New 2018 Nissan LEAF Shows Up In New Autonomous Driving Spot – Video

AUG 7 2017 BY STAFF 33

Nissan has really been on the warpath to:

  • promote its Intelligent Mobility/Pro Pilot technology (here, here, here, etc), while at the same time,
  • putting split-second shots of the new 2018 LEAF in front of us

Now via an ad spot out of Japan we get yet more of the same.

And because if you blink you might miss them, here are the screenshots (below) of the 2018 LEAF’s briefest of appearances in the commercial.

Officially, the 2018 LEAF  is scheduled to make its debut on September 5th at a special event in Tokyo. Production in the US starts in early December.

Editor’s Note: Of course, the best shots to date have still come from when the 2018 LEAF has been spotted in the wild (such as here, herehere)

2018 Nissan LEAF teased

2018 Nissan LEAF teased

2018 Nissan LEAF teased

2018 Nissan LEAF teased

2018 Nissan LEAF teased

2018 Nissan LEAF teased

Videos (below): Some earlier videos on ProPilot Assist and e-Pedal involving the new 2018 LEAF

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One thing to keep in mind about the lower pricing that is mentioned: won’t be likely to have $10K discounts off the sticker.

I will because I can get over that amount with a VPP certificate.

So can any City county or government employee get the VPP pricing.

Cool David.

So 40 kWh battery, 110 kW motor output, and the base S trim at $29,990 and SV trim at $36,200 is now pretty much official!!

I think from the profile we’ve seen it will be a lot like the Nissan Micra sold in Europe. Not a bad looking car. A little more stylish than the Bolt but a little smaller interior.

Wow. A 40 kWh battery, 147 hp, 236 lb-ft of torque, Pro-Pilot and 30 cubic foot of cargo volume for the same price as the old Leaf. Well done, Nissan.

I agree not bad. I am still hoping for the 60kwh pack.

…no need to hope, (;

Hi Jay.

Are you still confident about the 60 kWh battery that we saw in the IDS concept getting into the Leaf?

The last unconfirmed (but increasing) information that I keep getting from different sources points to ~50 kWh for the LG Chem battery, which seems reasonable to me – enough to reach the psychological goal of 200 miles EPA range without getting much more heavier or expensive.

They do want to overcome range anxiety by providing faster DC charging rate than the electric alternatives (excluding Tesla).

Most important, Nissan doesn’t want to increase the price. To me it seems to be the right strategy.

Best Regards,

Pedro Lima

Hey Pedro, yes…very confident.

Jay – I’m guessing you know all at this point, but can’t say. Can you at least give us a hint on the range with the 60kWh battery? Will it beat the Bolt?

As far as I know he doesn’t know exactly when, but the 60 kWh LEAF is without question coming at some point.

Using the Autobytel 2018 Leaf configurator, it looks like ProPilot is a $900 option on the SV and SL. It also looks like the black/white color scheme is the only one with the black roof. No sunroof :^(.

I doubt the 30 cubic foot is true, that would make a huge cargo space for that size of car… Unless they have some cargo space in the front as Tesla, but anyway it would be too big!

That’s the max with the seats down. Seats up is 24 – same as the current car. But it’s still better than my 2012.

Yes, that’s correct. The interior dimensions are essentially the same in the new LEAF.

This is all good news. I like the image of the row of cars charging – they seem to have put the charging port where it “should” be, using the diamond panel with the Nissan logo as the door.

A 40 (41?) kWh and a 60kWh battery seems smart, too. If they can crack the 300 mile EPA range with the 60kWh – that would be stunning.

If they could do 300 miles on 60 kWh that would be way past stunning. That would be over 20% more efficient than the long range Model 3. 🙂

At 40kWh battery pack its range will be under 140 miles…what a disappointment! They kept it at the same price so it’s not all bad and this will work for most but i bet many expected a bit more from them.

Potentially it could be ~150, because of of better aerodynamics and drivetrain efficiency improvements.

Let’s hope so…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

This will sell to many people that only need a useable 110mi range.
Now battery degradation will be a concern for many who have had bars in the now you see me now you don’t scenario.

Still, more range the better, especially if the price stays the same.

Good luck LEAF 2.0!

So, looking at I see that their top of the line product is $36K.

How would this compare to Tesla 3? I can see the Nissan being discounted, maybe not as much as current gen, but if the MSRP is close, why would I buy a Leaf when I can get a better handling RWD with more range?

ProPilot is only $900 more vs several thousand for the Tesla. The SL Leaf will be loaded with heated leather seats, heated steering wheel, Sirius XM and probably a lot more. The Tesla will have none of that for $36,200. Also, the $36,200 Model 3 isn’t available and won’t be for awhile. Plus, they are two completely different body styles and many prefer the hatch.

And probably 60kwh in the Nissan and 50kwh in the M3. The nissan will have more range probably than the base M3.

John Ray, your comparing the TOP TRIM of the Leaf with the BOTTOM TRIM of the Model 3. For most people that would be a no-brainer to chose the Leaf as you will get all the features you want. Mind you Nissan is no slouch with self driving, their systems are currently MORE ADVANCED than anyone else.

This is not to say the Leaf with have the level of self driving their prototype car had, where it effortlessly navigated a busy city with no driver help. But it will be able to match, and possible exceed the Model 3, for same price as the base Model 3. And the base Model 3 will have NONE of those features. It’s the base. It’s gets nothing.

I’m want the Leaf.

Nissan is clever! They dont have to compare Leaf 2.0 with TM3 for at least one full year. Like Nissan made profit by selling 30KW batter and before 24KW battery for same price, they will like to continue to do so as long as they can.

Once TM3 standard version is widely available, 2018 leaf prices will drop like 10K if not more, this time next year. That is when Nissan will also launch 60KW battery pack.

As a buyer of 2018 Leaf, know its less car per $ today, now that TM3 is unveiled, next year it will will far more less. Lot of people would not see that or have different calculation but for Nissan to steal TM3 reservation holders prices should be in this range IMO:
SL – 30K
SV – 26K
S – 24K

ps. for ICE buyers, expect BMW 3, Audi A4 etc prices to correct pretty soon!


I really think Telas’s influence on Leaf sales and vice versa is overblown. The Tesla will always be $10,000+ more for the equivalent features – much like how an equivalent BMW 3 series is much more costly than the equivalent Malibu. BMW fans won’t even look at the Malibu even though as a car, it is 90% of the 3 series for 75% of the price.


“TM3 standard version is widely available” means probably 2020 in Europe if we are lucky.

But looking at the people in this the new leaf seems to lead to brain damage.

I know, I gotts a bad case of da Leaf “Drain Brammage”! Help, Tesla, Help! Get the Model Y ou, ASAP!

Really nothing wrong with the looks of this car…if you find yourself having brain damage then you must have have it from before.