2017 Chevrolet Bolt Spotted In Canada


Erik Novak, AKA Enviro_Dad on Twitter, passed along these two images to us of a pre-production 2017 Chevrolet Bolt spotted in Canada.

As Novak explains:

“SPOTTED – 2017 Chevy Bolt EV. Pre-production unit, only 1 of 3 in Canada & arrived last week. Photo taken Oct 4th – Uxbridge, Ontario.”

2017 Chevrolet Bolt Spotted In Canada - Image Via Enviro_Dad

2017 Chevrolet Bolt Spotted In Canada – Image Via Enviro_Dad

In blue, the Bolt certainly pops. This particular color is likely called Kinetic Blue, that is, if this pre-production version is wearing one of the Bolt’s 8 exterior color options.

The Bolt is expected to go on sale in Canada in early 2017 and it’s priced very competitively, so we expect sales there to be rather high.

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So, Canadian winter and longer inter urban driving doesn’t deter adopters north of the border !

Not at all, the more of them the merrier 😉

Many Canadians specially in Quebec are ready to buy the bolt !!!! Thousands of customers just wait and put theirs name on a waiting list …

Odd that they did not call it electric blue, instead of kinetic.
Though I suppose in one sense that makes sense, since you are converting electric into kinetic energy.
Too deep for me.

Triboelectric blue

Synaptic blue

Photonic blue

Synergetic blue

Quantum blue

…TM…lots of choices

This kinetic blue will add to the Cold Winter “feel” in and around the Chevy Bolt. Chevys long range leader will be most welcome to those EV adopters on a budget, in below zero Northern climes! A lot of used Nissan Leafs may be coming south of the Canadian border in the next 12-36 months. Nissan may lose this whole “Great White North” market, to the Bolt if they don’t reveal a 2017 200+ mi. Leaf soon!

I wonder why that they are using a standard blue license plate instead of the “GREEN” plates available in Ontario.

Probably since its not officially not on sale here yet.

To further this, green plates are only available to a select model list (just like the rebates) – and that list does not include models until they are officially available for sale.

I think a missed opportunity to promote the great rebates available in Ontario.

We have been getting a lot of “Bolt spotting” in Quebec, they have been testing the DCFC charger all over here.

Interesting. I’ve seen evidence of the same on PlugShare on the east and west coasts.

275 miles from the factory. They would have needed to stop for a short refill somewhere along the way.

Several reviews indicate the Bolt can go well over 240 depending on terrain.

Did the Bolt retain the aerodynamic transparent wheel inserts that were on the prototype cars? A while back ago, someone (Kdawg?) posted a closeup pic of these transparent wheel inserts. I can’t tell for certain, but it doesn’t look like they made it to these pre-production cars.

I found the pic of the “translucent” wheel inserts. They were on the concept and don’t appear to be on the pre-production model above.


It’s a shame that they were eliminated. It’s a clever idea — help the aero, while keeping the wheels looking much nicer than a solid cover would.
I don’t expect they would have any more expensive than current wheel covers, which are also plastic. Maybe they got scratched quickly in use and looked bad, but so do all covers IME.

I would love to be able to buy these as an option. Lower aero drag would add “free” range.

Anyone know if you can dial down the charging rate in the Bolt?

Yes, if you are talking about the standard charging cord. You may choose between 8 and 12 amps at 120 volts.

If you are talking about 190-250 volt charging, the automatic turndown seems the only ‘type’ available.

In addition to 8A and 12A at 120V, you can get 3.3kW (16A) 240V EVSE. They’re giving them out free when you buy/lease SparkEV, not sure if they’ll do for Bolt.

I really like that color. To me, these are some of the most attractive pictures I’ve seen of the Bolt.

I agree – it is my favorite, too. Do we know if it is an extra-cost option – or is it a standard color choice?

Is Canada going to get the car before California again?

Those Canadians sure know how to get GM to give them stuff they want.

Maybe because shipping distance shorter. =)

I’ve gone 2 1/2 years with a (summer)135km car (winter) 85 km car. The Bolt will sell out fast in Canada with mile 384 km summer (Probably 280 km winter range) and a 12000$ rebate.

I LOVE IT!!! Reminds me of my old Honda Fit EV. I actually cancelled one of my Model 3 reservations because I’m almost certainly going to lease the Bolt after seeing the reviews from journalists attesting to the 240+ mile range on these.

So you stumble upon an as yet unreleased new car of some importance. Do you:

A. Take a couple pics from angles that everyone on the internet has already seen?


B. Take a hundred pics from every frickin’ possible viewpoint, including through the windows, underneath, etc.

I know what I’d do.

Yep totally. Get up in there!

Can someone confirm if the Bolt will have preconditioning? Would be essential to heat up the car on cold winter days.

I don’t know for sure, but given pretty much all EVs do, including both previous GM cars (Spark EV & Volt) — it’s virtually sure the Bolt will as well, given it’s a later design.

Grr.. the no-editing-comments thing gets old…
According to this
The Bolt has preconditioning, and is even able to store the parameters as part of a per-person profile.

We know that the Bolt will have the app for smart phones that GM promotes. Currently, it allows Volt owners to remotely turn their cars on/off. The way it has worked so far is that one turns the HVAC on when they park the car for the night. So, in the morning, you just hit start and the cabin is preconditioned. I’d love it if they allowed you to adjust the settings over the phone, but that’s not how it works. Again, though, you do have the ability to precondition the car.

Thanks for the clarification!
That seems odd.. I see no reason why the phone app shouldn’t completely control it. What if you remember this only after you’re in bed for the night? It’s not like it’s a significant security issue… The preconditioning could be limited to, say, working 20min (or something reasonable so the battery isn’t depleted) if the car isn’t connected to a charger.

On my Volt, it’s limited to 10 mins. You can repeat it once (max 20 mins)

The Bolt is really growing on me. A nice, sensible, roomy car without any frills and fripperies(except the fake grille maybe). I don’t care what my car looks like, I only care about how well it works, and the Bolt seems to work very well indeed. I was extremely skeptical of the “over 200 mile range claims” but they seem to have really delivered on everything they promised this time, and more.

I really love the Chevy Bolt for its practical design and features. This is going to be a great car.