2018 Nissan LEAF Peeks Out Under Trash Bag Camo


2018 Nissan LEAF will officially debut this September

2018 Nissan Leaf Spied Sorting A Sleeker Design Under Some Trash Bag Camo

Nissan IDS Concept showing LEAFy design clues

The weird disguise will come off in September, with the 2nd gen LEAF arriving shortly thereafter.

The outgoing Leaf is not what you would call an attractive car, but thankfully it seems Nissan will overhaul the EV’s styling for the new generation.

Spotted testing in Europe, the all-new zero-emissions hatchback was covered in an extensive amount of camouflage resembling trash bags, but even so we can easily observe the car will adopt a more conventional exterior design.

Nissan previewed the Leaf’s massive cosmetic surgery towards the end of 2015 with the IDS concept, and already we can see some resemblances by looking at the shape of the headlights and the hood’s central indentation. The prototype appears to have roughly the same size as the outgoing Leaf, although it might be a tad bigger to enable a more spacious cabin since that’s the norm nowadays among automakers.

Also of note:  Nissan in announcing the new LEAF’s arrival this Fall, has offered customers in some countries the option to extend current leases on first generation cars to get into a new 2018.  In some cases, current owners get up to 3 free “courtesy” months of driving their existing leased EV…but all current LEAF leasees get on a “priority list” for delivery of the new model.

2018 Nissan LEAF

At the back, the taillights also seem to be derived from those of the IDS and at the same time to signal (pun intended) the change from the current Leaf’s vertical clusters to horizontal lights. Bear in mind the concept’s taillights were shaped like a boomerang, so maybe Nissan’s designers will want replicate the interesting layout on the new Leaf as well and we can’t see it because of the heavy disguise.

Aside from receiving an entirely new design, the 2018 Leaf will also go through some skin-deep changes. By doubling the battery’s capacity to 60 kWh, the next-gen EV will be able to travel for more than 200 miles (321 kilometers) between charges. In addition, it will be smart enough to drive itself in a single lane of motorways thanks to the implementation of a semi-autonomous driving system.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Nissan IDS Concept

Nissan has already announced the all-new Leaf is going to be revealed in full this September and will go on sale before the year’s end. Renault’s next-gen Zoe EV scheduled to arrive in the years to come will use the same underpinnings as a result of a deeper tie-up between the two automakers to achieve economies of scales.

2018 Nissan LEAF

2018 Nissan LEAF

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Nice to see that the suicide doors didn’t make it from the ids

IMO, it seemed pretty obvious that the suicide doors were there only as an auto show gimmick to help us really see the interior of the car. They were never intended to make it to production. You see that sort of thing all the time in concept cars. And it makes perfect sense. It’s much harder to get the feel for a car’s interior with a B-pillar in the way.

That seems reasonable and probable.

I don’t know why people keep saying they kept stuff from the IDS. They only thing they have in common is the Nissan Versa. Otherwise it looks identical to the Versa, they might as well call it the Versa EV.

I liked the pillar break lights because i feel they are safer, more distinctive on the road for other drivers to see. Yes, they make it look more traditional to their other cars, the exact opposite of what the IDS is. I care less about the suicide doors and more about all the other overalls the car had. I feel disappointed in Nissan, instead of going 2 steps forward, outpacing the competition, they are going backwards because they are afraid.

They weren’t afraid to bring this car to market but they are afraid to bring it the design change it needs to bring everyone else into the future.

You mean they open the flaps to show an interior, that will never be sold, of a chassis that will never be produced? Makes sense *lol* but I think you are right. Sounds like common car business and this is why I love Tesla. They try to only show what you will get.

It is a concept car.

Great article with good detail. Thumbs up!! Counting the months til September. It’s gotta be good!!

I see the editor now added the IDS pictures below the spy shots of the camo LEAF. Thanks!! They do look similar.

If you look at the last couple of pictures on this link it shows what it might look like ?


Pictures 8 & 9

A L, Nice Photo’s ! I wonder about the range & size when compared to The Bolt ..

