2017 Chevrolet Bolt – Inside & Out Video


From the floor of the Los Angeles Auto Show comes this video of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.

This video provides one of the best looks yet at both the inside and outside of the all-new 238-mile Bolt. However, we look forward to real, first person reports on the 238 mile EV, as the first retail deliveries are expected this week.

Video description:

Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

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Interested in the Bolt? You can learn more about building and pricing your own by clicking here.

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19 Comments on "2017 Chevrolet Bolt – Inside & Out Video"

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What’s with the uncarpeted area behind the brake pedal at 2:59 of the video?

I wonder if that was a pre-production Bolt.

What are these mystery buttons for?

Eject, when the lithium explodes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Probably nothing, they’re grayed out in the manual.

They perfectly mirror the left hand side. Perhaps for an (eventual) right hand drive? Or use for this setup in another car? ๐Ÿ™‚

Ludicrous mode and autopilot.

Look at 1:13 in the video below.

Okay, I took the bait…

Looking at the video, those buttons are for blind zone alert, park assist, and lane keep assist. All part of optional safety packages.

Ah cool, thanks for the link! That clears that up a bit.

Huge supporter of this car, but was super surprised with how small it really was. If this car can be priced at the same price as the leaf I think it’ll be a no brainer. Maybe once the model 3 releases the price will get cut.

It’s like the TARDIS; bigger on the inside.

Does it make that same wheezing sound? We all love that wheezing sound.

(Even if the parking brake is on.)

I agree. I’m 6’3 and the rear seat leg and head room was great. But the lateral hip room in the driver seat is very tight. I sat in this car at the LA Auto Show and that was my main takeaway. I even sat in it again to be sure. I’m hoping it is a pre-production car, or there is some other reason the front seats were laterally uncomfortable. And I’m thin… so the “other” reason isn’t my width. ๐Ÿ™‚

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Still waiting for video on the cargo space and access from rear seats. space for dog back there and regular luggage or not.

Was thinking about the ‘minimalist’ interiors in both the “3” and the “Bolt”…. While both can be considered Stylistic, (whatever that means), the “Bolt” seems to be easier on the eyes – totally subjective of course. They may have had an interior designer spend more time on getting the ‘look’ ‘just right’. Remembering the severe grimmace Carlos Ghosn had when first seeing the BOLT, I can only think that was the best complement anyone could have given the car – in that he suddenly realized his competition as the “TOP EV” in the world would be surely challenged. Perhaps the “3” will now go through an additional ‘refresh’ on the inside, to compete with the pleasing look of the “Bolt”. The big technology advance here, seems to be the large and comfortable seating, at once Supportive, and yet very thin and depth-saving. Another article on InsideEvs seems to indicate GM is dumping Bosch as the ‘charging partner’ even though they have their Bow Tied 30 amp product showcased in this video – for AeroVironment. I wonder why the sudden fall from grace, or the cancellation of the ‘partnership’? I know Bosch is being sued alongside VW for the Diesel Emissions… Read more »

i think it looks like a mainstream copy of the BMW i3. The BMWs interior being much more pleasant and of higher quality though, but the range being an argument for the bolt. The i3 is 400kg lighter and will still be lighter with a bigger battery. For now the range and price will sell the bolt (with loss), not sure what happens in the future. in some smaller countries range is not as important as in the us.

A lot of similarities with the second Gen Volt in the interior. Heat and A/C on the same button. I like that a lot. does that mean it has a heat pump?

Resistance heat – I believe.

Many people are frustrated by the optional CCS or incandescent lights – but engineers were thinking about cost reduction all the time. And they BEAT expectations by also keeping the (under $30,000) pricing even though they are ALSO including the destination charge.

I look at it this way:

If you have a religious objection to light bulbs you can put in led look alikes from the auto parts store.

If you want CCS you just order the very respectable 80 kw jack at a reasonable $750, not $1800 as Nissan used to charge for a much less capable jack.