2017 Mercedes S 500 e Battery Increases To 13.3 kWh, Good For 50 km/31 Miles Range

JUN 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 67

Wireless charging of the Mercedes-Benz S 500 e plug-in hybrid

Wireless charging of the Mercedes-Benz S 500 e plug-in hybrid

With the next generation of EV batteries now arriving, all the major automakers have been announcing range upgrades for their plug-in vehicles.

Today, it is apparently Mercedes’ turn.

The S 500 e luxury plug-in hybrid (S550e in the US), which is currently equipped with a 8.7 kWh battery and nets 12 miles (19 km) of real world/EPA range is the first Mercedes to get a boost.

The new 2017 edition of the S 500 e (which also gets a face-lift) will now arrive with a 13.3 kWh battery – good for a 53% improvement, and should translate to at least 19 miles (30 km) of realistic all-electric range (EPA)…perhaps more, as the necessary “unused/reserved” percentage of the pack will likely be decreased.

Mercedes states that the S 500 e will be its first PHEV to exceed a 50 km/31 mile range rating (on the optimistic NEDC scale), thanks to a larger battery and further improvements and optimizations.

“The next major technological leap will be made in 2017, starting with the facelift of the S 500 e: for the first time, fully electric operating ranges exceeding 50 km will be made possible by a further development of the lithium-ion battery together with a further optimized, intelligent operating strategy.”

“The highly efficient battery system comes from the wholly-owned Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE, which will for the first time also be supplying accumulators for plug-in-hybrids from Mercedes-Benz. It is expected that further progress in battery technology will continue to gradually increase battery capacity and therefore operating range.”

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Very good news! If the rest of the range follows they’re close to becoming kinda EREV’s.

Do we have an expected arrival date?

This is a good question. I tried to get a firm answer, but kept getting different results…what I can tell you for sure is that face-lifted production gets underway next week, open/internal orders start mid-July.

So depending on your location/and Daimler’s batch mix for PHEV, you are likely (and this is just my own WAG) looking at a best case of ~12 weeks thereafter. Late October?

i’ve got to get this benz-o!


Thx Jay, as always!

Need to add wireless charging.

if you look at the photo it shows a benz-o with the words “wireless charging” written on the side (and in the photo caption).

how soon before they start taking orders on this benz-o!!!

This is an interesting trend we’re seeing. I’m glad to see the range increases, while the batteries are not getting any physically larger. So they’ve taken a car that once had pathetic EV range and now given it…. barely adequate EV range. The Ford Energi cars are the ones that seriously need these battery upgrades. A 50% boost could take their AER to 30 miles EPA, which would be significant!

That saw the exact idea when Mercedes and BMW built their PHEV’s with such a small battery.
Multiply all current BMW and Mercedes PHEV capacities by 1,5 and you’ll get decent range at least for Europe.

The battery KWh from 10 Mercedes PHEVs might be enough to make one Tesla. Yes, we should be happy, but it’s clear some makers will stay behind, preying on customers they won’t offer anything more.

I went to Audi last night, in diesel stealth. There were the knobs and buttons I like, but otherwise the interiors of everything under 100k were surprisingly cheap. A 10 year old nappa leather VW Touareg blows away the new 70k Audi Q7. There’s been too much “margin creation”, at VWG. Sort of like you get with small batteries.

10 cars at 50% electric miles or 1 at 100% electric miles…

Hmm… did you try to make a case for or against Tesla? 😛

Unless the Tesla does 200 miles every day. The 10 Mercedes is better for the environment.

The S500e will comprise of maybe 20% of S sales in the most optimistic scenario.

The Model S is outselling the total S-Class.

So where does this 10:1 ratio come from?

Yeah, it’s good news that the range is increased, but 50km NEDC is probably less than half of the Volt.


This is great news. A truly capable PHEV. Bravo.

PHEVs are as stupid as horse carriages with a little engine/electric motor to keep horse carriages alive.

Please go away.

“The reason is, a hybrid car is not an electric car. It’s a common misperception. You have the worst of both worlds in many cases, a gas engine and a battery, all the complexity, all the maintenance, all of the tradeoffs that occur in a hybrid car,”


*lol*…at least you have the decency to include your super-biased source which is built on a statement without any facts, figures or studies included.

