2017 BMW i3 Official Launch Video – “Born To Go Further”


Look Ma...No Feet

Look Ma…No Feet

Last night, BMW officially announced the launch of the 2017 BMW i3 with a 33 kWh battery pack and range of up to 114 miles.

Now, we get a look at the first commercial for the much-improved i3 courtesy of BMW i.

Titled “Born To Go Further,” the video focuses on how the new i3 is capable of meeting your everyday range needs, as well as providing some extra battery capacity for those occasional joyrides.

It’s not a very informative advertisement, but it does at least include a description that focuses on the advancements that led to its significantly increased range.

Video description:

“Once again BMW i proves the mission “born to go further” by taking electric mobility to the next level. A new, extended-range model of the BMW i3 is now available to accompany you on your daily journey – joyrides included.”

“With its second BMW i3 model, BMW i increases the range by 50% compared to its predecessor – for even more electric driving pleasure. The new BMW i3 (94 Ah) features an extended battery capacity of 94 ampere hours (Ah) to reach destinations as far away as 200 km (NEDC: 300 km). This allows it to meet all your everyday needs, transporting you between office and home, and offering excellent driving performance in the countryside as well as in the city.”

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Deven Foskey

33kWh ought to be able to do more than that in a car so light.


Not quite. My i3 REX does anything from 55 miles in the winter with headwind to 80miles in the summer windstill on backroads at 50-60 mph. On the highway at 65-75 mph, you’ll be lucky to get 50 in the winter and 65 in the summer. And my driving style is very civilized. Multiply that by 1.5 and you know what expect from the new battery…


Seems Light Fred. We have 2015 Rex with 20″ wheels. Wife gets minimal 60 in Winter in NE around Philadelphia and upwards of 80-82 on average during Spring/Summer/Fall. The highest she ever got was 87 miles on one charge. The latest firmware update opened up 1KWh of battery. Make sure you got yours updated.

Cody Osborne

Seems to me if a Volt 2.0 can easily attain 55-65 in the summer (and upwards of 75 if hypermiled) that a 2015 be should be capable of more that 80 in the summer. What’s the hypermile numbers for the i3? Over 100 I would hope? The new 33kwh i3 is a nice improvement in range and I’m sure owners will appreciate that extra juice on trips.
Here on the big island, 80 miles isn’t enough to get from one city (charge station) to the next, and add mountains to the equation and it’s a touch and go drive. Anything from 125m and up solves that.


You made my point.
Sure, city hipsters love it, but it’s a great ride for country drives. It’s really tuned for 45-55 mph country driving.

And you got to love it’s the most efficient way to burn kWh’s.
A real fully independent suspension, 50/50 weight distribution, rear wheel drive, so the front wheels only steer, and nice torque.


And Nice Video!


It is Very Inefficient..0ld Technology…


And yet still the most efficient car on the road… What this means is every added kWh bring you furhter then any other car…

For a guy that dislike this car so much, you do comment a lot…

Do you even own an EV Mr. Nut?

Micke Larsson

I higly doubt it since evcarnut is only here to complain about EVs. Well, all but Tesla so maybe the correct name should be EVhaterbutTeslafanboy.


What are you talking about?
It’s the most efficient machine ever created!

Keep biking and stay healthy and younger.


Where is the 250 miles version?


10 years away…


And you can give a reference of course?

2019 is more likely…

The i5 should be around the corner and the i3 will get a major refresh….



The new i3! Slower than a bicycle?! That seems to be what a good part of the ad is portraying…


As a matter of fact, bike are often the fastest commute in dense urban and downtown jam.
Even in not so dense suburb.
And the magic of biking is you tend to appreciate a lot of thing that are closer to where you live.
I wish some here at IEV would have a more open mind about “alternative propulsion”
But, hey, if they like it fat, crimple, slow and boring, it’s their choice.
#Specialized Tarmac SL4 Expert, just jump on it fatso!


