2018 Nissan e-NV200 To Get 40 kWh Battery, Arrives This Spring

SEP 17 2017 BY MARK KANE 28

Nissan e-NV200

A representative of one of the Nissan’s dealerships in Germany has revealed that the e-NV200 with 40 kWh battery is coming in 2018!

2018 Nissan LEAF battery

We had been a bit concerned about the fate of the e-NV200 previously, as only the 24 kWh battery from the original LEAF was made available – the 30 kWh option did not arrive alongside the first generation LEAF, and never offered.

Better still, the first deliveries are expected in the Spring of 2018 for Europe. Hopefully now that the all-electric van is more capable, it will also be offered in North America as well.

Says Nissan-Center rep Chrissy Schaller on Going Electric Forum in Germany (via PushEVs):

“Since today the ordering systems for the current e-NV200 are closed. I have been approached by several forum members, but also to start a pre-order for the new e-NV200, I am doing this here! 

The new e-NV200 2018 will come with a 40 kWh battery in the spring of 2018. If you are interested, send me an e-mail with the keyword “e-NV200 2018”. 

Please also indicate the equipment you are interested in: Box, Combi, or Evalia. Then he gets from me the conditions and the most important information sent to it. Please mail to: ch.schaller@nissan-center.de

Nissan 7 seat e-NV200

The Nissan e-NV200 is produced solely in Spain (in fairly limited numbers), while the batteries are manufactured and assembled in Sunderland, UK.

Nissan e-NV200 Interior

Currently the e-NV200 is rated at 170 km/106 miles of range – but that is of course on the optimistic NEDC metric.   In real world/EPA terms that works out to be about 115 km/72 miles.

If the range boost is equal to the new 2018 LEAF’s gains, then we should see about 300 km/186 miles of new NEDC range – or about 205 km/127 miles in the real world.

The next question likely on everyone’s lips is “will the 2019 Nissan e-NV200 get the larger ~60 kWh battery pack that the LEAF will be getting?”

Using history as a guide, Nissan’s UK battery plant skipped production of the 30 kWh packs and therefore it was not offering in the Spanish-built e-NV200, and as best we can tell, Nissan will be out-sourcing the larger future packs for Europe, so here again our guess is that there will not be a ~60 kWh e-NV200 offered.

Nissan e-NV200 Evalia

source: Going Electric via PushEVs

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Very cool market segment. Taking a vehicle that would typically get fairly poor MPG and electrifying it is a very compelling proposition. Can you imagine the suitability of this vehicle to Taxi and shuttle services? Kind of an odd looking front end design, based on the old LEAF, but I would definitely be interested.

“Using history as a guide, Nissan’s UK battery plant skipped production of the 30 kWh packs and therefore it was not offering in the Spanish-built e-NV200, and as best we can tell, Nissan will be out-sourcing the larger future packs for Europe, so here again our guess is that there will not be a ~60 kWh e-NV200 offered.”

I still don’t understand why there will not be a 60 kWh Nissan e-NV200?

If they will outsource the larger packs for the Nissan Leaf, then they could do that for the Nissan e-NV200 as well, I guess.

They need to cool the packs better.

Nissan probably will put in some chill device , with the 60 kWh packs that may be supplied by LG Chem. It would be a huge win, if Nissan rolled these out in N.A. with a 60 kWh TMC LG battery.

+1. There are so many good applications for that. Delivery vans, taxis, mini camper. The van of course needs good thermal management more than the Leaf

There was a forced air system in the van with 24kW battery… Should be in newer one also.

No, the current forced cooling in e-NV200 is very good. The temp hardly moves even after many charges.

No this is a different system, you can not say anything for sure until the data is in.

While you are right.. not certain… highly likely that it will be the same with forced air as the new batteries fit into the same space as the old.

They need a car that can handle the cold.
Our e-NV200 manage 75-80km in the winter. With low heat inside, and with a max speed of 90km/h.
The car will be much better with a better battery. Interior feels even cheaper then GMs EV..
So they have work to do.
Sound insulation needs improvement too.
It is an old design, with few electronic safety features.
But in this class they have no competition.

Good move, time to get rid of that 24 KWh battery pack and deploy the 40 KWh battery pack in every EV that they have in their stable.

