2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Ordering Guide Now Online – Check It Out Here

Chevy Bolt EV


2017 Chevrolet Bolt

2017 Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt EV Offers 238 Real World/EPA Rated Miles Of Range

Chevrolet Bolt EV offers a 238 mile/393 km EPA rated range

With its impressive 238 mile EPA range rating and it being priced from $37,495 including destination (Premier trim from $40,905 (+$875 DST, net $41,780), the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV is stacking up to be a solid entry in the long-range, affordable electric car space.

Range and price are now known, but what’s included in that price? What options are available? Colors? Well until now, not all of those questions were answered, but with the recent release of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV “Ordering Guide” (full details below) we now have a clearer picture of exactly what the Bolt has on offer.

Before diving deep into the ordering guide, there are a couple of notable mentions. CCS fast charging is a $750 option (which is a bit disappointing) and the Bolt EV will be offered in the following colors:

Exterior Colors For Chevy Bolt

Exterior Colors For Chevy Bolt

Also of interest:  The first long range (240 miles) test of the Bolt EV has already been completed – check out that video journey here.

Without further ad0, here’s the ordering guide, courtesy of Mary Demarest-Paraan:


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Woo-hoo! The cabin air filter is now included. 🙂

Chrome Strip on Door Handles!!! Classy.

Birds eye viewing But, No Homelink ?

No garage opener and I’m out.

What is “following distance indicator?” Is this not fully active cruise control?

I think this is like the one on my 2015 Volt where it shows how many seconds behind the car in front of you you are. It changes based on your current speed too. I don’t really use it that much except to see just for curiosity.

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Yeah, no Homelink? That’s a major omission if so.

Homelink is available on the Bolt in fact it is the first vehicle listed on Homelink’s website for chevrolet


Great find! Thanks!

Phew! HPB is included as standard on both trims, was worried there for a second… 😉

However, what’s up with the emission codes?

They charge extra for real colors, i.e. Red and orange.

No mention I saw for the quick charge option.

I think it’s the “CBT” option code, described as “provisions, fast charging accomodations”, almost all the way at the bottom.

DCFC is indeed an option on BOTH trim levels, which is disappointing, but they’ve got to strip cost for the base model somehow.

Let’s hope not too many folks get frustrated trying to L2 charge a 60 kWh battery and think that’s what EV’s are.

7.2kwh / 25miles of charging per hour is more than adequate. DCFC is only required for longer road trips. If hassle free road trips are really important, I personally work recommend a gen2 Volt.

Volt has like half the passenger space in the rear. Not an equivalent.

Gen/2 2016+ GM VOLT is the “Road Trip King”. Tesla M3 will be a contender in the next year or two.

What if someone wants no petrol engine, never go to the $ervice $tation and give his money to the irresponsible psychopathic corporations wreaking havoc on climate and poisoning people , animals and plants for more than a hundred years?

LOL!! Thanks Rex, I can always use a good laugh.

If that is what they want, then they shouldn’t have any problem paying $750 bucks for the fast charger, after paying $30K to get the car in the first place.

Or they could just get some negotiating skills, and get their dealer to knock off $750 off the price of the car.

I agree with that. But the important exception is when you for some reason failed to slow-charge when you should have. Everyone should get DCFC and therefore it makes no sense to make it optional. Still a great offering of course!

I don’t want it and I don’t want to pay for it! If you want it then spend the extra $750 and quit yer bitching..

Where I live the weather is almost always great and I like moon roofs. Should everyone else be forced to pay for what I want?

For most people L2 is more than sufficient and for those who it isn’t it is an available option. I don’t get why all you guys are whining about it…

Dc fast charge is totally a must. If your expecting to charge for 9 hours all the time you need to drive am electric for a while. The volt is not a good car to compare to it. Look anot her pure electric and compare. If u can charge in 20 min or 9 hours why would u pick 9 hours?

Because I can charge at home in 9 hours at most and almost never will even come close to 238 miles a day! Realistically 2 hours or less will meet my requirements.

Why would I want to HAVE to sit and wait for my car to charge at a FC when I can charge at home?

The operative word being “I”. Perhaps you can but I wouldn’t even consider a bolt without DC fast charging available based on my living situation it would be needed to make the bolt viable.
Yes. I can and do charge at home as I’m a current Volt owner and have a 7.2 kW EVSE. But I’m also about 130 miles from the nearest large city “Tucson” and slightly farther to Phoenix. With no fast charge option I would be stuck for five maybe six hours at a plug in either of those locations that’s just not acceptable for a day trip with fast charging available the bolt could get me to Tucson City amenities and give me a fast enough turnaround at the plug to be able to drive back home being no more inconvenient than driving a gasoline-powered vehicle.

