2018 June US Plug-In Electric Car Sales Charted: Market Share Hit 1.6%

JUL 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 53

June was the third best month for plug-in electric car sales in terms of volume and one of tops in terms of market share.

In total, some 25,179 cars were delivered (up 47.7% year-over-year) at a share of roughly 1.6%.

The market was led by Tesla, which alone delivered 11,362 cars (estimated) or 45% of total volume. And that is despite there being no need to overdo it from federal tax credit perspective.

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – June 2018

So far this year, sales amounted to 124,687 (estimated), which is 40% more than a year ago. Since December 2010, around 890,000 plug-in cars were sold in U.S.

From now on, sales will be even higher because the Tesla Model 3 will be five-digit seller each month (between 10,000-25,000).

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – June 2018

Here we can compare the top 10 plug-in cars in the first half of the year. The biggest surprise is that the Honda Clarity PHEV managed to outsell the new Nissan LEAF and is approaching the Chevrolet Volt, which is close to the Chevrolet Bolt EV. One more interesting fact is that the BMW 530e is above the BMW i3.

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – June 2018

We estimate that Tesla sold in the U.S. more than 200,000 cars by the end of June, but it seems that accounting for the federal tax credit differs and the mark of 200,000 was reached in early July. It means that the $7,500 incentive for Teslas will be available three months longer, by the end of 2018. Now it’s GM’s turn.

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – June 2018

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Truth is that I don’t look at the monthly score card to check for the Tesla Model 3 sales anymore, I look at the overall sales comparing to other cars. The Model 3 is already outselling all other premium sedans like the BMW 3-series and 4-series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 and A5. Now I keep looking if (when) it will surpass the sales of other economy sedans and hybrid vehicles.

That is what I have been doing too the last couple of months.

In the coming months the numbers will be how many car maker’ combined US sales will Tesla exceed? Will Tesla exceed Audi and BMW sales in the same class US combined?

I NEVER dreamed 5 years ago we would be discussing EV sales in those terms

wait until 2020. I have been saying that is the magic year. The reason is that ICE sales will COLLAPSE. Like in a HUGE WAY. Everybody thinks that consumers will keep buying ICE if car makers do not offer EVs, but that is a false logic.
The reason is that nobody wants to buy a new vehicle and within 2 years, have it worth less than 10% of the original value. The idiots that buy S Class; A5 on up, 5 or 7 series, Lexus, etc. today, are going to witness that by 2020, their resale value will be below 33% and possibly lower. That will stop others from buying, which will send those into a major tail spin.
And in 2020, I suspect that Tesla will have not only their MOdel Y, but a European factory, AND a Semi truck, AND a pickup truck. At that point, F150/F250/probably F350s sales will have done droped at least 15%.

I also been doing this. It’s funny that many car publications keep referring to the BMW 3’s and Audi A3 and A4 also MB C class as industry leaders in this class, either they don’t look to the numbers or don’t want to look and admit how Tesla is beatting them.

I can’t blame people who still love Mercedes or BMW since their comfort and ride level still is incomparable. Everywhere where you touch and fell in theses cars is engineered for a superior feeling while the Teslas have a more simplistic approach in doing the best job at driving you very fast and economically without frills.

Simply no. I’ve done back to back comparisons. Go out and test drive a BMW 330e and compare against a Tesla Model 3 LR. The Model 3 wins in pretty much every category including value. There isn’t really much in the Mercedes line up that compares at all and I’ve owned several Mercedes vehicles in the past.

Actually the German makes lead in one category–less then stellar reliability and EXTREMELY expensive parts and repairs.

Hopefully the 3 parts will no be as expensive as the S parts.

at this moment, I would not be surprised to see they are ==.

Because Tesla are so affordable when the warranty ends and allow other garages access to buy tools, parts and manuals?
I think Rich Rebuilds has blown that away.

and yet, the experts differ with you.

