2018 Nissan LEAF Priced In France From €33,900 – $40,228 USD (€2,000 More Than Previous Gen)

DEC 5 2017 BY MARK KANE 22

It’s quite a bit more pricey than the outgoing version, but it’s vastly improved too.

Nissan France released the price list for the next generation  2018 LEAF, which initially will be offered only in limited edition 2.ZERO from €36,990 (nearly $44,000).

2018 Nissan LEAF

The new LEAF will eventually be available in four trims (prices without incentives):

  • Visia: €33,900 (around $40,200)
  • Acenta: €35,300
  • N-Connecta: €37,100
  • Tekna: €38,900 (around $46,100)

Both the base Visia and top Tekna are €2,000 pricier than the previous generation, but you get a 6.6 kW on-board charger and CHAdeMO inlet as standard.

More than 750 orders were received for the limited edition 2.ZERO, which means that the demand for the new LEAF is tremendous.

It will far exceed the first generation sales. We can almost guarantee it.

Soon, Nissan should announce prices in other European countries.

On a related note, Nissan started U.S. production of the 2018 LEAF just yesterday. Deliveries will begin in January in the States.

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22 Comments on "2018 Nissan LEAF Priced In France From €33,900 – $40,228 USD (€2,000 More Than Previous Gen)"

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Maybe Nissan doesn’t want to tread on the Zoe’s home turf, and that’s why they’re pricing it high?

CHF 37490.- in Switzerland for the 2Zero fyi.

If Nissan does the same in the US it would start at $32,680 (exchange rate compensating for VAT). Of course it’s suppose to start at $29,950 which would actually be cheaper than current gen. Looks like very different pricing strategies for different markets.

Still could be worse, GM recently bumped up Euro-Bolt by $6K so that’s one competitor Nissan doesn’t need to worry about in Europe.

In Canada, it starts at C$36k, and the SV with ProPilot included is $39,600. That translates to US$28,350 and US$31,180, respectively.

That’s quite a bargain.

UK deposits are getting cancelled thick and fast on hearing the PCP prices that have just been released. £462 per month for just 6000 miles a year!

That gives us here in the states, a whole new perspective on the CAR WOW Network. Those U.K. price figures are an absolute Leaf Leasers Nightmare, if they were even a 1 to 1 US dollar /pound conversion.

Source, i wont believe it until its source.

What! that’s $621.54 a month. Holy Moly.

Maybe Mint is right? In Portugal it will be 30400 Eur. I think it’s actually a great price for what it is, better than last generation. Those were sellling at 22k but that’s because they were old and dying.

Looks like they are pricing it based on the market and competition.

Another Euro point of view

Where I live in Luxembourg new Leaf starts at EUR 35’700 ($42’000). That is still way too expensive for such car. Am looking for replacement of my current car in 2018 and currently aim for a low mileage (20K) Audi A6 TDI. Many for sale around here in the EUR 23K to EUR 26K range with an Audi 2 years warranty on them. Evs have still a lot to achieve as far as price are concerned. Will look again in 2022 when the Audi will have 150K miles on it.

So you are comparing a new car to a used car pricing? Of course the used will be cheaper. Compare it to a used Leaf if you want to be fair.

Another Euro point of view

Fair point but that would still not be ideal as I would need to find an EV with approx same specs than the 40Kwh Leaf 2. Can’t find that on used market however I can compare it to a new similar ICE costing approx. EUR 23K. I can still buy a lot of gas for EUR 12K, moreover I would need to lease the Leaf due to likely depreciation issues. It is OK for EVs to be more expensive due to lower running costs but not a EUR 12K difference.

Lease the Leaf due to depreciation issues? Are you serious? Sure they are depreciating but so is any of the german brands. If there is no local credit offered for evs i bet the gassers will drop more % in value compared to the evs. And why are you pretending you are interested in evs anyway? It’s obvious, dude!

NisSan in the same team as Renault.

Value model from Renault is Dacia Sandero Stepway, which is about EUR 7500 (VAT included).

LEAF is some 22000 more expensive…

It sounds expensive but that is with 20% VAT included, is it not?

The prices are with VAT but don’t include the 6000€ bonus/rebate on zero emission vehicules. Nissan might be pricing the Leaf with the bonus in mind.
Without the bonus, the Leaf is about 50% more expensive than their equivalent ICE car in Europe, the Nissan Pulsar.

That is not entirely honest. Since you select the base model prices for both. But the LEAF base model has a lot more options and performance than the base Pulsar.

You must compare equal cars in terms of options, performance etc.

For example the base Pulsar has a manual gearbox. If you want to have an automatic, add € 5,000.

There is a price difference, but it is smaller if you compare equal cars.

Increasing the price by Euro 2.000 is not a right move, seems Nissan is just trying to pocket whatever grants the government is giving.

If the sales go down, then they will start giving discounts which will just cause a chaos in the market.

Battery prices has gone down so much and they should set / decrease the price.

This is disappointing. From everything I’ve read until now about the new LEAF, and from multiple Carlos Ghosn keynotes where he spoke about EVs and the roadmap, I expected the price to stay the same or go down – despite it obviously being a much improved car.

Hopefully it is either a move to protect the ZOE on its home turf or simply a (rather sensible) business move to extract more cash from buyers while the new LEAF is supply-constrained. There’s no doubt that it will be for at least some months.

Agreed. The new LEAF is after all not a ground-up redesign; there should be parts commonality to a significant extent (many chassis, steering & suspension components, for example). The larger expected volumes of the new model, plus experience with producing the old one, should also lower production cost.

leasing is the only way to own an ev. 40 % depreciates afta 3 yrs purchase. for what to be eco minded.