2017 Chevrolet Volt With “Made In Canada” Charging Diagnostics – Video


Time To Plug In

Time To Plug In

Did you know that the 2017 Chevrolet Volt has “made in Canada” charging diagnostics? Don’t worry if your answer is no, as neither did we.

Video description:

“The 2017 Chevrolet Volt is Canada’s most popular electric vehicle, and it has homegrown innovation inside! Watch as GM Canada President Steve Carlisle explains the Made in Canada charging diagnostics on the new Volt at the 2016 Canadian International Auto Show.”

Not sure what’s meant by “The 2017 Chevrolet Volt is Canada’s most popular electric vehicle,” as few or, more likely, zero deliveries of the 2017 Model Year Volt have occurred to date in Canada. Perhaps it’s the most-researched electric car there?

Anyways, check out the video to find out about the “made in Canada” charging diagnostics aboard the 2017 Volt.

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Oh my god, Bolt made by Lg and now Volt made by Canadians. Is there nothing sacred these days?

It should be
“Chevrolet Volt is Canada’s most popular electric vehicle”

Don’t let the BEV purists catch you calling the Volt an “electric vehicle”. *rollseyes*

They’ll insist it be called a “plug-in hybrid” no matter what.

Uh, because it is a plug in hybrid, and I am far from a BEV purist. In-fact I own a Volt, but I call it as it is. A plug in hybrid.

Technically yes, but the BEV purists use the term “plug-in hybrid” in a derogatory manner…basically saying the Volt is the same as a PiP.

The Volt is really a range-extended electric vehicle, but the purists refuse to call the Volt an EV due to it having an ICE. Even though it operates as a 100% BEV the first 38 (and now 53 miles).

Let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and build a Northern wall…and Canada will pay for it…LOL

Right, those rum-running socialists.

We’re already making plans for a major influx of US refugees if Trump wins. Or Cruz. Or Hillary. We don’t discriminate.


Charging Diagnostics, developed by Canadian engineers? I suppose if you query: is my car charged up? the car would answer in text: ‘Ya sure, ya betcha.’

“those rum-running socialists.”
Hmm, rum running in an electric to avoid sound and IR detection…..
“‘Ya sure, ya betcha.’ We’re not from Fargo, ND., Y’all.

GM has authored and sponsored an amendment in Indiana (HB1254, amendment 3) that will strip Tesla of its existing dealer license. That’s like Samsung using the government to shut down the Apple stores. GM IS UN AMERICAN!



EVERY GM Sale Feeds Their Anti-Competitive / Anti-Innovation / Anti-Consumer Lobbyists!

I love electric cars but GM seems to be the anti-Tesla. Instead of promoting a EV future they are using old tricks and dirty business to show their true colours. I like the Bolt but really, every time they move against Tesla just shows me how much I don’t want to buy Chevy or GM. Vote with your dollar. Buy electric – don’t buy Chevy that’s what I will do.

Hummm, a Chevy Bow Tie on a Chinese Bosch wallbox.

Although the 16 amp wall box admittedly is attractively styled, quiet, reasonably priced, and works fine with a Roadster (the acid test).

I’d like to do a bit of my own diagnosing:

Has anyone ever taken one of these 2016-17 volts to a ChargePoint at a Mall parking lot and found out exactly the wattage draw? That would tell me much.

I thought the only ‘diagnosis’ was whether the dashboard light lit yellow or green, or was off, and the speedometer graphic showing 120 or 240 volt charging (alas, no voltmeter showing exacly what it is as in the Tesla, nor any ammeter).

The 2017’s dashboard looks quite like the 2014 ELR’s. On that car, sometimes when it won’t start charging, all you have to do is open and close the driver door (!!!!), and it will then start charging.

Maybe they could task their thousands of engineers to figure out what is going on there.

I’m Canadian and can’t find the ‘so what’ in this non-informative plug for the Volt ( the smartest car of 1995).

Wow. They’re really reaching here. Are they lobbying for a company discount at Tim Hortons or something?