There are many people in such usage scenarios that would make fast charging a requirement in order to make the bolt useful you cannot summarily dismis everyone based on your own particular situation and say that it should be good enough for everybody it’s not always.

Well than pay for it!!!!! No one is saying you can’t have it!!!

What I am saying is that a lot of us don’t want to pay extra for it so why should we be forced to???

DJ is on point. People are being ridiculous. It’s $750 on a car you’re probably financing anyway. It’s like $20/month at most for the ability to do something most of us will never need to do. Would you really be happier if the car were $750 more expensive and included this option as a standard? Just close your eyes and pretend the base model costs $38,245 and includes DCFC and your problem’s solved.

Well, as this car is always compared to Model 3, I’d say that it is even more expensive this way, for a less efficient charging system.


AMEN, Timebomb and DJ. People get all worked up over NOTHING. If one needs fast charge, it’s available. End of story!
I started taking my mileage on a daily basis before I got my first Volt. Turns out I know I’ll realistically, NEVER need to fast charge a Bolt, even in the dead of winter when range dips. Even if there was an emergency and I needed to drive to the hospital after all my daily driving was complete. Whaddya know, I’m gonna skip the DCFC option!

Why would a Bolt be $750 more if DCFC was included in all models? $750 is the upsell price, not the BOM cost.

Of course GM should include it if they are serious about EV tech. DCFC in an EV is far more important that the Bird’s Eye View gimmick. I know how to parallel park so why should I have to pay for Bird’s Eye View, eh? Well, why should I? Answer me that, all you anti-DCFC people!

“Well, as this car is always compared to Model 3, I’d say that it is even more expensive this way, for a less efficient charging system.” Let’s wait and see what you have to pay extra for on the Model 3 before we make that assertion. If the Model S and X are indicators, nobody’s getting a barebones Model 3. “Why would a Bolt be $750 more if DCFC was included in all models? $750 is the upsell price, not the BOM cost. Of course GM should include it if they are serious about EV tech. DCFC in an EV is far more important that the Bird’s Eye View gimmick. I know how to parallel park so why should I have to pay for Bird’s Eye View, eh? Well, why should I? Answer me that, all you anti-DCFC people!” I personally find birds eye view more useful than DCFC, since I frequently need to squeeze through various kinds of tight spaces and I never need to charge quickly at a rare charger that doesn’t really exist anywhere near me except a couple dealerships (despite living in the core city of major metro area). That said, if birds eye view were… Read more »

Quite good, but I will wait and see IF there will come other EVs soon.

only 3 months of OnStar. No heat pump.

How do you infer no heat pump?

To clarify, this order guide is for the US only. CCS is standard in Canada.

No power seats?

There are no power seats on the Volt either. And as much as I would like to complain I don’t move my seats that often. So this is a keep it simple stupid item that makes the car lighter, less complicated and allows for more foot room.

When Tesla takes about making a car simpler to assembly and more reliable it’s things like this that start adding up. Also the fact there are few options for the Bolt. That makes assembly a lot easier. Basically steering wheel, seats, rims and some electronics.

If you have somebody else in your family to use the car even sometimes, 2 position power seats/mirrors is basic convenience feature.


There’s a one foot height differential between my wife and I. Our 2012 Volt with manual seats is a pain. Was really hoping for at least the option of power memory seats.

2 position memory is highly desirable (seat, mirrors, and radio). I’m disappointed the Bolt doesn’t have it on the premium version or even an option. However, this won’t stop me from trying to pick one up on sale.

While nice admittedly to have am I the only one on here who used to actually have to roll his windows up and down??? Oh the hoooorrrrooorrr…


Yeah, lotta “first world problems” here. Personally, I’m quite happy with manually cranked windows.

Still, I do understand the desire for power seats, because that’s not merely a convenience. Manually moved seats don’t go up and down, and that’s a real disadvantage for shorter people… like many or most women.

Push, manual seats do go up and down. There is a lever on the left side of the seat. Lift it two or three times and your seat is an inch higher. Repeat as needed. I think my Volt seat goes up almost 3″. I drop it a couple inches when I wear a baseball cap.


Most manual seats do! Not mine! (and I’m still happy…)

And yes it’s work to crank down the window manually in order to align the rear view mirror! But it can be fun!

