2017 Plug-In Electric Passenger Car Sales By Country (European Union+EFTA)

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MAR 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

More than 287,000 passenger plug-in electric cars were sold in the European Union and EFTA (Norway, Switzerland) in 2017 with Norway in first place again.

The growth in Europe was pretty strong, like 39% year-over-year, despite some models being disappointing (like the almost-absent Opel Ampera-e).

Strong growth encourages us that 2018 will be even better with new cars entering the market.

As of 2017, nearly one per 50 new passenger cars purchased were plug-ins of some kind.

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Interestingly, most of the plug-ins sold were PHEVs (not so for some other major regions around the world):

  • PHEV – nearly 144,000 (up 33%)
  • BEVs – over 135,350 (up 49%)

The four largest markets in Europe captured some 70% of all plug-in registrations:

  • Norway – 62 313 (up ≈39%)
  • Germany – 54 617 (up ≈117%)
  • UK – 47 298 (up ≈28%)
  • France – 36 835 (up ≈26%)

Here is the full report:


Passenger all-electric car registrations in Europe in 2017 (source: ACEA)


Passenger plug-in hybrid car registrations in Europe in 2017 (source: ACEA)


Passenger plug-in electric car registrations in Europe in 2017 (source: ACEA)

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More of that German vaporware clogging up the charts. If it didn’t happen in California, it didn’t happen.

This year should be a lot better. I have high hopes in Nissan. But next year it should be even better.


I wish there was a way to make corrections here. This is the second time I selected a [Reply] and instead of going under the intended (Tom’s stupid first post) it went as a new post.

You should also elaborate on your -1, otherwise it offers little of value. Which part of his statement do you disagree with and why, the German vaporware or if it didn’t happen in California?

All of it?

Perhaps people have read too many comments from the blindly Tesla followers to catch any amount of sarcasm. Germany as a country is going to take top dog in terms of pure numbers of PHEV/BEV in 2018 driven largely by VW group and BMW but consistently on this site we hear about the ignorant whining about VW vaporware when globally VW is ramping up very quickly and killing the likes of GM. Such myopic behavior also contributes to the illusion that somehow EVs are mainstream in the US and any day now will wipe out ICE vehicles, when in fact they are virtually non-existent rounding error outside CARB states…especially BEVs which exist on islands in metro areas. With 2% market share even with gigantic free cash from various levels of govt, the logistical, technical, and business challenges of moving to say 20% market share are monumental. For instance it would require TEN TIMES the batteries. And that’s not even 20% of existing rolling stock but rather new sales. Exactly how long will it take to get a 1000% increase in battery production? And if we have every California whiner who thinks they deserve a $199 lease for a $40,000 car… Read more »

Top dog in Europe. Edit button….

Nice, serial anti-Tesla troll Tom shows his true bitterness and hatred of both Tesla and California in a frank admission of his psychosis almost like a Trump tweet shows his mental disfunctions.

So Tom, what is about Tesla (and California by way of blame for hosting Tesla) that is costing you money?

Look, I know Tesla has seriously disrupted a lot of wealthy, laggard and legacy industries (and not just in cars) and people but it is really for the better.

Also, your rant against government support for clean vehicles also points to you as a Seeking Alpha type angry and bitter old conservative.

You forgot Iceland. Iceland is part of EFTA.

I came here just to post that. And of course an EV-friendly country, even if the population size is small.

…And Lichtenstein is also part of EFTA, although any EV sales there can probably be ignored as a rounding error (<40K population) (-:

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