Ghosn is already on record as saying it makes more sense to use a supplier’s battery, I wouldn’t bet against them using LG’s same battery as being used in the Bolt ?

Not likely. I believe GM owns or co-owns the Bolt’s cell chemistry. LG manufactures the cells and pack under contract with GM.

Those pictures didn’t even locate the wing mirrors correctly. They have them right up at the A pillar instead of having glass in front of them.

Interesting they just copied the Bolt C pillar right onto this car. I hope this LEAF doesn’t have a blacked out C pillar. I wish the Bolt didn’t. This look is very dated now.

Seems to me that the new design will no longer be polarizing.. it will just be bland and boring.

Bland and boring is perfectly fine with me, as well as with many households, I’m willing to bet.

It’s just a shame they are not a few months earlier. >50,000 2013/4 Leafs were sold in the US, the vast majority of them leased. While Nissan will manage to hold on to some of those leases, who either re-leased a 30kWh, or are willing to accept the 3-months-free extension offer, they will lose too many others.

Personally, we are on the fence, at least until after we test a Bolt.

Not much has changed. The Leaf was ugly before and it will continue to be ugly. Nissan knows no other way to make a car. Every car, or truck gets three solid whacks with the ugly stick before it leaves the factory. SOP at Nissan.

The doors and roofline look very similar to the current LEAF. Any chance it’s just a heavy facelift?

It is a face-lift with:
1. a new drive train.
2. a new chassis.
3. a new cage construction.
4. a new look.
5. a new infotainment and driving assist system.
6. a new instrument cluster
7. a new interior design.
8. some minor upgrades on other parts.

It is clearly not a new chasis and passanger cage. It is just a heavy facelift! Sadly…

If they increase range and power and make it look nicer, inside and outside, I can live with a “heavy facelift”.

You forgot to add:
9.A new list of bullet points.

Yes, I really just looks like the current corporate Nissan look is applied to the front and rear. Not impressed. It looks like the IDS just like the original Volt concept looked like the production version.

Yeah, it’s a prototype at this point. Wait to judge the final design.

Sorry, I’m not seeing the IDS.
That was a huge mistake, I see a modestly updated leaf.
The IDS styling is impressive.

Maybe the IDS will come out as another car.

IDS will sell EVs…why would an ICE manufacturer sell EVS? If you keep the Leaf boring and bland it won’t sell and then you can justify selling more ICE.

I like many who have bought Leaf, think it’s all about commodity and price.

Beauty being in the eyes of the beholder, the Leaf did polarized about its look, but I don’t care much.

Commodity is room, range, usefulness and reliability and so far the problem with current generation Leaf has only been range, battery degradation aside.

Even the battery issue hasn’t been bad in my own experience.

In 2012, the price was high (too high), because it was the only offering. Hopefully it will be very competitive with Bolt, 3 and unknown.
But I would like AWD version.

My 2012 leaf lost 3 bars at 36k miles…my 2016 leaf has lost one bar at 12k miles and I have 2 more years to go on lease. The only reason I drive a leaf is to pollute less period. And tinted windows do make a leaf more tolerable to look at lol

I understand your disappointment.

This show how the longevity of the same battery is affected in different condition.

I lost my first bar at 65 000 miles and still have 11 left with 81 000 miles on the odometer.

I have to say that I always charge at 80% first and top it just before leaving at 100% and that weather where I live (Québec) is very rarely above 80F°.

Cold is a problem, but at least, it seems to preserve the battery well.

I would love to put a retrofit 40+kWh battery when this one will lose its third bar.

Nissan think otherwise, alas!

Mr G to much fast charging.

That holds true for every ICE carmaker.

Well, except for the Renault-Nissan Alliance, who has spent many $billions on designing, building, promoting a sizable line-up of EVs.

For years, before Mister EV was Elon Musk, it was Carlos Ghosn’s nickname!

Nissan borrowed $2 billion from USA and all we got is the Leaf. And I’m on my second Leaf lease so I personally know that in 7 years the leaf has not changed much. My point is Nissan has dropped the ball on EV innovation.