Gab — That is the meme. But BMW owners have been complaining about the horrible ride ever since BMW switched to runflat tires. In fact BMW owners even to so far as to buy spare tires and jacks and strap them into the trunk messing up their trunk space just to get rid of the runflats. And MB has gone to front wheel drive in their least expensive offering, that enthusiasts are panning. In recent years thos cars have also lacked “frills” in their base models, like stuff as simple as folding rear seats. The X3 was universally panned as having a very cheap looking interior and rock hard ride when it first came out, and it has been digging itself out of those holes ever since.

There are a lot of frustrated BMW and MB owners who haven’t been that happy about the direction those car companies have gone in recent years. Not everything is as happy and shiny in their neck of the woods. The situation is more of a balancing of trade-off’s for each brand, there is no “incomparable” superior brand.

If you look at the chart “automakers closest to 200,000” and extrapolate the lines, Tesla even by the end of this year will blow the competition out of the water. By the end of next year in order to fit Teslas numbers into the same chart the other lines will look like they are getting closer to zero and are turning into a flat line. Should be amusing to see happen..

Shortly, it will be the others COMBINED.

When will the Tesla delivery numbers for July come out? I know that they are tough to extrapolate from the little info that is disclosed. I am really hoping for a breakout month. Getting the 3 to 6250 in May was impressive, but since the S had hit 5850 in Dec 2016 it wasn’t a huge improvement given the time between the S hitting 5850 and the 3 hitting 6250. But I have a feeling that the 3 US deliveries for July are going to be close to 10,000 which is huge. I hope for more than that, but I don’t want to jinx it. 😉

We will have our estimates all set for Wednesday, August 1 before midday. It’s looking very good thus far!

Thanks, Steven! I will be refreshing the screen from time to time to get the news as soon as possible.


Me too!

Well they did have a week, or a partial week off, for the 4th, so I expect that would have some effect on numbers.
10k would be good in that light, though 12 would be better at 3k a week on average but more like 4k considering the week off.

they did not have it off. I saw that last week, production was down, but I think that they took down a line at a time and updated them.

have to really admire you guys for that. You always appear to be fairly close when the regular numbers finally come.

Thank you. It’s very important to us and we spend a great deal of time assuring that it’s as accurate as possible.

close to 10,000 model 3’s for July?
ummm… try 16,000

From your mouth to Gods ears. I think it will be over 10k but I don’t see 16k as being likely. Unless Tesla stored even more 3’s on parking lots in late June to delay hitting 200k than we thought. But I will enjoy being wrong if the number does come in over 12k. As I said, I hope for more than 10k. Late 2018 and early 2019 BEV/PHEV/EREV sales are going to be dominated by Tesla and it is going to be outstanding watching the shorters get hosed.

A day later… I just saw an article in which the source says 16k 3’s for July. Not sure if that is where you got your number Quebec, but here is hoping the source, and you, are right!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

But wait, 4 door sedans don’t sell anymore and other car mafgr’s are getting out of the segment and hatch backs sell better blah blah blah…………..lol

no, GM and Ford are no longer selling sedans in America. In Europe and China, they sell just fine.

Maybe soon EVs will cross 5% and the mainstream can dismiss them as “less than 10 percent of the market.”

Pathetic numbers once again.


In consideration of the yoeman’s work Tesla has done in creating evs, it puts a hole in the boat of short sellers who keep claiming, with no actual logical thought, here’s looking at you MS, or reason why, that the legacy industry will clean Tesla’s clock when they start producing evs.
Hasn’t happened as Tesla sales numbers keep rising, while their competition in the ev space merely plods along with weak numbers or inferior entries.

I look at the weak efforts so far of Chevy, Ford and Hyundai/Kia and I am not impressed with their vision. Each and every model has been crippled or lamed by one or two very obvious shortcomings, yet this is all we have seen from the non-Tesla car makers. VW says, “wait til 2019-20!”, GM says “wait til 2020-22!”, but what do you want to bet that when their cars hit the market they be either overpriced, lack inventory, be so ugly only a mother could love them, have fit finish or quality issues, or they will be slow to charge or short ranged?

“Can’t anybody here play this game?”

