2017 Chevrolet Volt Arrives At Dealerships, Deals Announced


2017 Chevrolet Volt

2017 Chevrolet Volt

The 2017 Chevy Volt is beginning to arrive at dealers and incentives were announced. This happened very quickly as General Motors began production on February 1st and already has ~1,000 cars available.

2017 Chevrolet Volt Interior

2017 Chevrolet Volt Interior

The incentives began February 24 and are told to run until the end of the month, but it is expected that they will be renewed. The new model will comply with stricter Tier 3 emissions requirements and, unlike its 2016 release, it will be made widely available throughout the country.

An entry-level 2017 Volt starts at $34,095. This is $100 more than the 2016 model. The Premier package starts at $38,445. These prices don’t figure in taxes or incentives.

The Premier model now offers adaptive cruise control. Also, for the extra $2,815, you get blind-spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert, forward-collision warning, lane-keep assist, low-speed automatic braking, and intelligent high beams.


  • $1,000 cash back on all versions (only in some states)
  • $2,250 leasing incentive (only in some states)
  • $2,300 leasing incentive available nationally (can be combined with $2,250 in listed states)
  • $500 for existing GM lessees
  • $500 competitor conquest credit

*States offering the additional incentives are: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

In California, work is being done to begin an income-based eligibility program in March. The program will assist those meeting the Federal Poverty Guideline. This would increase plug-in rebates to $3,000 for those in need. The program would also limit incentives for the wealthy.

Lease prices have yet to be announced, but for estimation purposes, the 2016 leases for $299 a month for 39 months with $500 down. This is a 15,000 miles/year lease.

Overall, the 2017 Volt should prove well worth the extra $100, and it seems that GM is doing a stellar job in getting the 17s out to dealerships as quickly as possible

Source: Cars Direct, Green Car Reports

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Nice drive train, but too small a car for me. I can barely get my hand flat to clear the headliner above my head in the drivers seat. Back seats? Forget it! Short people and kids only back there! Less headroom in this car than the 1987 Chevrolet Sprint I bought new!

Maybe they should make a Two Seat Coupe design, bump up the batteries to about 27-30 kWh, and make it an EREV to compete with the Mazda MX5?

Or, they could learn how to take the cells they use and build a flat battery, and put the full EREV package in a MID-SIZED car! (Drop the weak 3.6 kW AC charger, and drop in a stronger 7.2 kW design, though! They could even up the anti, by offering their preferred DC play – CCS!)

Im 5’11 and the Volt has more headroom and space than I need.

I have the seat almost down to the ground but with 2 pumps up.

Dang, Robert, how tall are you? I am 6’4″ and I can wear a baseball cap in my Volt. I actually have cranked the drivers seat higher to give me a slightly better drivers position.
The back seats are atrocious but the front seats are nicely roomy.

I’m 6’6″ and sat in a 17 Volt last week near Chicago. Unfortunately the head room isn’t there, then again, I don’t fit in most cars. Tesla S was even worse. However I barely fit in a Leaf and the Cmax has the best head room.

It’s truly sad about the CMAX, great engineering of ergonomics, but, 1999 electrical engineering.

I blame management.

How about the i3? Have you tried that? Since there are no 2017 Volts or i3s in my half of the state (VA), I have to get second-hand info.


What ? (!!!!)

The new Volt has more headroom than an S?

Robert, how long has it been since you played for the NBA?

7′ tall people will have a bit of a time packing into the Chevy Volt EREV, BMW 4, Chevy Camaro, Ford Fusion and on and on.

Below, 6′ 10″, 352lb associated rides in the back of a then in stock MY15 Chevy Volt EREV with me driving!

Link Goes To Twitter Post with picture Goodness-



Thomas J. Thias


Sundance Chevrolet




My best friend is 6’7″ and fits in the driver seat in my ’15 Volt without difficulty–of course, the seat is lowered to the bottom.

Steven, can you add a link to where people can see what dealerships currently hold it?

If such a link exists?



Cars.com allows you to show new cars by model year. It shows about 750 2017 Volts as of right now.

It is probably as good a list as you will get, because the Chevy website seems to be difficult to get a full national list (I could’t get it to happen).

The program will assist those meeting the Federal Poverty Guideline.!!!
Should those on “the poverty line and in need” really be buying new cars?

Not likely they could afford one. As an individual around 12k a year, a family of 4 24k. How on god’s green earth could they even get a loan to buy one?

It’s below 300% federal poverty guideline. That’s around $48k for married couple and $72k for family of four.