The $2B from Uncle Sam was nice, but they paid for the factories in Europe and Japan themselves. And what EV innovation did you expect. The beauty of EVs is, their is not much to innovate, beside a new grill or sunroof.

The only new thing their customers were waiting far was a bigger battery. And Nissan had to wait just like every body else until the battery cost did come down to the level they could put a 60kWh in their car. That GM was a year faster is better procurement.

GM was not weighted down buy three battery factories in a joint venture with a battery technology partner that did not improve its technology or lower its costs as fast as the rest of the industry.

Waiting is hard, especially is you don’t understand what is holding the car manufacturers.
The whole market was waiting for lower battery prices!

I dont agree on that, they picked the ball first, and got rammed.Now they are playing safe

Why would manufacturers have a preference for Ice vs EV at all? It seems to me the dealership has the preference, most likely due to ICE service requirements more than anything else.
Unless Auto manufacturers have huge stakes in oil companies it shouldn’t make any difference to them, so long as they make their margins and can sell.

I don’t understand stupid comments like this.

Excluding China because I don’t totally know there are more Leafs on the road than any other EV right?

If Nissan truly doesn’t want to sell EVs than they should just stop selling the Leafs altogether because everyone else has a hell of a lot of catching up to do!

The IDS looks like s**t! I’m glad they didn’t go for those ridiculous air intakes.

So you must love the current Leaf styling?

I don’t mind it at all. It has character. It’s certainly far better looking than the i3 for example.

I’ve gotten used to it too, it does not appear offensive to me, dorky maybe, but not offensive. This new one does not look right, there is no harmony in the styling, just crazy straight lines and sharp angles, not attractive.

Bland is better than ugly. So a step in the right direction. The important details, like AER and max charge rate, will be interesting when they come out.

Just wondering why license plate numbers get blurred out. They are public knowledge, you advertise them every time your car leaves the garage. Why blur them in photos? Why not blur every face instead? I can see people objecting to being featured in someone elses photo, but I doubt the license plate will complain.

It is a prototype, so yes, it is bland. I doubt the revealed next gen LEAF in September will be anything near bland tho.

I hope you are right, Brandon. I was just thinking that GM went blander on the Gen II Volt and they went kind of boring/dorky on the Bolt. So I guess I was just underwhelmed by the recent developments.

And what little I see of the Gen II Leaf is a bit underwhelming so I kind of made an assumption that Nissan may go boring as well.

I would love to be wrong. I am not a fan of the Bolt look so seeing the competition look better is a good thing.

Yea, that’s just a facelift of the current body.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Indeed (see rear doors, exactly same shape as current leaf), if correct that will be cheap to build for Nissan.

The rear looks a lot like the Nissan qashcai ?

Perhaps like the Nissan qashqai

It’s too bad they ditched the vertical tail lights. They might not be pretty, but the current leaf’s tail lights are incredibly bright and easy to see.

Things are really starting to get interesting. I cannot wait to test drive the new Leaf. I really liked the Bolt, and have a suspicion that Nissan will produce something competitive.

Sadly, for me, the Model 3 keeps getting pushed down the list of desirable cars. And yes, I can say that with a straight face.

Brian, does utility play into the equation?

Yes. Utility, cost of ownership, reliability all play into the equation. Neither the Bolt nor the Leaf are anywhere near as “sexy” as the Model 3, but they are both hatchbacks. They also seem to be cars designed to be driven, which is what I want. The Model 3 seems to be a car that is designed to drive you (for example, no instrument cluster behind the wheel), which is a turn off for me.

Musk tweeted “The more autonomous a car is, the less dash info you need. How often do you look at the instrument panel when being driven in a taxi?”

I’m sorry, but I love driving. I want to buy a car to drive it. I am not ready to buy a car to taxi me around.

I wonder if you’ll change your mind when your insurance company starts charging you triple to retain this “joy” of driving. 😉

Others’ Autopilot should not increase the risk of me driving. If it does, they are doing autopilot wrong. I think the opposite will happen – insurance rates will DROP, but only for those who have these advanced features.

