2017 Chevrolet Bolt Debuts – Livestream From CES 2016

JAN 6 2016 BY JAY COLE 46

2017 Chevrolet Bolt Livestream Reveal

2017 Chevrolet Bolt Livestream Reveal

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV From CES In Las Vegas

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV From CES In Las Vegas

General Motors took the wraps of the production version of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt today from CES in Las Vegas.  The full livestream in its entirety can be viewed below.

Earlier in the day there was quite a few leaks about what the Bolt EV debut would (and would not entail).

What we did hear confirmation on was the much anticipated 200 mile range – which is the main talking point for GM’s upcoming Sonic-sized car.

  • – the second most important piece of information?  Release date – no slippage there either, GM says the Bolt EV will be in production and “available” this year
  • – point three – price – we didn’t hear confirmation of being “under $30,000” after federal subsidy during the show (we did see it in some subsequent press however), but some huge signage said “as low as” – so that is a big win

Update:  Our full recap on all the specs, galleries, live shots and videos released shortly thereafter can be found here.

Videos below: Live stream from the event from GM (via Facebook stream), and from audience (thanks to Ambulator)

We’re coming to you live from CES 2016! Join us right now and connect with the latest news on the all-electric 2017 Bolt EV in real time.

Posted by Chevrolet on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some live pics from the debut:

Chevrolet Bolt Debut At CES

Chevrolet Bolt Debut At CES (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Chevrolet Bolt Debut At CES (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Chevrolet Bolt Debut At CES (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

GM CEO (and now Chairman) Mary Barra Introduces Chevy Bolt

GM CEO (and now Chairman) Mary Barra Introduces Chevy Bolt

InsideEVs at 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Reveal At CES 2016

InsideEVs at 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Reveal At CES 2016

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woooo hoooo!!

Non-Facebook user here. Can someone grab the direct link off their page?


That facebook stream is horrible!

Nice opening video. Had one white guy in there. LOL! I guess they are playing it safe.

I’m not certain what’s what, but here is Mary Barra’s talk:

Never have been so excited about a car intro before!

What R U Gonna Do When The Model 3 Debuts

I will probably try to rationalize spending $10,000 too much on a car because it is way cool. But then I will realize that though the III is very cool, it isn’t $45k less $7.5k for a net price of $37.5k cool.
The III will be cool, but it will be a year or two late and it will priced higher than the other electric cars available in 2018/2019.
Elon builds great rockets and luxury cars, but I doubt he will build a decent affordable car within 10 to 20 years of now.

Um, Tesla’s stated goal is pricing the Model 3 starting at $35,000 before incentives.

Estimated more than 200 miles range. *2

*2 Based on GM testing. Official EPA estimates not yet available.

Is that GM testing using the EPA rating system? If so . . . sounds good.

Priced as low as $30K after federal tax-credit. *3

*3 Priced as low as $30,000 after federal tax credit. Net price shown includes the full $7500 tax credit. $37,500 MSRP including DFC with tax credit from $0 up to $7500. * Tax, title, license, dealer fees extra. Actual savings from the federal government depend on your tax situation. Consult your tax professional for details.

Nice . . . . GM is really delivering. go GM!

OK, let’s guess the battery size.

I say 54 kWh with 50,5 kWh usable.

61kwh total, 55kwh usable

45kwhr with 41kwhr useable. As it is smaller, lighter it’ll likely need under 200wthrs/mile.

I don’t know. I was thinking that at first too but then I started crunching the numbers.

It certainly will be heavier than the i3 which makes use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic for the passenger cell its battery is lighter being only about half the size of the Bolt’s.

So the i3 which has 19 kWh useable and an EPA rating of 81 miles gets about 4.2 miles out of each kWh of capacity Even if the Bolt was able to match this with 41 kWh usable it would only have a range of 172 miles.

My guess: 60 kWh – 54 kWh usable

I’d say no more than 65 kWh useable, per my calculation here:


60 kWh with $150 per kWh is $9000 for the cells then maybe $12000 for the pack..not bad.

Battery screen on the Chevrolet site shows 18.1 kWh for 28% = 65 kWh usable. That might not be what finally goes to production, but it’s a good indicator. Factor the 7 kW charger indication and that makes sense for the 9 hour charge referenced as well.

I’m with u, 80% for 1hr 50 kW DCFC should be about 65kWh.

I Cannot Understand Why EV’s Are so Expensive Any Way… They’re Built With LESS PARTS ,,Ok , The BATTERIES are expensive So What!,. They “SAVE” Installing 1)a Piston Engine Which Is Complex & “Expensive”,2)A Transmission IE: 9pd.Complex Expensive , 3)Exhaust system, 4)Cooling System, They’re Saving Roughly $12,000.00 Plus and More .,Plus The Labor Process to Install these. I Truly Believe We are Being Misled On these inflated Costs of EV’s…The Price should Be At Par with The Fossil fuel Polluters in my opinion..