On the contrary it would be very easy to find a lot of PHEV owners testifying to the fact that there is generally a lot less maintenance on a PHEV than a regular ICE.
It’s called getting the best of both worlds and it’s the reason why PHEVs will be very important in the transition period and why they, just like amphibians, will live long after the dinos die out side by side with BEVs.

54,000 miles on my Volt.
I’ve been to the dealership THREE TIMES in THREE YEARS.

1.) Oil Change and recall (coolant thingamabob)
2.) Oil Change
3.) Update for car programming and hatch struts.

Yeah…my maintenance bill has been nuts ;|

Compared to an all electric, yes it is high… always will relatively be much higher

“ou have the worst of both worlds in many cases, a gas engine and a battery, all the complexity, all the maintenance, all of the tradeoffs that occur in a hybrid car,””

Completely BS.

Does your Prius have more complexity and more maintenance? If it is doesn’t, then why does a car with a plug have more than your PRius which is 100% gas car?

You are just full of lies and a big troll.

YOU are the king of lies and calomnies.(see below)

The electric part of my Prius has no maintenance at all, the ICE part will last longer because of the help from the electric motor, the RPMs are topped at 5000. But I hate to have to put gasoline in it. I dream of the day I will stop to go to the gas station and stop all poisonous emissions.


Historically hybrids have been introduced to calm the anger after car makers destroyed the first EV wave in 2003. The have always been a way to kill EVs and keep the ICE market alive.

EV1 was a compliance car..

Get a life with your stupid repeated nonesense.

YOu are an indeed a Prius driving, Toyota loving Tesla fan boy troll.

I am willing to bet that if Toyota comes out with a Bolt like car, you will cancel your Model 3 reservation and get that asap.

I bet your Model 3 will be full of quality problems that you will be back cursing it out. LOL.

Of course, that is assuming that Canadian dollars don’t tank far enough by the time you can order your Model 3 that you might be still afford it. Maybe it is time to trade in your crappy Prius for something with a Plug right now.

OK this is getting a little creepy, I admit, I’m part of it but does anyone else feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea that as a community we’re developing a whole vocabulary of green car name calling insults?

“Prius driving, Toyota loving, Tesla fan boy troll” I guess it will all end in a google definition

PDTLTFBT – A common insult used to describe a teenage boy seeking attention by posting poorly substantiated claims in online forums relating to electric vehicle adoption, see also; Tesla fan boy, fool cell, compliance lover, Musk Rat, Toyota fan boy and Fiat shareholder. Please note “Fiat” is commonly hashed (F***) by moderators so as not to cause offense.

it’s like the old emacs vs vi flame wars…

these debates are of parochial interest only an have no real connection to what is going on in the real world of electric vehicles.

You forgot FUDster, shill, and shortseller. Also fanboi is the alternate spelling for fanboy. 😀

“community we’re developing a whole vocabulary of green car name calling insults?”

Sorry to tell you that I make a special exception for RexxSee who is absolutely a troll in the so called “community”. He doesn’t care about EVs in general. He only loves his Prius and Tesla. His long pattern of annoying posts is what sets it off every time..

Maybe you don’t read this site long enough… But if you do, you would have seen this crap from him for years and we are sick and tired of it…

His old login used to be Lustucc or something like that. He likes to bash every PHEV/EREV on the market…

I know who he is and how obscure his views are. It’s just interesting to me how we are developing our own language around ev’s and ev related topics.

I explained repeatedly to the king of calumny that I drive a Prius because I don’t have the financial means to replace it right now. MMF act as I never told him and bash me all he can with lies and nonsense. I am no Toyota fanboy The PiP is designed and priced to fail. I keep my money for Model 3. Where I live, a Prius is a pretty good green car. Better MPG than a lot of other cars. Like I said and it is an historical fact, hybrids were introduced after the car makers wiped out their first wave of BEVs. The EV1 was no compliance car, It was the first run of a competition initiated by CARB, that car makers, Bush and the Oil companies killed in the egg. But people who had tasted electrics were furious… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partnership_for_a_New_Generation_of_Vehicles So it was decided within the cartel that Toyota was to sell the Prius to a large scale, replacing BEVs with hybrids for the “green” customers. The EV1 had a EPA rating (normalized 2015) of 105 miles, the Nissan Altra-EV 85 and the RAV4-EV 90, TWENTY YEARS AGO! The only reason that ICE car makers deploy more hybrids… Read more »

So, you are saying since we had compliance EVs 15-20 years ago, we must have good EVs today?

