2018 Kia Soul EV Gets Ever-So Slight Battery Upgrade, Range Jumps Up To ~113 Miles

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2015 Soul EV Features SK Innovation Battery

2018 Kia Soul EV has more range from 30-kWH battery, leaked docs claim

A pair of leaked documents from Kia indicates the brand is fitting a 30-kilowatt-hour battery in the Soul EV as a replacement for the existing 27 kWh pack, according to Kia-World. The model’s electric motor continues to produce 109 horsepower (81.4 kilowatts) and 210 pound-feet (285 Newton-meters).

According to one of these documents, Kia reports the larger battery boosts the model’s range in the Korean testing cycle to 112 miles (180 kilometers) – versus 92 miles (148 km) currently. A leak from a dealer in Germany indicates the Soul EV would be able to go 155 miles (250 km) based on the New European Driving Cycle’s evaluation – as opposed to 132 miles (212 km) now.

The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States currently rates the Soul EV at a range of 93 miles. Assuming similar gains for the EV in that testing cycle, the maximum driving distance would increase to around 113 miles.

These tweaks would be the first major mechanical upgrades for the Soul EV. However, the company added some minor equipment improvements for the 2016 model year, including a new entry-level model. The automaker also offered an upgrade for the infotainment system by supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Leaked Soul EV Document

After the battery improvement, the Soul EV still isn’t a very close competitor among the latest crop of EVs. For example, the Chevrolet Bolt has an EPA-rated range of 238 miles (383 km). In the near future, the Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, and Hyundai’s upcoming electric model should top 200 miles (322 km) on a charge, too.

Source: Kia-World

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Simple math shows that gain is not only with battery but also with efficiency which is great. Better batteries will come for sure.
Comparing this to Ioniq they need also to lower the prise by ~2000usd.

I think that the performance arithmetic points to higher KwH rating but lighter/smaller battery. Hopefully that allows them to reduce price. So something like 20% battery energy density improvement but went with 10% increase in KwH so fewer cells. Then the weight that got trimmed and other tweaks makes a 22% mileage gain altogether. +/- but that’s my directional guess.


K=Kelvin (temperature)

W=Watt (power)

H=Henry (inductance)

Can anyone out there tell me what the lease deals are like in Ontario on the Soul EV? With 14K government rebate on a three year lease – this might be a great EV to lease.

Delta, what a great opportunity to drive a responsive electric car for less! I hope you find the answer to your question. I did a search on autotrader.ca and did not see any Soul EV within 500 km of Toronto. But there are a bunch of 2016 models available at Lallier Kia de Laval near Montreal.

Let the dumping of 2016s and 2017s commence….

This is going to kill sales of the Honda Clarity BEV. 🙁

That Clarity BEV is a joke.

Did I really need to put a “/s” sarcasm tag on my comment?

As Honda claimed, there is a case to be made for short range BEVs. I think Honda got the necessary range wrong, though. This new Soul is more like it.

The Soul needs to be cheaper and more powerful, but if they can do that it would make a nice commuter car.

Yup. Clarity BEV should’ve been about 120 miles. That would be competitive against SoulEV, new FFE, IoniqEV, etc. Since Honda is bigger, they could’ve charged bit more, about $35K vs $30K for those other cars.

Honda’s dopey decision making process killed the Clarity BEV. And yes, that’s past tense– it’s already dead. Dead like in doornail.

Sarcasm tags weren’t necessary but I’m still so pissed at Honda’s stupidity (I own a Fit EV) that I want additional opportunities to rave about it.

Drop MSRP to $29,000 and the two moves combined will really boost sales.

(■_■¬) Nolltronymous

Assuming Kia really wants to sell more of these.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The 2017 model goes for $32K. I wonder how much the 2018 will be.

At one time the Soul EV was considered at the top of the game when it came to range. Not so much anymore. So it is good that they have upgraded the battery. I think 113 miles is competitive with the low-end market of EVs. It’s almost enough range to convince me to dump the range extender… but not quite. I’d rather see 125 to 150 miles.

It would be nice if they sold them in more states.

Damn. Was hoping to swap packs towards ~150 mile range.

Wonder if the new packs will have the same degradation problems I have read about.

Joke – The Soul EV was my favorite EV up until the new crop of 200 mile cars coming out this year – why not pop in a 60w battery & have a 200+ mile Soul?? that would be worth $30,000. But for 35,000 you have choice of three 200 mile EV’s (your negotiating skills may get a better deal save Tesla). Why would anyone buy a sub 100 mile EV for more than 20,000? I know the Soul goes “over 100” but 10 miles over is negligible, just like the 30w Leaf – still in the Sub 100 category. These “old” sub 100 mile EV’s are gonna have to seriously slash their price by about 50% or no one will buy them. And in 3 years when the 300 mile cars come out the same thing will happen. So, let the games begin!

BTW, we recently picked up a new 2016 Spark EV for $13,000. Great deal for a really good EV. Yes the Spark EV is small & make of cheap economy plastics with thin doors, etc… but we get 100 miles out of it & it WAS cheap. The Bolt feels like the same cheap plastic car… little bigger, twice the range, but almost 3 times the price at almost $40,000… ridiculous! Bolt is a $25,000-$30,000 car at best. These Automakers need to stop screwing the EV marked with overpricing their cars. If Tesla, a luxury brand, can make a 200+ mile EV for $35k with supercharging abilities, these economy car companies should be able to make the same range EV’s for much less, specially considering you can’t travel out of state, or even out of town in them with the Chademo or worthless CCS DC “fast” charging option. Its new tech… I get it. But I don’t like to get ripped. Drive EV!