Look at the Mazda numbers. They are trying to make GM, Ford looks good.

And Honda. A decade ago during the Honda Insight vs. Toyota Prius wars lots of us swore that Honda and Toyota would be the dominant plug-in leaders. We got that badly wrong.

we did not. They did.

Every delivery takes time. So, the question is how many were they able to deliver in July 2018?

Should be at least 10,000.
Probably more like 12,500.
Maybe even 15,000 is possible as well.
But more than that is not very likely.

I’m shocked the BMW 530e outsold the BMW i3.
There’s something going on here, like maybe the dealers don’t want to sell the i3.
Or, BMW is holding back inventory for Europe.

But, one of these cars has a superior electric experience, and should have more sales per month. At least twice the sales.

Not shocked at all. People are speaking with their wallets. They don’t want polarizing, overpriced designs like the i3. They want a capable regular (looking) car that can do EV some of the time. They’d probably take one that can do EV all the time, but outside of Tesla nobody gets over 300 miles, and Tesla even just barely. The TM3 is starting to outsell entire models of ICE products, proving even further that people will buy if you give them what they want.

my guess is that the commission is probably smaller, so salesman works for their pocket.
When Smart announced that they would produce only electric Smart, a lot of Mercedes dealer said that they would not sale Smart anymore

Look at used 530e CarFaxes. They’re corporate cars; I don’t know if they’re ever plugged in but they muat be getting tax credits.

530i xDrive Sedan AWD $54950
530e xDrive iPerformance Sedan AWD $54950

My theory is that some people are curious and with nothing to lose they try the e version…then they realize something else. At first glance they may have the same price but don’t forget the e has fed and state credits making it about $6k cheaper the the regular model.
You have to be an idiot to not go with the e! The i3 is just way too expensive for what it actually is and not something to be compared to the 5 series.

PHEV are hybrids.

Dude, fundamentalism is usually a bad idea. Whether it is religion or cars, if you are a “true believer”, you are probably doing more harm than good. PHEV’s are a way for people to get to BEV’s, and they make a lot of sense given today’s pack price per kWh. But I have to admit I want most PHEV’s to have at least 30 miles of AER…

When did “hybrid” become a dirty word?

Hybrids are bad like CHinese coal plants. At the moment, a hybrid and low MPC vehicle like the leaf are fine. BUT, when you add a bunch of hybrids/low MPC vehicles, they will charge heavily in the daytime. Basically, they will put a lot of load on daytime electric grid that is already maxed out. As such, they will force the utilities to add more grid and most likely, more nat gas or coal power plants to deal with the daytime peaking. Short-term, not a big deal. BUT, they will remain for a LONG period of time and accumulate. This is the SAME issue as the Chinese coal plants. They are some of the most efficient coal plants going. Yet, there is ZERO chance of burning coal EFFICIENTLY OR CLEANLY. So, adding 1000s of new coal plants, is a total disaster not because of today, but because they will hang around for 40-60 years.

On the one hand if you can afford a Prius Prime Advanced, you should just lease a BMW i3 REX for about the same money, and enjoy a ride that’s 100% better in all categories.

But, if you’re a Toyota diehard, the economics of the Prime means it makes no sense to buy anything but a Prime. So, is this another Dealer Choice? Dealer failing to supply customer with the correct car? Is there a training expense the Dealer doesn’t want to handle?

The sales numbers of the Chevrolet Bolt EV in the US so far haven’t been very good.

What step should GM take (besides increase production substantially) in order to have the Chevrolet Bolt EV sold in higher numbers (in the US)?

More quality for the same price (like better seats)?

They somehow have to find ways to attract more customers for the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

1. Include the tax credit in the lease price.
2. Adaptive cruise control. The Volt has it, why doesn’t the Bolt?
3. Something I read here they’re doing is to include advanced safety features as an option in the LT trim. That’s a good step.

Actually advertise and try to sell the car? Funny where I live on the east coast I already see more model 3’s on the road than Bolts.


What is interesting is how different some of these graphs will look over the next couple of months.