Must be due to InsideEVs readers not buying GM cars anymore. /s

Yes, all 12 of us. 🙂

make that 13 🙂

Random point of interest – Traffic total past month: 1,296,688

Model X is in order then??

My underlying cheapness/up bringing would never allow it, (=

So PK wasn’t that far off. Somewhere around 12 of us, or maybe a slightly higher figure like approximately 12,000,000 of us this past year…

Yeh and how many Tesla ra ra boys actually own one?

Answer: Zero

I own a set of Tesla pom poms.

George, Tesla is about more than mere OWNERSHIP! It is a movement, of sorts.


More people than Carter has pills.

Make that 14 of use that have each visited the site 92,620 times this month. 😉

Jay Cole

“Random point of interest – Traffic total past month: 1,296,688”

Yeah, but 1,290,000 of that was just us frequent post-ers clicking multiple times a minute per day. 😉

Rats, I see Philip d got there first. 🙁

So you make 15 with 86,445 clicks each.

I’ll be buying the bolt, so minus one.

2016 is less than 2 months old and they’re making 2017s already? When does MY 2018 been production, this September?

Volt is so futuristic, they had to bump it a year.

+ 1

That is actually an interesting point. Normally GM closes out previous model year vehicles at the end of summer by throwing big incentives on the hood.

Not this summer for the Volt. The 2016’s will all be gone by then.

It will be interesting if they still have their traditional big incentives at the end of summer.

my 2012 had a 4500$ lease incentive but it tipped the scales at 500$/mo lease after tax and license. The 299$ number won’t be where you end up.

PS just got done having to give away a motorcycle used. I really don’t ever want to buy again…..it just means you have to sell.

Totally glad I leased my 2012. Resale values are terrible.

Very interested in what lease deals will be available on the Bolt EV.

I pay $250 a month for my 2016

15,000 miles a year too

how’d you swing that? Base level car, 2000$ down? Mine was zero down plus the 2012’s were higher MSRP….oh you must have had state incentives. I did not

Texas also has a $3,500 rebate for low income families. The rebate is designed to get low income families into low emission, fuel efficient vehicles and it’s available for both new and used Volts. Low income in Txas is classified as much higher than the poverty line and the value increases based on the number of family members.

California had $9500 rebate new/used for low income families. The waiting list is long, I heard.


Very good news. Hope the dealers in all the states sell well. So in March we can see a big rebound in plugin vehicle sales.

53 mile range is awesome.

So basically GM has place a “ZEV Credit” value of $2,250 on EVs sold in ZEV mandated states.

“$2,250 leasing incentive (only in some states)”

*States offering the additional incentives are: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.”

I guess this confirms the REAL reason the ’16 Volt was released in just the CARB states (and a few other non-CARB states dealers bordering CARB states, where plenty of CARB-state residents could easily drive across the border): total ZEV CARB credit play.

2017 pricing totally confirms it.

I was stunned, embarrassed and argumentative to a point where public apologies were published by me as GM/Chevrolet confirmed the just 11 CARB (ZEV) state and Canadian allocation of the MY16 Chevy Volt, NextGenVolt on September 1st, 2015. This resulted in cancellation of scores of national order’s for the 2016 model year including those at my dealership. Determined to complete the deal with one of my customer’s, a professor at Michigan State University, a MY16 Chevy Volt EREV, was thus purchased by my customer at a Maryland Chevrolet dealership and trucked to Sundance Chevrolet in Grand Ledge, Michigan. This is how it went down from February 17th – February 19th, 2016. Link Goes To My YouTube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DplBH2bl-as Folks, this was a heck of a thrill for me. Gets even better! On Monday, February 22, 2016 our 1st MY17 NextGenVolt-Reloaded, in national and global production since February 1st, 2016, came off the truck at Sundance Chevrolet. I was totally caught off guard and speechless! Link Goes To My Youtube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK6Sf7OqwU4 Still spinning, I am. The MY16 / My16 Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle is are amazing automobile’s! ps. MotoEV: MY 16/17 Chevy Volt EREV Rebates. The big OEM’s… Read more »

Just checked a few Houston Chevy dealers, still no 2017 Volts here. They do have some new 2014s on the lot still, yeah you read that right.


Coming off of a 2013 lease in PA, was given the opportunity to pre-order the 2017 back in December prior to lease programs and incentives being released. NO incentives available to lease here. Could have driven 30 miles east or south and gotten the incentives from this article in New Jersey or Maryland. Brand new Volt sitting on the lot waiting for us – best lease payment available $592/month which is far the the numbers quoted here. Super frustrated!