2018 Jaguar i-Pace With 220+ Mile Range From LA Auto Show – Live Report/Gallery

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Jaguar i-Pace debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Jaguar i-Pace debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Jaguar surprised us this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, showing of its 99% ready for production i-Pace Concept EV.

Inside the Jaguar i-Pace in LA (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Inside the Jaguar i-Pace in LA (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

The flashy all-electric Jag has a 90 kWh battery – supplied by uber-battery maker LG Chem, and an estimated range of over 220 miles (of which we think Jaguar is being more than conservative given the performance “SUV’s” .29 Cd).

The all wheel drive EV will be built by Magna-Steyr built (in Austria) and puts out 400 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque.

Best news of all?  The i-Pace will go sale for the second half of 2018 – so in under 2 years time.

Some Quick Specs of Interest:

  • 0-60 mph in ~4 seconds
  • 23-inch wheels
  • drag coefficient of 0.29
  • liquid-cooled 90 kWh battery with cells via LG Chem
  • at least 50 kW DC fast charging (as stated in PR: fill timing via a 50 kW charge) – CCS Combo
  • class-leading regen – up to 150 kW
  • all wheel drive, 5 seats
  • length: 184 inches, width: 74.4

No pricing was given for the i-Pace, Jaguar says we will see 100% production-intent version in the Spring, and we should get a better idea then.  However, from the show it seems to be frquently compared to the Model X, which (for what it is worth) starts just over $88,000.

More details (lots of them) can be found here, but we figured we would pass along all of our in-person shots of the handsome Jaguar from the LA autoshow’s press days as well.

Yupe, those are automated handles on the Jaguar i-Pace

Yupe, those are automated handles on the Jaguar i-Pace

In this case, the real thing actually does live up to the hype…it even has Tesla-like automated door handles.

Jaguar i-Pace with more than 220 miles of "real world" range (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Jaguar i-Pace with more than 220 miles of “real world” range (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

5 Seat, Performance SUV, the Jaguar i-Pace In LA (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

5 Seat, Performance SUV, the Jaguar i-Pace In LA (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Inside the i-Pace

Inside the i-Pace

Jaguar i-Pace instrumentation

Jaguar i-Pace instrumentation

Jaguar i-Pace 0-60 mph in ~4 seconds

Jaguar i-Pace 0-60 mph in ~4 seconds

Another look inside the Jaguar i-Pace

Another look inside the Jaguar i-Pace

Jaguar i-Pace Concept Rear Seating (Jaguar press)

Jaguar i-Pace Concept Rear Seating (Jaguar press)

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I’ll take mine in metallic grey !

Looks Great!

Now considering Jag’s famed reliability, if the Battery doesn’t fall out into the street, they should sell more than a few depending on pricing.

Fortunately, Jaguar really has nothing to do with the manufacturing of this car.

The must be doing something right as I read that their sales are up 93% in the US this year !

That’s the thing with EV’s, assuming there is less to go wrong with them, it’s quite possible that manufacturers whose build quality that has always been pretty good but had reliability issues will now start making a big comeback in terms of market share if the price is right.

LO, and how has Teslas reliability record been?

Give them a chance, they are still a baby and only just learnt to walk !

Depends on what you mean by reliability.
– Has annoying problems: poor but improving
– Car unusable or dangerous: good

E.g. our 2013 Volt has had a few problems that are annoying like a heating issue and a sticky charge port door, but had one problem (once) where it had a less-than-useful message like “Service Stabilitrak and Brakes”, which actually meant “You have no power brakes and no traction control” which could have got my wife into a collision.

For me, better than the Honda and the BMW I had before.

Jaguar is doing a very good job on the product front after being sold off by Ford. I’ve been impressed with the limited number of vehicles I’ve been in. Build quality should be very good and LG Chem is a more than solid battery vendor — all that experience working with GM no doubt has paid off.

I’ve always thought Tesla would have been better off having Magna-Steyr manufacture their vehicles. it definitely knows what it’s doing.

The insanely large wheels is likely one reason for such a modest range claim, though I suspect this is a “under promise over deliver” situation.

No doubt it will be priced accordingly ….

(subjective post)
For me, the looks are a swing & a miss. I don’t know if it’s the big wagon wheels or the goofy little spoiler. I actually like the looks of other Jaguars, but not this one that’s trying too hard to look futuristic. I would have preferred that they had stuck to their formula that works, with just a touch of the “gee-wow”. The giant hood scoop bothers as much as it does on the i8. I’m also fearful of cow-bell malfunctions with things like self-presenting door handles, but maybe Jaguar has a more robust design.

Forgot to mention; would everyone just chill with the “i-Whatever” naming convention? Ugh.

Not a big fan of the looks either.

150KW regen and only 50KW charging? Why?

That’l be the other 1% that’s not finalised !

Car Magazine says architecture designed for 500kw but only 50kw implemented at launch. As chargers are upgraded so will the I-Pace. I’m new to all this but that does make me think its reasonably future-proofed.

The main 1% difference is the interior – the back seats will be standard F-Pace style and will fold.

Production car will have 22″ wheel – so it says.