First world problems…

No one is talking about windows, and windows don’t need to be put up or down every time you get in the car. It takes roughly 30 pumps of the lever to move the seat all the way up, or all the way down in our ’12 Volt, and is required several times per day. Cars at lesser price points have this option, we aren’t discussing a Mitsubishi Mirage here.

No, you’re not the only one who rolled windows manually. I think you failed to consider the need or the benefits of memory seats/mirrors.
1) When sharing a car with a spouse, there’s normally a height difference between husband and wife. If the car is shared daily or several times a week, moving the seats and mirrors become an annoyance after months / years of doing so.
2) Making it convenient for a spouse to “borrow” the electric vehicle should accelerate adoption of EVs by the spouse. Turn 1 sale into 2.
3) They’re selling an electric vehicle at over $40K and it doesn’t have modern comfort features that vehicles half the price have.

Are the Volt and Bolt the *only* Chevy cars without power seat option? Even the last gen Cruze has a power drivers seat in a 20k car.

Just like to note my Audi A3 had leather seats but not power. The Germans believe in manually adjustable seats and I think find the US obsession with power seats right up there with all the cup holders. Then again the seats in that Audi were superb. You sit in them and all you need to do is adjust forward/back. They are otherwise perfectly in position. The Ford Fusion Titanium I just bought I’ve been fooling with the power seats for 3 months now and they still aren’t comfortable. But anyway the manual seats save weight. They trimmed several hundred pounds of weight.

Agreed. Power seats add weight and complexity that are unnecessary on an EV.

When two different people drive a car, it becomes muscle memory to switch seat position. Seriously, it takes like 10 seconds to do the seat and mirrors after a couple weeks.

lol no. See my comment above.

And no Grey Poupon! Tesla envy. Is that what is meant by green cars?

No pixie dust generator! Psh I’m out…

EN0. Engine, none. Standard on both trims. 🙂

That is because it has a motor not an engine I made the mistake in calling it an engine once and got pounded for it.

I’m waiting. It’s a 2017 and has no ACC.
Maybe the 2018 will have ACC.


ACC and ventilated seats are my two bigger wants in this car, I also hope they add it in the future.

So no radar cruise?

No ACC for 2017. I assume GM will add it for 2018.

Looks like the base car in Mosaic Black with only DC fast charge as an option will be my next car. I am disappointed they are using HID headlamps instead of LED headlamps though. I believe the new Volt uses LEDs. HID is old technology.

The LED head lights got deleted on the 2015-16 Nissan Leaf SV trim (mid Level) package. Only premium SL Leather package is now standard LED headlights for the Leaf.

My 2015 LEAF SV has LED headlights standard, as well as CHAdeMO fast charging.

Do HIDs use more energy than LEDs?


I just read an article about headlights. HID do take more energy than LED. OTOH, there are various trade-offs, such as where heating occurs, with various lighting systems. Cost is still an issue for LED.

And what is with all the emission and emission override options that are shown? This is a BEV afterall.

CARB vs non-CARB paperwork.

Well, this shows an affordable BEV still costs 100% more than an equivalent ICE car. Fuel cost savings and government subsidies make them viable though. There is still some time before they become viable without subsidies.

It depends on what one considers an “equivalent ICE car.” There are no ICE cars with the Bolt’s combination of utility, comfort, performance, technology and efficiency.

For example a VW Golf TSI or Hyundai Elantra GT, both cost 18-30k, have similar levels of equipment and performance, and utility.

Sorry I meant 18-20k.

Utility of filling up at home is not similar to the Gassers. Also with PV solar, the cost of filling up becomes a known expense for the next many decades. And, if a back up battery (Powerwall) is implemented, the power source for your driving becomes completely 100% renewable. More Apples to Oranges comparison when comparing utility.0

So do the VW and Hyundai have:
-Surround view cam + camera mirror
-Keyless start
-Heated wheel and rear seats
-Reconfigurable LCD cluster
-Reconfigurable 10″ center display

Base Bolt doesn’t have some of those, either. But it does have more than base Golf. Configured similarly Golf would be ~24k.

That’s a $6k difference after the tax credit. Golf will use ~5000 gallons lifetime for $12,500, Bolt 50 MWh for $5000, so TCO is similar. I don’t buy the “EVs have zero maintenance and repair costs” schtick, but VWs aren’t cheap to keep on the road so Bolt should win there also.

150,000 mile life means (150,000/3.5) * 1.2 = 51,420 kWh incl. line loss * $0.10 = $5,142 energy cost for the Volt if you drive it electric all the time. The electricity cost will be less if your utility has a time of use program.
At 38 mpg and $2.10 a gallon, genset miles come out about 25% more than electric miles, so if you use your genset 10% of the time, add $100.
I ran the numbers to show you that you were overstating the Volt energy cost but I realized that your numbers were right on the money. My error.