And neither is bound to happen in the next 10 years (the time I expect to own whatever car I end up in next).

I agree with your take on the model 3. I’m guessing I’ll prefer the new Leaf/Bolt in terms of utility and interior.

However, AWD (eventually) and the supercharger network are big advantages to me that come with Tesla. Keeping my reservation, but considering alternatives. 🙂

Superchargers but also more than 60 KWh, apparently 75 KWh available. It also is way more aerodynamic which means still more range. On the other end it indeed start to be ennoying to see that non stop mantra of turning drivers into taxi passengers. It is definitely time to stop that since it appears not as an option but as a forced movement going against the will of people since it is being imposed from the start as a systematic onboard hardware, want it or not , and that the speedometer will likely be left out as a side parameter on a central screen corner instead of frontal like actual drivers like and need to have. I don’t know why Tesla and Elon is pushing that hard in that, everybody in a taxi, direction but, if that is a political will, it should at least be debated instead of imposed. This is especially the case with true drivers that like to drive and which could be holding back from going electric simply because they want an ev but not that imposed self driving mantra. If not addressed it could hurt Tesla in creating an opportunity for others to provide ev… Read more »

30,000 people dead a year because you like to drive. Somewhere around $200 billion a year in costs. Horrible traffic – all because you like to drive.

1 million disabled people.

Good luck with that.

Everyone thinks they are an above average driver.

Following that line of reasoning, let’s just keep people in confined cells 24/7 and take away all their rights. We won’t have high health care from people over eating and all risks of travel are eliminated.

All activities come with some amount of risk.

Sorry, I really don’t understand your logic, it is like saying 3000 choke to death because you like eating, 3000000 people get high cholesterol because you like eating….

David, I think your idea that wanting to drive is narrow minded is pretty pathetic. Being able to travel unimpeded by distance or government is a large part of what it means to be free. To rely on a machine to travel is marginalizing that right to the point where it can much more easily be ended.
I shudder to think what nanny state sort of rules you would support. WALL-E was supposed to be fictional, you seem to be thinking it is the obvious choice.

For me the Leaf (2) has some extra utility value but it’s still very much a 20th century car with a 21st century drivetrain: A lot of wasted space due to component placement/layout.

Same old crappy software – they could have done so much more but they didn’t and no updates either. The car is already dated on the day you purchase it. 210€ for a navigation update with map data that is 1-2 years old at the time of release? What about the Carwings “push OK to accept” nag screen EVERY time you start the car?! Whats with the always on pedestrian sound generator? Very limited charging options. Totally useless range estimator and the 13 bars of SoC are a joke too. The software really is the turd on top of the Leaf cake.

With that all said, Leaf 2 still a solid second pick for me.

By charging options I meant settings – no charge power selection, can’t reliably get itself charged by a set time, can only select either 80% or 100% charge level, no way to stop charging at will, vague information about charging process.

Agree on everything you write.
Software is awful, touch screen is insensitive and GPS has been program by idiot.
Funny when the GPS list first destination 3 000 miles away when you are aboard a 75 miles range car.
Nissan could have done many easy software update but choose not.

If they price it around the same $35k mark as the competitors I think they have a winner here! Definitely a worthy contender to the Bolt and the model 3.

I hope autonomous systems are an option and not standard. I don’t want to pay for it. All I need is an affordable EV.

Considering Nissan uses a S/SV/SL trim level groups, any autonomous items will most likely be in the most expensive level, SL. Heck they me even roll out a Plantinum level like other models (Murano).

Looks pretty good.

As an aside, it’s amusing to me that Chevrolet get such a lead on their competitors with the Bolt EV, but then rolls it out nice and slowly so that “full availability” is only finally achieved when they have competitors in the marketplace.

Doesn’t seem to be the best way to ensure product success…

EXACTLY. I’ve been saying similar. Many times.
Many commenters (here and on GCR where I comment) don’t see that Nissan is indeed the leader and will continue so. Fact is they ARE the leaders in affordable EVs, and there’s a very good chance they will continue as such, although that remains to be seen. I don’t think they will give up the lead too easily. Their in.

