2017 Volkswagen e-Golf With Bigger Battery Featured By Fully Charged – video

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The new 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf, now equipped with an upgraded 35.8 kWh battery and 125 miles (201 km) of real-world/EPA range [picks up a decent review from Fully Charged.

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

The new version has starting price of $31,345 in the US (incl. destination charge), which is $1,500 more than the previous generation with 83 miles (133 km) of range.

Editor’s Note:  Yes, the “new to the US” e-Golf is a 2017 model…and yes, it has actually just now started to trickle onto dealer lots in October, with around ~150 copies being made available so far.

The new e-Golf also has higher power electric motor  on tap, (100 kW instead of 85 kW) so the overall value proposition has improved; although it really had to in order to better compete with the new/redesigned $29,990- 150 mile 2018 Nissan LEAF (details).

According to Jonny Smith, the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf does outperform the (older) Nissan LEAF in one way, the driving experience.

“Jonny Smith test drives the new Volkswagen e-Golf. He liked it. We all liked it, the e-Golf marks a genuine step change from VW.”

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

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24 responses to "2017 Volkswagen e-Golf With Bigger Battery Featured By Fully Charged – video"
  1. LOL says:

    That 200 km of range is OK if you have a multitude of wireless chargers in cities at your disposal. Far better to wait for Model 3 which presumably has almost twice the range. Lousy work VW.

    1. menorman says:

      Who buys EVs? As long as VW is willing to pass the credit along in a lease, they’ll be able to compete for quite awhile. Also, it’s already available in RWD.

  2. Rad says:

    With 111 mile highway, I would still need 5 stops for my twice yearly 625 mile (each way) trip home. And that is if they even sold them in Georgia, which they don’t.

    1. Tom says:

      You could just rent a car for the weekend twice a year. With modern car sharing too, people can get a lower mileage EV then on the rare occassion they take off for a trip, just book a car share or rental. It’s a mindset change.

      1. John says:

        Tom- but that would make too much sense…

        1. Rad says:

          One car household. As a second car, it would be great, but not as only.

        2. Rad says:

          Renting would be for two weeks times twice a year. Also assorted other trips. If I have to rent 30 days a year, maybe not the car for me.

  3. SparkEV says:

    So it costs more than new Leaf, less range, less power, and lack thermal management (like Leaf)? What’s the selling point here?

    1. Lawrence says:

      I have an eGolf which I chose over the previous Leaf because of styling and better handling. It’s a great car that I’ve enjoyed for the last 3 years, 50k. A car that convinced me that I won’t buy another ICE, ever.

      Three years later. Those same attributes plus some really cool features don’t make up for a smaller battery and ACC. It’s my commuter car as it is for most people. Adaptive cruise is an important feature as such. Leaf has it on the SV vs the eGolf you need the top trim plus as an added option.

      This time around it’s a Leaf for me unless VW heavily discounts their car to the tune of $7000. Who knows, it may happen when they realize that all of these new eGolfs are just collecting dust.

      1. menorman says:

        I think they won’t collect dust. It’s competitive with the IoniqEV and especially since it’s impossible to find that model and the new Leaf isn’t yet available, a lot of commuters will definitely pick it up.

        1. Lawrence says:

          I’m not confident that they’ll move. The last version had ones sitting here on the lots for over 8 months until they offered those incredible lease offers. I had the dealership calling me, asking if I knew of anyone who would want one, and they said that they were offering $99 per month with no downpayment.

          This new one really doesn’t offer much more than the last, sadly.

    2. Will says:

      Yeah plus they sell it only in compliance states. No thanks

    3. Tom says:

      It’s a step. It’s mostly for Europe where it is selling well now and is better than the old Leaf and precedes the new leaf by a few months. Presumably in a year or so there will be a battery upgrade. It’s more on par with the Hyundai Ioniq which is Hyundai’s temporary offering until they get their bigger packs in place.

      1. menorman says:

        And both of those cars are selling quite well in Europe. Norway alone took nearly 1000 e-Golfs in a month or so ago and we all know that Hyundai got caught flatfooted on demand for the Ioniq…precisely because people keep insisting that it “isn’t competitive”.

        1. SparkEV says:

          They were selling well without new Leaf. Since 2017 eGolf is just being offered in US when new 2018 Leaf is to be out in a month (or two), I just don’t see the reason for eGolf.

          Even in Europe, why would they choose eGolf over new Leaf when both will be available shortly?

          1. Lawrence says:

            Because Europeans are eurocentric.

  4. JR says:

    I don’t see anyway VW can spin this as a big achievement. except if it was released 5 years ago
    No doubt they make great cars, I drove the old e-golf it feels solid, materials is strong, last long, but range for this class of car now, should be 200Mile.

    1. menorman says:

      The range is fine, though the price could be a little lower. The same thing was said about the Ioniq and now Hyundai can’t keep up with demand.

  5. dinhh68 says:

    Is this supposed to be the Tesla Model 3 killer I’ve been waiting for? WTF?

    1. menorman says:

      No, this is the conversion. That would be the IDs that you’re thinking of.

      1. Mark.ca says:

        Yeah, the one that will only be sold in Europe…killer my ass!

  6. unlucky says:

    I gave up on the show until they review a Bolt/Ampera-e.

  7. His omer says:

    I need this car

  8. Peter says:

    Not good value for money.

    Bolt and model3 much more value for money.