Laughing at myself. On an article about a BEV I am quoting Volt numbers. Yes, I really am this self centered. It is all about my Volt, you see…

Base 2017 Golf Automatic (MSRP $21815) does have Carplay and Android Auto, leather trimmed steering wheel and adjustable carogo floor. It has a smaller screen but 8 speaker stereo. It has halogen headlights. I would say it is similarly optioned to the base Bolt, give or take, and you can easily buy it for sub $20k.
A 2017 Golf Wolfsburg (MSRP $23,515) has sunroof, heated leatherette seats, adjustable cargo floor, Autonomous Emergency Braking and blind spot monitoring, and you can buy it for $20-$21k. It is much better optioned than the base Bolt. The cost of fuel will be about $10k higher for the life of the car. So you still need government subsidies to make it even. If gas price go back to $4-$5 then Bolt can compete with no subsidy.

What it means is that most manufacturers inflate the price and cash in the people tax paid incentives… and more…

Avg ice car around 30k now.

Average ICE car is larger, more luxurious and better optioned than the base Bolt. Check my Golf TSI S numbers above, a car that is similarly optioned to the base Bolt and has similar performance and utility. Realistically it is $18-19k cheaper than Bolt.

“Check my Golf TSI S numbers above, a car that is similarly optioned to the base Bolt and has similar performance and utility. Realistically it is $18-19k cheaper than Bolt.”

Completely BS just like VW emission result! LOL.

VW Golf TSI S starts at $20K.
Bolt Starts at $37.5K. That is a max difference of $17.5k before tax incentives which is up to $10K in CA alone. So, calling it $18K to $19K difference is BS.

Now, Golf has only 93 cu ft interior passenger volume and Bolt has 95 cuft. And Bolt is 1 cu ft larger in cargo volume. So in terms of Utility Bolt is larger.

Now, for performance, Bolt does 0-60mph is less than 7 seconds. Golf TSI does it in 7.5s according to Car and Driver. Bolt wins again.

So, Bolt is better in utility and performance and it also doesn’t cost as much as you claimed incorrectly!

Sorry, complete BS is your post. Nobody pays MSRP for Golf or any ICE car. You can get $2.5k off any Golf without trying. This is a real saving and should be considered in comparison unless somebody is ignorant like you.

In terms of practicality 3 ft3 is as close as it gets and in reality Golf is probably more practical because it has a more traditional shape, Bolt has a narrow but tall cabin which is larger in terms of cu.ft but probably less practical than Golfs wider and lower cabin.

In terms of performance 0-60 is just one measure of performance. In real terms it is very likely that Golf has better highway performance and Bolt better City performance. Also Golf performance is more consistent vs. Bolt which will be affected by state of charge and temperature.

“Nobody pays MSRP for Golf or any ICE car. You can get $2.5k off any Golf without trying. This is a real saving and should be considered in comparison unless somebody is ignorant like you.” Doesn’t the same apply to you when you ignore the fact that you don’t have to pay MSRP on EVs either? Why do you assume that for ICE but don’t apply the same scale for EVs? Also, weren’t you the one that omits the incentives to start with? “In terms of practicality 3 ft3 is as close as it gets and in reality Golf is probably more practical because it has a more traditional shape, Bolt has a narrow but tall cabin which is larger in terms of cu.ft but probably less practical than Golfs wider and lower cabin.” So, your OPINION is that lower/wider is more practical to YOU than taller and narrower. Maybe people need to carry taller stuff? Facts remains that Bolt is larger. “In terms of performance 0-60 is just one measure of performance.” Thanks for admitting that Bolt is faster in this measure. “In real terms it is very likely that Golf has better highway performance and Bolt better City… Read more »
I will accept the facts when I see them, it is very unlikely that you can get a discount on a Bolt for the next year or two. As I said very clearly government subsidies are excluded from my comparison. I am not bashing Bolt, just demonstrating that for a manufacturer like GM it costs twice to make an affordable long range EV vs ICE car. So the government subsidies are excluded but manufacturer rebates should be included. VW normally has $2k rebate for Golf, which means the car costs them less than MSRP, because they are still a profitable company. Highway performance is very clear: http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2017-chevrolet-bolt-ev-first-drive-review http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2015-volkswagen-golf-18t-tsi-automatic-long-term-test-wrap-up-review Golf is 1.3 second faster in 1/4 mile test and top speed is 126 mph vs 90 mph for Bolt. 0-60 mph acceleration is much less important in daily driving than highway acceleration. Based on these numbers Golf will be much faster in highway passing and overtaking on 2 lane roads around 60-70 mph. In terms of cargo space the only reason Bolt is larger than Golf is that it is classified as station wagon. Golf is classified as a compact car by EPA. They have a different way of measuring cargo… Read more »

Looking forward to seeing the surround camera system in action for good vision Great to have handles with coat hangers. Wifi hotspot for passengers? Those are usability differentiators that tesla usually neglects while outperforming in other aspects. Can’t wait to see the bolt in real life.