Very likely that the LEAF 2 will be available in more places before the Bolt. Definitely worldwide, but likely in the states too.

GM has whatever supply of parts available that it has available.

Nissan did the same roll out with the Leaf back in 2010.

Putting beta products in the hands of customers, as Tesla plans, is far worse.

Great cover! Could be a RubberMaid aftermarket product

Fake grill. 🙁 A step backwards.

Really? A fake grill? That’s a major criticism? Even ICE cars have those! What about the pre-facelift model S?

The idea here is not to scare people. If that’s the worst if gets, I’ll be happy.

I just wish it was RWD, even BMW got that bit right.

Yes, it was regrettable that the Model S had that, and a positive development when it was taken away. Sadly Nissan is going in the opposite direction.

The drawings show it to be totally conventional looking. Just what is needed to mass market. The only questions are, will it have active thermal management, and will it be cheaper than the Bolt? Unless Bolts start flying off the lot, I see a huge price war for EVs coming.

I believe it’ll look conventional and cool at the same time, like many Nissan cars and SUVs.

To answer your question about thermal management, no it won’t have active thermal management. I can’t find the article right now, but no active TMS will be used in the LEAF according to some Nissan person at CES (sorry, can’t remember his name).
So that in itself will keep the costs a bit lower than the Bolt.

No active TMS is what I figured. I think Nissan knows that EVs need to get cheaper to sell in any numbers. My guess is they are holding out for solid state cells which will have even less need for active TMS.

That camouflaged vehicle looks shockingly ordinary, absolutely no comparison to the IDS. I don’t like this at all, and am in the opinion that the present LEAF looks way more interesting and distinctive.

Well, you just say it.
I don’t see anything in camouflage being sexy.

Isn’t the purpose of camouflage to get thing indistinguable?
C’mon, wait until you see it in dress code.

It might be a looker.

This is sad. Was actually interested in what this could have been, but they made it/kept it ugly. Show’s they’re not serious about this market yet.

Did you expect it to be a Porsche clone? Obviously the next version of a car is not going to change wildly.

Yes on esthetics and aerodynamics the Leaf is now second to the Hyundai Ionic itself being behind the Model 3. The Bolt is more like a mono volume somewhere between Leaf and Ionic on esthetics.

Yes, the Prius sales are so high because it’s a looker….

Yo Adrian,
Please keep watch for the updated big-battery eNV200. I expect a full report!

Hope the 0-60 time is sub 8 seconds. No reason for it to be a slow car with that big battery and to be competitive. The age of the hot hatch EVs!

Looks more like the current Leaf than the concept IMO. Have to see the reveal but doesn’t look to be that appealing.

And this should be the 3rd long(ish?)-range BEV in the USA.

And, since it’s Nissan, it’ll be focused on being utilitarian. I absolutely do not expect great performance. The 0-60 might be reasonable just because it needs to be to have reasonable highway performance, but don’t hold your breath.

Oh, this is getting good.

When the 30kwh battery came out I went for it and got a Leaf for my service business. It’s been really great. With winter tires traction in the snow is awesome. Sorry so many don’t like the looks. I think it’s cool but the vertical back up lights don’t work very well because they don’t light up things close to the car. I know it will take a real depreciation hit when the new leaf comes out. Hope Nissan will make an upgrade battery available when mine starts to age. I don’t need a bigger battery for 95% of the time in good weather but would like more reserve for the range drop when it’s really frigging cold! Will buy a new Leaf after taking down some depreciation business write off.

So the Leaf 2.0 is actually just a Leaf 1.5.

That must be disappointing that after 7+ years, Nissan decided they are just going to recycle the Leaf’s current platform and give it some plastic surgery and shove a bigger battery in it. Basically the cheapest route to a 200 mile BEV.

Way to go Nissan.

100% agree.

