2018 Nissan LEAF POV Video Captures Blissfulness Of Electric Drive


This amazing point-of-view video of the 2018 Nissan LEAF gives you a sense of how serene an experience it is to drive electric.

The new LEAF in particular has been praised for its quiet ride. Motor hum is hushed and it’s just a pleasantly quiet place to be for any long ride.

Best of all, the gent behind the wheel doesn’t ruin the experience by talking. In fact, there are no spoken words at all.

It’s just pure driving bliss, that only comes courtesy of electric drive.

Though not yet selling like crazy in the U.S. due to very limited availability, the 2018 Nissan LEAF is moving like hotcakes in Europe where Nissan claims it’s selling one every 12 minutes.

The new LEAF is vastly improved, compared to its predecessor. Yet much of the new LEAF remains the same as the old one, meaning that Nissan did a lot with a little here.

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I wish you were right…it is minutes

A great car …but no upgrade strategy for old batteries like renault does

And a cooler, which comes with the e—nv200 is also missing

The strategy is you pay Nissan $5500 for a new battery.

Plus no 80%-90% charge option. Small battery, no cooling, no conservation option… no joke, you’ll spend $5500 when the battery degrades below 60%-70% in 5 years. Epic fail by Nissian, I was really hoping to get one of these. I don’t think they’ll sell many in the US.

The warranty replaces your battery if it goes below 70% in 8 years or 100k miles. So that’s a bunch of BS by you to begin with.

Nissan isn’t stupid. If they didn’t add a cooling system after so much real world data, the failure rates have to be relatively low at a global level.

Battery guru Jeff Dahn recently showed data of state-of-the-art NCM cells doing 1200+ full cycles at 45 degrees C before degrading to 80%, and of course far better at room temp.

I’ll be the first to say the old Leaf was a garbage EV, but the new one is vastly improved, and nothing comes close from $30-35k.

Link to this: https://cleantechnica.com/2018/03/04/exciting-developments-nmc-811-lithium-battery-technology/

I am very excited about this since that would make it likely that with a narrower SOC window and moderate climate, you can get a lot of cycles out of the new 2018 Nissan Leaf (which is supposed to be an NMC-622 variant)

My 5-year-old Leaf is still showing all bars, after 100% charging since I got it in March 2013.

I am beyond sick of all these blanket statements about how quickly Leaf batteries degrade, with no attempt to back them up with data or qualify the claim. (And no, someone telling us their Leaf battery went to hell after two years of very heavy Arizona use does not prove an unqualified, broad brush statement.)

The 2011s were crap on battery life. We own one, and we’re down to about 70%. This is in about the mildest climate possible — San Francisco bay area. And I baby the battery, usually charging to only 80%. I have no 8-year warranty. I have a 40-mile EV for around down, which has depreciated to around $5000 in just 6.5 years. Nissan does not treat their early adopters well. I did get invited to a special showing of the new LEAF, but I won’t buy another one if they won’t even help defray the cost of a new battery on my current LEAF. It has less than 40K miles!

Dr Strange; you have made Lou’s point for him. For that you get an ‘eye roll’.

I wont invest in a new batterie, which was state of the art in 2010…we are now in the 60 kwh area.

Renault now changes the 22 kwh batterie into a 41 kwh in the zoe. Not cheap, but it brings the zoe 2013 to 2018.

There is no reason to upset customers of the first hour

Electric cars are the new LUXURY standard.
BMW i3 drivers: Will never go back to gas.

And the amazing improvement in stereo sound in an Electric, where you don’t have a gas engine destroying the mid and lower midrange of the music. It’s a great experience. Cruising on a country road listening to great music.

Whew for a second I thought you said cruising to country music.

I got my 2018 Leaf a couple weeks ago, and honestly would not rather drive any sub-$100k gas car. I was not expecting it to be so good.

Acceleration is so much better than other EVs at this price point (including the old Leaf). The quietness is serene, but of course that’s true with all EVs. ProPilot is so relaxing. ePedal is the best driving input innovation since automatic transmission (a much more complete “one-pedal” system than in other EVs).

If it was available, the base Model 3 with AutoPilot is definitely far superior for $6k more, but that’s the only better car for the money in my opinion.

So seems like on highways with grainy surfaces road noise is louder than most engines are. Low rolling redistance tires can be louder too. Where I notice the difference with EVs is on initial acceleration, lower speed cruising, and on newly paved roads. With that in mind, how would you compare leaf gen 1 vs leaf gen 2 in terms of reducing noise on highways with grainy surfaces?

