded 20,000 sales: BMW i3 (23,432), Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (23,921 – best PHEV) and Volkswagen e-Golf (21,252).

Tesla Model S and Model X were #6 (16,682) and #9 (12,694). Jaguar I-PACE was late to the party, but grabbed the #21 spot (6,319) with the fourth best result in December (2,983).

Registration stats for Europe are provided by  EV Sales Blog:

Sales in U.S. are still higher than in Europe for several months now, but for 2018 Europe was bigger market (386,347 vs about 361,307):

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With dec 2018 totals of 40k Europe 50k USA and 180k China looks like 2018 worldwide total should just break 2 million

with the Leaf e+, Model 3, e-tron, I-Pace, Niro, Kona, all arriving for a mostly full year of sales, I’m guessing 2019 will be another healthy improvement again. Add the VW ID Neo which will also hopefully enter production, and 2019 is looking really promising.

I reckon we should see 600k+ in 2019

Well Tesla sold close to 30,000 vehicles in Europe. Does any other American made in America sell more?