The good thing is that the Renault-Nissan Alliance is working on their next generation EV platform. This platform will be used for a future Renault, Nissan, and even Mitsubishi vehicle. The vehicles should be market ready by 2020.

Everyone will be driving a Tesla by 2020….

I just wish they got a better plastic surgeon.

That is like saying the Model 3 is really a Model S .5

I caught a glimpse of this car a week or so ago in Sacramento riding home on the bus at noon. The bus driver pointed it out as it was parked at a stoplight next to us. Having just seen this a few days previously online, I recognized what it was almost immediately … but the big giveaway were the Michigan plates. The “camo” is surprisingly good even up close. The passenger side dash had a screen with some kind of specailized instrumentation we could seen from our angle being on side and above the car.

Yeah right… nice fib. Got a picture?

I can’t wait to up grade my Leaf SV to a 2018 Leaf TB ( trash bag )! I’ve held out long enough, and It’s worth the Weight Holding out for the Nissan Leaf “Hefty” Edition!


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

A Botox’d LEAF.

It looks a lot more like an SUV. I hope it has some real trailering capacity and possibly all wheel drive. If the Leaf gets these features and some real autonomous features I may consider buying one.

After all the discouraging remarks about the FFE it’s still a tough little EV. It’s the only EV I know of that you can get a 2 inch hitch for other than a model X and the FFE hitch bolts directly to the frame not the bumper. The FFE may not be an SUV but it’s one of the toughest EV’s available.

Not surprising because Nissan is incorporating the Murano look (oversize grill and c pillar especially).

Meh. :-/ Looks too much like the original LEAF. A little better though. That will do I guess.

“Trash bag camo”….LOL!

How do you figure it will have 60 kWh battery? It’s only trash bag shots, nothing about internals. It might have bigger battery to make it more attractive since I doubt Nissan will put anything with much power in EV based on their EV history.

Nissan was showing off a 60kWh battery pack during car shows last year. It looked very similar to the pack design of the current Leaf.

I currently drive a 2011 LEAF for around town. The camo’ed car’s styling is probably a move in the right direction from the homely 1st gen LEAF. However, one thing I love about the 1st gen LEAF is the huge cargo capacity, which I often use for carrying honey-do project materials.

The new design looks Bolt-like with cut in C-pillars and lowerd the roof. It would be a shame to give up the ultility of the LEAF simply in the name of corporate styling norm. I hope the next gen LEAF keeps the generous rear seat passenger space.

The 60 KWH battery would definitely be welcome here in the Cleveland, Ohio area. We have hardly any public charger infrastructure in this area. I keep an ICE car (old Honda Insight) for use on errands that take me more than 30 miles from home – due to lack of public chargers. Most of my driving is within a 50 mile radius, so I’m looking forward to being able go ICE-less, and rent a car for the rare long trip.

I live in Toledo Ohio and I am about 99 percent sure I seen it there

Great – the bug eyes are gone!

1st Gen Leafs will probably go for less than $5K once this model is out, which will spur more interest in EV use!

Looks like it will be a bigger winner for Nissan!!!

I’m really considering buying a used 2013 when they hit around $5k for my son when he starts driving. 2013 is when they started using the better battery cells, correct?

Yes, late 2013!

3/2013 seems to be when some of the 2013 Nissan Leaves are showing 12 bars still with 40k + miles.

I”m driving a 2013 LEAF S, and have no obvious degradation at 23k miles and 4 years.

Sure, highly depreciated Leafs will only make people want to go out and buy a $35-40k new one?

No, cheap Leafs might keep the old ones on the road, but it will only perpetuate the lease-depreciate-dump cycle that Nissan started with Leaf 1.0.

Less than three years old, and my Leaf is worth 20% of what I paid. As much as I like the leaf, I don’t want to repeat that mistake.

Definitely not a Model 3. IMHO – Model 3 will stoke the interest and once people realize they have to wait 1-2 years to get one due to the LONG and I assume soon to be growing wait list — will then buy a Leaf or Bolt. Much like the Bolt has helped increase the sales of the Volt.