Blissfulness is muted on the 2018 Leaf, still not able to match the approximate 200 + mi. driving range, like on the Chevy Bolt / Tesla Model 3. Battery still needs to be upgrade with a decent liquid TMS, but coming soon on 2019 Leaf.

But, Leaf is available now, for those who can’t or won’t hold out until 2019!

That’s a big A pillar, eh?

It’s there to save your A if you happen to crash it.

Good point on the A pillar! My wife hates that on our 2011, and unfortunately, they didn’t change it at all for the new LEAF. She said she has nearly hit pedestrians several times because the pillar is wide and in just the right place to hide people at the end of a crosswalk.

I’ve always thought since going electric myself that the relaxation they bring could have a positive affect on reducing road rage. You don’t have to hear that constant running noise as you feel the transmission shift up and down up and down. A you don’t drive to a specific location to spend thirty or forty bucks on a tank of gas. Or worry about spilling a flammable fuel if you have a mishap with the nozzle. The ease of living with an electric car should have a positive affect on people.

Seems like a pretty impressive vehicle. Last weekend I saw a few sitting at a local dealer (Ottawa Canada). Much better looking than gen 1.

Can’t wait for the AWD crossover to be spawned off the same platform. Could be my wife’s next vehicle.

I notice you still have to press that annoying “OK” button on the screen for the disclaimer every time you start the Leaf.

I’m sure glad the Bolt doesn’t have that annoying feature.

You are mistaken – there is no “disclaimer every time you start the Leaf”.

What you see comes up monthly or so? I think it is an opt-in for the Telematics feature.

Well I had a Leaf for 4 years and had to press that stupid button every time. Are you saying that it was just that time of the month in this video?

My 2013 LEAF only asks one a month.

BTW, it’s “…every 12 minutes” not “…every 12 seconds” as the latter would be 52800 per month based on 22 8-hour days per month

Thanks. Fixed.

I have a 15′ Leaf, bought it 6-ish months ago, and I love it. The acceleration is good, and nice and smooth. My 2 complaints are poor range (I can only use it for around town) & stiff suspension. Hopefully the new Leaf has softer suspension, and obviously they are fixing the range issues.
I’m hoping to keep it for a few years, at which point there SHOULD be a ton of electric’s to choose form, because I ain’t buying gas vehicle again.

I have no doubt it’s a very good car. We leased a 2013 Leaf for more than three years and really liked the car itself. Problem was and still is the battery. Without liquid cooling it simply doesn’t hold up. I desperately hoped Nissan would fix this in the next gen leaf, but it didn’t. So for us in southern California, it’s just not an option. Wish it could be.

Yeah batteries still seem hit or miss. My 2015 Leaf battery is fine after 54,000 miles but a friend’s 2016 battery is already down 2 bars after only 30,000!

He probably fast charges more than you do.

It’s fixed in the 60kWh variant of the new leaf, and the 40kWh variant it’s more resistant to heat within it’s passive cooling capabilities than before.

Are you saying they will have TMS in the 60 KwH Leaf? If so, great, but that is not something I’ve heard before.

Very nice. Waiting for the 60kW version with battery TMS.
That one will probably be my next EV.

I’m waiting too for it! Hope the price doesn’t increase too much.

What a great car this is! Definitely will test one soon.

I’m reminded all the time just how quiet my Leaf is, thank to the fact that I often drive my wife’s Rogue, which has a CVT. That transmission eliminates shifts, obviously, but adds a pretty substantial amount of grinding noise, as do all CVTs from what I’ve read.

Like others here and MANY others not on this site, I will never go back to anything with an ICE. Not a gasmobile, not a PHEV. Zero chance. The driving experience is so much better, the refueling is so convenient (overnight garage charging), and the maintenance and fuel costs are so low that anything but a 100% electric is a non-starter.

By the way — do we know how Nissan will integrate the 60 kWh pack into the product line? Will it replace the 40 on some trim levels? All trim levels? Will it be an option(!?), or even a 4th trim level? I’m guessing that the S trim won’t get the bigger pack, simply to keep costs down. But beyond that, I think it’s not at all clear what Nissan would consider the best option.

Wow. That’s in the Netherlands on A12 near a town called Ede. Must be one of the first Leaf’s on our roads over here!

Nissan Leaf – Market Leader !

Hi,I leased the New 2018 Nissan Leaf SV with pro pilot, it’s real cool.Earlier I had Leaf 2015.I drive almost 100 miles a day.I maintain like 54 miles speed, Drove just over 1200 miles. Acceleration is quiet goodtoo. Shall post more detailed review in a while.till now, no regrets.

Still that clunky stone age navigation and telematics system that was already hopelessly outdated 5 years ago! You gotta be kiddin’ me. An insult that I won’t take. A dealbreaker.