That’s always been the dirty little secret in the EV world – EVs are most popular in suburban settings. Cities, like New York, are too busy ripping out auto lanes and putting in bike and bus lanes to be all that enthralled.

The latter approach is far better for the environment than EVs. This is where small EVs like the Leaf, or the i3 or the e-Golf really shine. They provide a sensible, capability for short trips and for rainy (or lazy) days.


In my old hood, Williamsburg Brooklyn, it was very always difficult finding a parking spot for your bike across the street from the subway entrance for the commute to work in the morning.



Believe it or not, the bike racks are usually much more packed than shown on the Google Maps pic. You had to be really creative in not only finding a slight open space, but also positioning your bike so that it would fit in that space and so that you were able to lock it up. Good times! 😀


When I saw the pic in the article of the guy lying with his stomach on the bike seat, at first I thought it was the self-balancing EV bicycle that Google is working on. The prototype looks very promising and fun.


I know who needs one of those :


….. the slightly androgynous, tight pants, farmer’s market loving, godfather of hipsterdom….of course

Peewee Herman

I MEANT to do that!


Oh boy!
How they do that?
Still wouldn’t let my child on it.

Jesse Gurr

Of course you know it’s an April fools commercial….


Wow that ad was made to appeal to one target audience. If you were born in the late 90’s early 00’s BMW wants your hipster money. Messenger bike, farmers market, food truck and an Apple watch.


Born in the 70’s, like it, EVs should be fun and functional.


Born in the 50 and love it!


I like it. Actually, I think this is one of the best EV commercials I’ve seen to date. This is encouraging.


A lot of Monday negativity here.

How about focusing on the 50% jump in onboard power from the same sized package?? That is both cool and a great indication of just where the tech is going.


Filmed all over Downtown Los Angeles (hipster central right now). There is only two street level charging stations in all of DTLA, and they don’t look like that. Also, almost always occupied by a Leaf or a Volt.


I will lease one of these in Sept when my Leaf with the hacked none working telematics goes back to it’s maker.


Born in the 1940’s. Loving my e-assist bicycles, and cordless push mower. Still waiting for the Bolt.

Definitely agree. Cars like this are perfect for suburbanites. City dwellers don’t need them. Electric assist cargo bikes/velomobiles make far more sense in cities. Rent a car to go on trips.


More sense in cities? Have you ever tried riding a bike in a big city, like NYC? It’s not for the faint of heart. It can be VERY dangerous. The streets are lined with countless ghost bikes, completely white painted bikes left as memorials at the spot where bike deaths and serious bike injuries have occurred. You have to be young and/or stupid to regularly bike in many areas of NYC. I’ve seen enough carnage and had enough close calls to give up biking in NYC except in protected areas. It’s not worth the risk to life and limb. (rant off)

Here are two examples of a NYC bike commute:


Easy stuff!
The music is fun thought.
It could be much worse. Here in Montreal, we have such big pothole that you can flip over getting caught hitting one.
Joke aside, many cyclists die every year, and it’s sad.
Otherwise it look pretty much like most urbanite drivers behave the same everywhere “I pay so much taxes that this road is mine”
Isn’t it?


I didn’t say it was safe now, with cars. I said it makes more sense.


Wow. Did BMW not know about Ford’s corporate tagline, “Go Further”?


I’m sure BMW finds Ford’s tagline “Go Further” just as ironic as the rest of us do.


The launch video is the antithesis of gm’s ev1 “spooky commercials” … so it’s logical (if a little premature) to assume BMW wants to sell the i3 in volume.


But still seats 4 I guess. should I leave the misses or one of my three kids at home when going out in a BMW i3.


At least, let him take the bike!


I think the EPA range will exceed 114. BMW probably just being conservative and making sure there’s no negative surprises.

Seems odd if not; the LEAF manages 107 from 30 kWh, and the i3 is more efficient. My guess is 123. 🙂