They Claim Less Maintanence..What about the BIG PILL You Gotta Swallow When The Batteries need to be Replaced…

That is part of the Total Cost of Ownership and Operation, figure a $1000 per year battery fund. If gasoline costs $2000 per year or electricity $500 per year you still come out ahead with cleaner air and less imported oil.

Far too pricey, but they give audience – customer what they believe will do, not what you really deserve. Prices are being inflated, yes, as long as you swallow that and accept that as a given. Media outlets give you 50% truth, and all automakers combined less than 30%. The conclusion of being misled is 100% in its place and correct !

You’re so right EVcarNut, it’s a conspiracy! I mean, our laptops aren’t powered by little internal combustion motors, amiright???

Good presentation after the self-congratulatory over-inflated, recapitulation of the past years regarding connectivity, innovation of the electrification of vehicles, etc… but that’s to be expected.

What she does is well is sell the vehicle. So make some, and I may buy one, if it’s good enough, smart, and kdawg on it, people like it.

The black grill will make some people happy. No plasti dipping.

It is better looking than the concept, IMHO. But not as good as the Tesla nose cone.

I look forward to the day we can dispense with the fake grilles.

I agree, and replace it with an electrified grille that zaps bugs so the front of my ride sparks as I am driving at night.

I don’t like the Tesla nosecone. Was glad to see it disappear in the Model X. There’s hope it wont be there for the Model 3.

The black actually helps A LOT with this design. And they can save money per unit on eliminating the metal coating the plastic.

I liked the original prototype better, as it didn’t depend as heavily on anachronistic ICE design (fake grills) for an electric vehicle’s face. But what ya gonna do? *shrugs*

the new site says 32 amp charge at 240v to go 9 hours. So 7.68 kw x 9 hr = 69 kwhr ? not account for charge losses.

Nope, they over deliver and overestimate the charging time.
All this to avoid disappointment of the owner.
Nissan also does that estimate charging time, that is always shorter in reality with 240 volts at least.
Considering that the last 15-20% never use the full charger power, the use of light material and advance power train and inverter efficiency, anything between 48 to 57 kWh is probable.

Boom Chevrolet!

Who’s next?

Dear Automotive Gods: Please don’t screw up this one. We don’t just want this care so much it makes our teeth hurt, we desperately need it so we can accelerate the electrification of transportation.


For that kind of range, I would trade in my Leaf in a heartbeat.

This is very exciting.

I don’t really give a poop about the old EV1 any more! The new Chevy Volt and Chevy Bolt will crush the first generation electric cars.

And they will have a much greater Impact.

1 hour to hit 80% implies a ~40-50kW average charging speed (if 50-60 kWh usable is presumed).

That’s a bit slow, so this probably uses the same 50kW DC charging speeds as the Spark EV (and not the next level). For reference, the 60kWh Model S takes 45 minutes to hit 80% from zero.

I am not certain if this 1hr limit is a function of the capacity of Bolt to be QC or if it’s merely a function of the fact CCS chargers currently top out at 50kW. When the next level of chargers are developed I wonder if the existing Bolt’s will be able to take advanctage of the newer charge levels.

I got a feeling we are going to need more batteries.

I got a whole heap of 2009/2010 feelings all over again, so excited about the volt back then and the bolt now. I remember saying back then that Chevy had lost their reputation for being the village idiot – they have tried hard to get it back since then and pretty much succeeded.

I can almost sense the first ‘we loose money on every bolt story’ being written as we speak, this will combine with the inability to ensure that there is adequate stock for the last 3 months of the year.

Please GM, prove me wrong, please be smarter this time – Nissan and Tesla are both way off and the rest aren’t even trying, take your chance, please!

All these talk of in-car connectivity, infotainment, blah blah…

I only used 3 minutes of connectivity that came with the car. Rest of the time, I use my phone and mobile hot spot. It’s just too much hassle juggling multiple connection devices. I wish Chevy would make all them connectivity as options and save thousands off sticker price.

Something else I found out: SparkEV tries to play video in center display with USB stick. WTF? Why would I want to wach video in tiny 7″ screen when tablet is bigger, portable, better screen? More paying for stuff I’d never use…

It is also the charge curve, batteries charge faster when they are discharged. So 10% to 80% is rapid.

It looks like a decent econobox commuter car. I would be willing to bet a few things.

1) Availability will be very limited due to battery production limitations.
2) Range will only be 200 miles when not traveling highway speeds. This does not look like a low CD body design. Maybe a .28 CD. If the Model III actually meets Elon’s goal of 200 miles.
3) Chevy dealers will hate it and encourage purchase of other chevy models.
4) The real base price will be closer to $40K.
5) Several years from now GM will say that they built it but demand was low, and that they lost money.

Color me skeptical.

Time will tell us. Glad that Chevy bring it , not too soon.