Certainly the business will be happy with a higher range.

I rented the e-nv200, only as a van, for 6 months earlier this year, for daily commuting to a temporary job and even went on some longer trips, with lots of charging enroute. I still loved it and I miss it now. As a 5 or 7 flexible seat family car, the possibility to still easily bring bicycles and other stuff and now a bigger battery, this will indeed be an attractive package next year for many families. Hope Nissan keeps the price unchanged, as with the new Leaf.


Why is that NEDC? Europe uses now WLTP.

…there is a extended transition period, so if you have a current model, you are likely to still be quoting the ‘old and busted’ for at least one more year (2 in some cases)

So Jay, what is the scuttlebutt regarding the eNV200 ever showing up on our shores?
I would so enjoy replacing my ancient Astro cargo van with either a PHEV or preferably an EV. Before both the van and I are put out to pasture.
Would you tell Nissan for us? Because I know they won’t listen to me.

As I have a personal interest myself in getting one (or two) of these, I have asked Nissan on a few occasions…even tried to get into the “test pilot” fleet once.

Officially, they say there were/are “testing” them in the US, but the reality is the assembly facility in Spain is/was tooled for a low production number, and building an EV in Europe, then shipping it into the US (and doing the whole cert/safety dance) was a fiscal non-starter (imo).

Could the 40 kWh e-NV200 make its way to the US? It could, but given the history around this vehicle, I’m going to say it is unlikely, at least in this first-gen/limited Euro form.

I don’t understand what the hang with the cert/safety dance could possibly be. They sell the ICU version all over the US as well as the Leaf. How exactly does the e NV 200 not meet US DOT/EPA standards when both the leaf and the NV 200 do?

The reason this van is not sold in the US is quite obviously political as sales of this vehicle would skyrocket in the US. Thank our ‘leaders’ and ‘authorities’ and ‘experts’. . . . .

Nissan doesn’t seem to listen to any of us. If they had, they would offer a 30 kWh battery upgrade in exchange for the 24 kWh for those who need it. They should stop making 24 kWr batteries and offer a kit with soft ware upgrade or what ever is needed to make the 30 fit. If they don’t, the aftermarket will do it. 24 kWr batteries can be used for home solar applications. So they have value in that respect. What is missing is the corporate will to put the climate over their temporary profits. There is no future for anyone, including Nissan CEO’s on a dead planet. And I expect, Oregon, WA, and CA are going to ban the sale of Nissan’s gas cars, including the NV 200 in the very near future. End fossil fuel now.

It transitional and for new models only.

It’s unfortunate that Nissan won’t bring the updated eNV200 to North America…

I know they haven’t yet done so, but why not? This would be a seriously useful vehicle for many businesses and large families…

That’s sad( no USA no 60kw) this is the one Nissan I would buy over a 2nd tesla.I have 4 kids and miss my van

I love this little van. Nissan NEEDS to bring this to the USA, and NEEDS to offer the 60 kwh upgrade, just as they are on the Leaf.

If they were to do so and supply the US market with volume at a fair price, this vehicle could be a massive hit as a taxi, family minivan, and delivery vehicle. It could be seriously disruptive, especially if decent fast charging is an option.

60 kwh would give roughly a 180 mile range, which is plenty for most daily urban/suburban use, with a solid cushion for circumstances that deplete usable range. If DC fast charging is available then regional use becomes entirely practical, and long distance use even becomes a feasible especially if recharge is available at the stops.

Also, I’d love to see Nissan update their e-NV fuel cell prototype, and deploy a demo fleet with the new 40 kwh battery. Their approach has been the only practical fuel cell I’ve seen: battery dominant powertrain with a small (5 kw) SOFC fuel cell range extender that runs on bio-ethanol, which if paired with a 40 kwh battery would deliver virtually unlimited daily range.


e-NV200 with 40kWh Battery would be a interesting car if – see picture 🙂


Nissan Norway dismisses this as a rumor and will not provide info on pricing or delivery times.
Will the news be confirmed by Nissan officials anytime soon?

Well, with the 24 kWh battery going out of mass production, they really have no choice unless the e-NV200 is to be discontinued.

The designer should be sent to jail…what an ugly mess!