No engine and no fuel is included as standard.

Free smog checks, and emissions system checks.

You jest but not having to take a half day and go do this every year or two in CA makes this a big deal. Kind of annoying my Volt still has to get smogged. Just look at the friggin MPG!! Last time I took it in for service they gave me a free oil change “just in case”. LOL

You do not need a smog check for the first six years of a cars live, then only every other year thereafter. I go to a place down the street that does it so fast I barely have time to get my wallet out to pay for it, and that’s on a Saturday morning.

Wait. The can isn’t already charged up when I go to take it home???

Telescopic steering is most appreciated GM! If Nissan cant get the 2017 Leaf into competing on range and simple accessories like telescopic steering, I am going to be a GM convert until Tesla starts M3 deliveries past 1/4 Million.

Is the Silver Ice color only available on the Primier trim? That’s how I read this.

I didn’t find anything that indicates Silver Ice is only available on Primier trim only.
Both Dark Silver and Black Grille are available on both trim levels. Same with Fast Charger option. These are the only 2 “dependencies” I see that might dictate color availability.

…No cloth seats with the Silver Ice…Premier only?

You have standard colors and colors/tricoats which cost more (like $500). Every exterior color with every trim. It’s just a paint job at the end of the line.

Unsure what is confusing you.

According to the ordering guide, Silver Ice is Premier trim only.

So, no GPS Navigation built-in on any trim or option? Looks like you have to use CarPlay or Android Auto for navigation. I’m not complaining, but it’s probably the first EV I’ve seen to make that choice.

For example, e-Golf SE has no NAV, only CarPlay/AA, but SEL has built-in NAV in addition to the CarPlay/AA on a larger screen than SE.

GPS Navigation is part of the On-Star package. From my reading you get 3 months free then it cost something to keep it up. Although you get 5 years of some On-Star systems I doubt GPS Navigation is one of them.

Ya, they really push this…

I am quite happy and surprised they have apple or android play.

“So, no GPS Navigation built-in on any trim or option?”

I think what Robert said is correct. Look under “ON Star” –you need the top line option “On star guidance plane”- free for 3 months that says turn by turn”

I’ve gone over GM’s list a bunch of times and I can’t find “Nav” in there.

I thought someone said the Nav feature would know altitude along your but don’t have a link.

He DonC you’re a GM guy where is “Nav” on GM’s ordering guide.

LG didn’t add it because it wants you to buy a LG phone for it… LOL.

I can’t recall any car having turn signal repeaters on the side view mirrors as an option; they either have it or they don’t. That seems like weird choice by GM. Why build two different mirror assemblies?

Because mirrors will come (or not) with cameras for blind side and lane departure accesories if you order the safety package

Spare tire?
Kwh remaining indication?

I wonder how much lower they could have priced the Bolt EV if they simplified the options.

Model #1 (base): No DCFC, heated seats/steering wheel.
Model #2 (midgrade): DCFC, heated seats/steering wheel.
Model #3 (top): Same as #2 but with leather and premium sound.

The GM shills may be strong here, but the focus groups and magazine tests show otherwise. I’ve done both and just came back this weekend from a R&T demo where they had 20 EV owners who were Tesla m3 holders drive the Bolt and give feedback…

No GPS/nav, cheap “pleather”,etc,etc.. when asked in the end, only 1 person raised their hand saying they might consider cancelling m3 order for the Bolt. The other 19 would not.

It’s no Leaf killer, it’s no Tesla killer like the NY times wrote EXACTLY one year ago…


And you sound like a Tesla shrill with your post.

Are you part of Tesla’s Q3 push on public campaign as well?

How did they like their comparison test drives in the production Model 3? Oh wait. 😉

95% wouldn’t even consider it? Sounds like one person brave enough to be honest in front of a group of Tesla fanboys. There undoubtedly were a few more who preferred to keep it to themselves.

But even if only 5% of 373,000 buy a Bolt, that’s 19,000, or more than half of next year’s planned production.

Any info on LEASING?