You know why there were compliance EVS, no?

They were too freaking expensive to build. That is why. Even Tesla today are too freaking expensive.

Yet, you keep on quoting some of that stupid lease figure as the “cost of the car” to justify your stupid reason.

yes, I am going to call out your Prius each and every time as you have repeat your stupid bashing of PHEV each and every time.

Calling Volt a Hybrid like your Prius is purposely misleading. That is why we call you out. Prius is 100% gasoline car where the Volt isn’t. So, calling it a hybrid is your attempt to bash it which has been used over and over again.

I will keep exposing you as you repeat your stupid bashing.

ANY car my *friend*, built in small numbers will cost a lot, this is marketing 101, and you know that! AS you know that TEsla car are expensive because they are built in small numbers, because TESLA is still alittle tint dwarf compared to the facilities of other car makers. For a comparison, Ford build 20 000 cars in two days! GM has 99 plants, Nissan 39 etc, Tesla, even with their insane growth are still at 2. You are well aware of those facts but vomit lies bullsh*t all over the place to bash me. You are lying repeatedly about electrics to bash me. What is your agenda? You certainly have ties with Oil/car companies one way or another to be so aggressively personaly attacking me. “Calling Volt a Hybrid like your Prius is purposely misleading” Oh! I didn’t know that the Volt had only one propulsion system and one source of energy. 😉 The Volt is a hybrid, the Prius is a hybrid, and this will never change. Even if you run 100% of the time on electricity, the Volt will always be a hybrid. When you run on gas after your AER are depleted, it become a… Read more »

Why in the world someone should be ashamed of driving a Prius? Did you, Californians, undergo a disinformation campaign the rest of America were not aware of?

Any hybrid is a step in the right direction for the CITIZEN!

For the companies who decide which technology to market, it is feet dragging to sell hybrids, the urgency of the climate calls for rapid transitions toward hydrocarbon-less vehicles.

The customers are hostages of the poor offers on that matter.

I feel the same way about the new Mercedes Plug-in HFCV SUV. Not.

Don’t you drive a gasser?

Yes, for now, We don’t have any decent long range affordable choices yet don’t we? And this was the case back in 2007 when I bought the Prius.
Waiting for my Model 3 ~85,000-ish

You could get a cheap used Volt and drive 95% in EV mode like I do.

I hate GM for the EV1 destruction and they are not reliable cars, generally speaking. I will use my Prius until Model 3. Vote with your wallet.

Volt is very reliable. Built solid and battery is pampered.

He can get a cheap used LEAF too while keeping his Prius.

But no, he is full of stupid excuses to bash GM and Volt all the time while he spill his love on Prius and Tesla.

No I can’t and I told you many times that I cannot afford to change the Prius right now… Even less having two cars.
But You do as usual, ignore my explanations that do not fit your bashing agenda toward me.

Oh, you can’t afford it?

But you can afford to spew toxic across the globe with your 100% gas burning Prius?

Sorry, don’t buy your excuse since you are going to spent more than $35K on a Model 3. So obviously you got enough money to pay for that…

I have two years ahead of me to get the money and my mother who died at 95 last winter left a small amount that will help a lot. YOU are still insulting me! I do all I can to help ditching the fossil fuels. The Prius is for now the best I can do. And I don’t give a **** if you believe me or not. Hybrids are a lot more destructive than having got directly to BEVs in the first place.
At 400 000 people are with me on this. They vote to help the ONLY car maker 100% dedicated to save this small planet from the mad greed of big corporation’s cartel.

