2018 Nissan LEAF Production Begins In Europe – Deliveries Starting In February

DEC 19 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

On December 18, 2017 Nissan officially began production of the next generation LEAF for the European market in Sunderland, UK.

First deliveries are expected in February 2018.

Production begins of the new Nissan LEAF in Europe

The Sunderland becomes the third site worldwide where the new LEAF is produced. Production in the U.S. started two weeks ago.

Since its introduction in 2011, Nissan LEAF sales in Europe have exceeded 85,000 – more than any other all-electric model.

“Production of the all-new Nissan LEAF, the next generation of the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, is officially underway for European customers.

With the first new LEAFs now rolling off the line at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland, UK, the countdown has now started to the first customers receiving their vehicles in February.

Embodying Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility vision and already winning international awards for innovation and technology, this new model has been reinvented to offer greater range, dynamic design, advanced driver assistance technologies and enhanced connectivity.”

“The Nissan LEAF has been in production in the UK since 2013 for European markets, with more than 85,000 units sold in Europe since 2011, when the first deliveries began from Nissan’s Oppama plant in Japan. Following an initial investment of £420m, the introduction of the new Nissan LEAF has been supported by a further £36m investment in Nissan Sunderland Plant, supporting more than 2,000 jobs at Nissan and in the UK supply chain.”

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Nissan Europe Divisional Vice President for Manufacturing, stated:

“Nissan led the way in introducing electric vehicles to Europe in 2011, and every year since then it’s been clear that more and more customers share our vision for the future of driving.”

“We’re excited to start production in Sunderland and to bring the new Nissan LEAF to European markets from February.”

Production begins of the new Nissan LEAF in Europe

Production begins of the new Nissan LEAF in Europe

Production begins of the new Nissan LEAF in Europe

Production begins of the new Nissan LEAF in Europe

Production begins of the new Nissan LEAF in Europe

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Finally, I might even get to try one myself.

Birmingham, UK.

Has Nissan said how many Nissan Leafs they expect to sell globally in 2018.

Nothing specific, but they have said they ‘conservatively’ expect it to be at least double to triple that of the last gen’s results….which would be 100-150k/year.

I guess this has both the Left hand and Right hand models. And why should it take more than a month to reach the customer.

Because they don’t need to “sell” them to people they require an NDA from to buy one just to meet some BS date. They build some, inspect them, tweak the line, etc. and build some more and then they do that again and again if needed until they can crank out a ton of them with low defect rates and supply thousands of customers at once.

Well you still can’t buy them yet. You can “reserve” or ask to be notified when you can buy one. Same in North America and UK.

I don’t understand the lag between production and allowing sales. Clearly not made to order but do they run production to reflect reservation options?

Probably because of shipping. You want to maximize shipping resources instead of sending out a handful every time you’ve made a few

That’s the way the legacy automakers do it. They proof the production line. Then they need to produce show and test cars for the dealers. It prevents them from selling faulty cars and they allow the customers to test drive the cars before signing. Its a proven concept.

Jean-François Morissette

I am wondering how it is doing in Japan. I haven’t seen any sale numbers except for the first month (October). Writing this, I get that I only miss the November sales 🙂

Nissan Japan announced New LEAF are ordered 9,800 units by Nov. 8th since releasing on Sept.