500kw may have been England’s local code for each station, which then gets divided among the individual car chargers. It’s still a good number. In the U.S., it seems seldom that you find more than 2 DCFC 50kw plugs that can presumably both be run to simultaneously deliver 50KW (a 100kw load).

For reference, a 6-stall Tesla station, at ~135kw for each plug, would be ~810kw. So, 500kw can work, but how much they slice it up, and then crowding, are relevant concerns.

Future CCS PlugShare comment:

“I pulled in with the i-Pace, and had to wait 30 minutes for a Bolt to get out of the way.” Then, as the purchaser of the premium Jaguar product goes past 20 minutes, at 50kw, he’ll better understand why his friend bought a Model X.

It’s a shame, because I already like this interior better.

Why did they put a huge drag-inducing hole in the hood?

It’s the exhaust for the front motor cooling, the heated air then runs over the windscreen…. aiding aerodynamics?

Another Euro point of view

I do like the looks of this car but beyond I very much like its reasonable size (184 inches or 4.6m). I figured out it is exactly the size I need as it allows 2 adults + 2 children traveling with luggage’s in OK comfort. Larger than this I consider as land barge category as per my Euro sensitivity (used to compact cars easy to use in our centuries old Euro cities).
But self-presenting door handles…yucks. Real gentlemen don’t need cow-bell.

Another Euro point of view

I wish more cars of this size (184 inches, 4.6M) would be offered on the market as it happens I found out it just is the perfect size for me. Smaller (Golf size category) & I do not have enough luggage space for 2 adults + 2 children and bigger I just don’t like it (land barge feeling and not easy to park in our old Euro towns).
Besides this, PLEASE get rid of those self-presenting door handles PLEASE ! (unnecessary junk).

The Car Magazine article says rear legroom greater than 7 Series BMW and internal volume equal to a Porsche Cayenne…. all in the footprint of an Audi A4 Avant, one of the big benefits of BEV.

The car was originally designed with rear facing cameras instead of mirrors but legislation hasn’t caught up with tech – so it will have these standard mirrors initially. I assume the door handles have been done for aerodynamic reasons too – I think the Jaguar F-Type has them already so Jaguar are used to producing them.

Does not look like that the rear seats fold 🙁

The are concept car seats. The front and rear will definitely be different for production.

I like the 150kw regen abilities, but we all know 50kw DC charging, and its reliability, will quickly bedevil all those away from Tesla’s network.

Those bicycle tires wouldn’t last long off pavement. Pretty classy, though, with ‘Jaguar’ printed on them.

I give this a thumbs up.

i guess……jaguar is back in the game.
very nice car,looks much better than model x for me

They’re trying to keep up with the Pace.

Pretty nice looking car, but that range simply makes no sense. The car ‘looks’ smaller than a M3, and I believe a M3 is good for 300 miles. On the reliability comment, I used to handle auto damage claims and on more than one occasion I had jaguar owners mention to me that they really needed 2 Jags because one of them would always be in the shop.

There’s a lot of talk on the internet about the I -Pace being a Tesla Model X competitor – but I don’t think that is the case. I think this will sit half way between the Model Y and the X. We are told (in the UK) that the price for the I-Pace will be F-Pace plus 10% …. so around £55K (£50K after grant). Model X’s here are START at £76k – most end up nearer £100k.
I have no idea what price the Model Y will be but I bet it won’t start here much under £40k. Plus here in the UK we are being told we should get our cars before May 2018 so probably a good year before a Model Y would be available.

….. BTW the I-Pace is virtually identical in length to the M3 (Tesla …. not BMW) so I understand

May 2018???? Is it due to BREXIT?

Maybe we’ll be the guinea pigs? I suppose a world roll-out has to start somewhere, so why not in your closest market. 18 months doesn’t seem that long to wait.

I really want to like the design, but I just don’t. Looks like it has terrible rear visibility, too. What’s up with SUV’s with the same ridiculous blind spots as a Lamborghini?

Wow! Wasn’t expecting this at all; didn’t know Jaguar was serious about the EV space. Still it’s a great looking car with the right numbers (range, hp, kW, etc.) for the market at this time. I will be curious about the price tag, but overall I say it’s a great entry to the market at a good time.

Give me a BEV Jaguar F Type Coupe with 250+ mile range. Fill in the nosecone solid like the updated Model S or M3 😀

Now we are talking !

I don’t like the looks (or the entire SUV category, for that matter), but since I pooh-poohed Jaguar a while back, I have to admit to be pleasantly surprised — this looks like a well-engineered car.

Only question is, if it’s 99% done, why will it be tow years until it comes out? Why not one year, while there are still very few EVs in the segment? The overall sales aren’t going to be very high-volume, so it’s not like they need to build a gigafactory or new assembly lines.

I’m no production engineer but all Jaguar Land Rover factories are working flat out at the moment, so a brand new production line has to be built for a type of car they have never made before. We are being told we will get our cars (in the UK) in 18 months, so pre-production will have to start in 12-14 months. I don’t think that’s too bad. BMW’s rival i5 is not due for production until 2020 – So I think Jaguar have done pretty well to get this car out as quickly as they have.

Electric F-Pace.

220AER… wowowowowow

Make it happen and make it available in all 50 states.

0.29 with this huge grill? I really doubt it.