2018 Nissan LEAF Taxi, Winter Tire And Range Tests: Videos


Let’s check out some winter tires for the 2018 Nissan LEAF and see how far it will travel in cold weather.

We really enjoy YouTuber Fancy a Bev Mate. He focuses on only the Nissan LEAF, which makes him somewhat of an authority on the car. Not to mention that fact that he uses his LEAF as a taxi. So, he’s got plenty of experience behind the wheel, is continually racking up the miles, and puts the utmost importance on range and vehicle safety. To top it off, he’s just really down to earth and informative.

In his latest video, he tests the 2018 LEAF in subzero temps (-5°C / 23°F)The goal is to get and idea of the car’s range in the worst-case scenario, so he keeps the cabin relatively warm (19.5°C / 67°C). While it’s common for people to lay off the climate control in their EV to increase range, this probably wouldn’t keep taxi passengers very happy. How far does the LEAF go compared to its EPA rating of 151 miles?

Check out the video above to find out.  Then — since we’re on the topic of winter driving — take a look this taxi driver’s evaluation of GoodYear UltraGrip winter tires in the video below.

Video Description (above) via Fancy a Bev Mate? on YouTube:

The 2018 Nissan Leaf 29k Range test -5°C (taxi)

Hi this video shows worst case scenario using the 40kWh leaf at very low temperatures ranging from -6°C to around 1°C and the cabin temperature set to around 19.5°C as always this is an taxi environment.

Video Description via Fancy a Bev Mate? on YouTube:

The 2018 Nissan Leaf Winter Tyre Test (Goodyear Performance Gen 1s)

Hi I finally get to test the new rubber in harsh conditions, I am very impressed by the performance variants of the UltraGrip Series from Goodyear. In the second part of the video I have to navigate a road which is notoriously accident prone even in the summer.

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Well, for my same Leaf, 40kWh SL 2018 version, worse case (from 100% charge) so far is about 120kms at -25 degrees C temps. That is with +20 C inside temp heater on and seat heater on. Also that would be mainly highway driving at 102km/h. In city, about 140-150kms under same circumstances. Stop and go with regeneration adds some energy back. Plus lower speeds not as much of a drain on the battery.

Stop and go NEVER adds energy back compared to continuing at the same (modest) speed. It just makes you use less than you would stopping and going in a conventional (no regeneration) vehicle.

Exactly. Paradoxically, best regen is no regen

In general each time you stop it robs 1 mile of your range, you can only regen about 20 to 30% of that back. Best to go at a slow steady rate with a strong tail wind dropping down a big slope, LOL.

No drama. Nice.

I like the two tone looks. Hopefully Nissan will sell a million of these next year along with all the other EV brands. If you use it in the 20-80% charge range it will last a long long long time.