Yeah, it will be hard for people to see the newer styled Leaf 2.0 with 200+ mile range and not want to get EV driving for 2 years! Nissan will steal ALOT of orders from Tesla…

Hopefully Tesla can ramp up delivery of the initial high $$$ Model 3’s fast so they can output the $35K Model 3’s soon after !

So far, “yawn”.

But I will wait for the real reveal…

The way that they are still ‘hiding’ it, we will be lucky to see it across the country before Thanksgiving.

Ill not renew my lease ,new leaf not much different, fair enough might have much better range ;Nissan should have been bit more more radical something bit closer to ids concept,not for me

No deal, Nissan.

You lost my business with Leaf 1.0, with its 75% depreciation (*after* subsidies), terrible battery degradation over time, poor cold weather range, awful navigation, clueless dealer, and small back seat.

Otherwise, the car was great. Even if you fixed all the other issues, you still haven’t produced a better-looking car.

I’ll keep my Model 3 reservation.

Nissan will be surprised at how few of these they sell.

You might be surprised how many Nissan sells despite your lack of belief.

Murrysville EV – 1 on Nissan Leaf 2.0
Rest of World +100,000 on Nissan Leaf 2.0

I don’t think Nissan is worried – Since its inception, more than 250,000 Leafs have been sold worldwide through December 2016, making the Leaf the world’s all-time best-selling highway-capable electric car in history.

Nissan Leaf 2.0 will continue the trend ! Guaranteed !

Looks OK, but I only have three word for Nissan: active liquid cooling. If it doesn’t have that, no deal. I’ll go with the Bolt.

More than three years with a 2013 Leaf showed me exactly how much this is needed. I learned. The question is, has Nissan?

Now at 18 months with a 2013 Nissan Leaf SV (2nd owner) and, at currently over 40 K miles, it’s still got 12 bars (Barely). It’s dropping at approximately 3% battery capacity a year, on about 10 K average annual mileage

Liquid cooling (active) is really needed if you want to quick charge (level 3 at 35+ kW). The 24 kWh Leaf Battery just heats up too quickly (approx. + 20-30 degrees) in a 30 minute quick charging session. A second quick charge in the next following 12 hours is just too much additional heat for the pack to handle without some way to shed the second Q/C additional heat gain. The battery will degrade a bit more quickly, making replacement more likely in year 7 or 8 of ownership, instead of year 9+. These batteries are not cheap (approx. $6 K.) The 200 mile. EVs with liquid cooling should absolutely wipe the floor with these lower range EVs without active battery cooling. It has now become pretty obvious that Nissan is the outlier in their “Lizard Pack” battery pack design/deployment!

A guy on Facebook (yeah, I know, I know) said that he was part of a focus group that involved the 2018 Leaf, and he said that the specs for the Leaf stated a 41 kWh battery (same as the new Renault Zoe).

It makes sense if you think about it, as it’d be hard to imagine Nissan could cram 60 kWh worth of batteries in the existing Leaf platform.

So 41 kWh = 160-180 mile range tops. Bleh.

Last year, Nissan showed multiple pictures of a 60kWh battery packaged in the same format of the currently Leaf battery pack, just 1.5″ deeper. So the FB info may be out of date (or just wrong).

I think at least the 41 kWh battery will be offered in the base version.
And if there is a 60 kWh option, it’ll be only be offered on the upper trim level.

Still can’t believe Nissan has just decided to recycle the Leaf’s now 7+ year old platform. That screams cheap.

It screams ICE ICE BABY

What? No “It’s so ugly, keep the bag over it’s head” jokes?

I have saved up my money for an EV – (ready to buy any EV, that looks and performs good.) If this camouflaged car is the next LEAF – it looks like a looser ! Nothing like the broader sexier Nissan IDS Concept. This is DORKY looking !! Too many EV’s are sadly – DORKY looking.

I have a 2014 Leaf and like the quirky looks! Hate the Audi brutal-large-gaping-mouth look. Bought used at 2 1/2 yrs old. Love the car and it’s only used for short trips (<30 miles) so range not an issue.