“I hate GM for the EV1 destruction and they are not reliable cars, generally speaking. I will use my Prius until Model 3. Vote with your wallet.” This is the kind of crap we are so sick of from you. And that is why we call you a stupid troll. kdawg suggested an used Volt which doesn’t benefit GM at all so your so called “hate” toward GM doesn’t really make sense unless you like to make a brand statement with your driving. But that is just means you are full of crap since you have been highly critical of others to pollute the world by using oil yet you rather pollute the same world than eat your own word to drive something far more useful. second part, you complain about quality of GM cars. yet Volt is one of the most reliable car that GM makes and it outranks Tesla in terms of reliability but yet you are will to overlook Tesla’s quality problem but not the Volt. Tesla model S is actually on the “avoid” list by Consumer Report while the Volt isn’t. Lastly, you continue to drive your oil burning Prius while making excuses to hate other… Read more »

You are accusing me of horrible things like being a fan of the Mirai and PiP builder.

WHen it comes to environmental choices, We cannot yet chose the best suited for our needs, WE have to choose THE LEAST WORST for now. I just hope the Tesla effect decide one of the BIG CAR to really start competing. Because they ALL can do ten times better than now!

No I won’t buy a GM because what they did to the first wave of BEVs and even the Volt is reliable, I will be true to my beliefs and vote with my wallet. The ONLY company doing his best for the environment is TESLA. And they happen to make exceptional good and high tech cars

DOn’t you have any bad feeling about the bailout coup?

No, and I am American tax payer.

Don’t even dare with that attempt, you Canadian Volt hater.

RAcist! Don’t you had enough of this mascarade set up to steal your tax money? We Canadian paid also 10 billions to GM. It Premier Petro-Harper who was the puppet, not unlike your George petroleum Bush, faithful Big-Oil ass licking servant.

“WE have to choose THE LEAST WORST for now.”

YOu said that…

Then you go on to bash the Volt while driving the Prius.

Shame on you!

If you read me correctly, I said the Volt was a good hybrid, but not for me. I have to go over 50 miles a day on too many occasions anyway.

You are trying to paint me binary black. Another lie!

Funny that because Toyota is the company that is most actively working against EVs today.

Are you keeping the Prius as a backup?

Rexx-See rides a horse named Prius, Or is it an amphibian, and not a horse?

“PHEVs are as stupid as horse carriages with a little engine/electric motor to keep horse carriages alive.”

Yes, posted by the dumbest poster on inside ev…

31 miles NEDC – so subtract anywhere from 20 to 40 percent for a real-world estimate?

Not sure if this is terribly exciting news. I appreciate them updating the car, but they can certainly do better without making the car unaffordable.

The car IS unaffordable, but I agree… real-world improvement can only be to a total 20 miles, not a lot more…

the car is a benz-o s-class: it’s not supposed to be affordable.

when i was driving today, i was behind a guy and noticed that the car had the winged-b. yes, the car was a BENTLEY, a bentley continental, in fact…made me forget all about my benz-o s-class fixation. is a bentley supposed to be “affordable”? OF COURSE NOT!

This is good news. Is it not more economically efficient and less risky for established auto companies to take these small steps and apply them across their fleets? Now that electrification has been shown to be viable, fuel economy regs to need to be tightened even more than currently planned to accelerate this trend.

Great news! Now let’s get BMW and Porsche on the same bandwagon and put those new batteries in the 2017 X5 40e and the Cayenne SEH – I’ll then be ready lease one….

31 miles (probably only 20 miles on EPA cycle) is better than nothing.

Mercedes can do more. Add that much range to all its SUV/crossover would help much more.

is this passing the rumored Chinese 50km requirements.

These kind of incremental range increases will become more common as battery tech improves.

I’ve said for a lone time, PHEV’s are the way to go for most (not all)

Over a period of time (that looks to be getting shorter and shorter) the batteries will get bigger and better, and the ICE will get smaller and smaller until it simply disappears. It’s how evolution works.


the thing is that electrification is itself going through a process of evolution. we don’t know whether batteries will end up being the route to evolution, and even if it is, we don’t know whether current battery technology will be the winner. we don’t know whether fuel cell will end up being the route to electrification.

my guess is that phev’s are probably going to be around until the mid 21th century.

in the meantime, in need this benz-o s-class, like, yesterday!!!

China is driving this upgrade. Their plug-in huge incentives only kick in if the vehicle offers at least 30 EV miles. So expect updates/next gen plug-ins below 30 miles that will also be sold in China, to quickly get an electric only range boost.