2017 Bentley Plug-In Hybrid SUV Gets Revealed…Well, Sort Of – Video


New Bentley SUV

New Bentley SUV

“The coming months will see the refinement of a car that has been two years in the making. A vehicle designed from the outset to take luxury to new heights — and change forever the way the world sees the SUV.”

States Bentley in hinting at it’s soon-to-be-revealed plug-in hybrid SUV.

Along with the video, Bentley fired up a website called New Bentley.  Though details on the plug-in hybrid Bentley SUV are still scarce, it’s obvious there’s change underway at Bentley.

Out with the old Bentley, in with the new Bentley.

Unfortunately, the new Bentley won’t arrive until 2017, but entering the PHEV segment, even late, is better than never.


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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Every luxury vehicle sold in Britain will get a plugin variant, if only to offer a low/no-cost Benefit in Kind option with zero congestion charge.

The tax law there may well be the biggest mover towards EVs and PHEVs in the near future.

They are going to have the re-think it once the Model X comes out

More like the other way around.

Would it be 6 degrees of separation to think Palmer may do for Astin Martin what Bentley may be doing for its cars?

The important question is would John Steed (Patric Macnee – of the 60’s Avengers – the British only early 60s shows were very low budget and it was only the American viewers that provided the money to raise production values) drive it?

Seriously, they are decreasing the value of the Bentley marque by trying to be a little too modern. I’d prefer to see a somewhat oldfashioned implementation of electrification, in the same manner that my Tesla Roadster is really a very old fashioned car, compared to what’s out there today.