2017 Chevrolet Bolt – Walkaround Video


2017 Chevrolet Bolt

2017 Chevrolet Bolt

Via InsideEVs’ own Mike Anthony who attended the recent 2016 Chicago Auto Show, we present this walkaround/review of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV (200 miles range/sub 7 second 0-60 mph – full details here).

Anthony states:

“Checked out the upcoming 2017 Chevrolet Bolt (With a “B”) at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show.”

The video explores the Bolt both inside and out, along with the required look under the charge port door (2:01 mark).

This is actually one of the most comprehensive walkaround videos we’ve seen of the Bolt from a show floor.

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If you label it “Chevrolet Bolt EV”, it’s easier to discern against the “Chevrolet Volt” or the upcoming “Chevrolet Dolt FCEV”.

Showing, once again, that GM is tonedeaf to Spanish speaking customers, since Volt and Bolt are pronounced identically in Spanish.

The last time was Chevy Nova (which in Spanish means “does not go”).

Haha, forgot about that one.

Maybe they will name it the Chevy Tornillo when it goes on sale in Latin & South America.

Its not better in Europe, wehre one is the Ampera and one the Ampera-e

Bolt makes me think of Volt, but with all batteries. Battery Volt = Bolt.

I know, it’s a rudimentary mnemonic, but this is what we get from GM. *shrugs*

Volt Jolt……..ha ha !

Now they need an EV Suburban so they can call it an Arc (Ark).

I hope there will be one at the Dallas autoshow this weekend.

This recent Canadian walk-through with open doors and hatch gives a much better view.

Thanks, that video you linked had better shots, without so much wasted time.

I like the looks of the cargo space. It is bigger than it looks like it would be from the outside, in a similar way as a minivan with how low the space goes. SparkEV was a no-go due to the short length of space back there.

Too bad the rear window doesn’t go down all the way, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Means dogs can’t drool on paint.

A preview is not a review

Nice walkie.

when does this car hit the market?

End of 2016, maybe just.

GM committed to delivery by end of 2016. There’s no telling when it will be available in all States. The last quote was it will be available in all States once the inventory builds up … who knows when that will occur, hopefully by Feb. 2017.

This is why I call it the Volt-B. Spanish, FTW.

The Dallas Auto Show is next weekend. I hope they have the Bolt there. I’m going to try to get up close and personal if they do. The Dallas Auto Show is where I first saw the Leaf so I’m hoping the show promoters will want the Bolt there.

Really nice video and Bolt EV the car. Great engineering as usual on GM’s part. I want one.

Maybe for Christmas. I’ve been saving up 🙂

Maybe Santa will get you one. Are you on the naughty or nice list?

It depends whose list you were talking about 🙂