2018 Nissan LEAF Preview From Geneva – Video

MAR 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 3

Geneva was among the first opportunities for the general public to see the second-generation Nissan LEAF that’s already been on sale in several countries.

2018 Nissan LEAF in Geneva

Because the premiere and other smaller events were held over the past six months, the new LEAF didn’t catch that much media attention at show, especially with all of the other new premieres. However, it’s likely the new LEAF will be the most popular BEV in Europe this year, so we just couldn’t pass it by.

Here we present the LEAF preview by Autogefühl, who highly appreciates the new LEAF and the interior changes.

The look of new 2018 LEAF finally doesn’t embarrass the reviewer during the test drive.

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For now, the new LEAF has only received mostly positive feedback.

2018 Nissan LEAF in Geneva
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I got to test one at our local Nissan dealer a few days ago and was surprisingly impressed. If they only had the 60kwh battery and battery thermal management I’d probably have order one. Sounds like they are willing to deal. If they come down far enough, I may pick up the current one as a short term car and watch what happens over the next couple years. Who knows, it might tie me over until the Model Y comes out. The lack of quick charging stations for it is another hangup but as a 2nd around town car, I’d just do all charging at home.

Lease the Leaf for 2-3 years, and hand it back to Nissan while you pick up your Tesla Model Y, that you have put down your $1K reservation down for, later this year.

And, yes I am a Leaf Loving, Tesla Model Y Waiter!

I was test driving this also few days ago and really liked it. Unfortunately for over 190cm tall driver seat cannot be lowered enough so rearview mirror is way too low and blocking your view. Meaning I can’t see pedestrians, bicycles etc. unless I’m driving “hunchback”. Too bad, otherwise might have been my car…