2016 Nissan LEAF Recalled Over Airbag Issue


2106 Nissan LEAF

2106 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

Nissan is recalling approximately 4,300 2016 LEAFs sold in the U.S. due to an airbag-related issue.

Nissan says that the airbag recall is due to a supplier error. Apparently, the supplier of the passenger airbag wiring harness manufactured the parts out of specification. This means that the harness could disconnect unintentionally and disable the airbag in the process.

Nissan notes the following:

“If the wiring harness disconnects, the passenger air bag may not to deploy during a crash, increasing the risk of injury.”

Nissan is not aware of any incidents connected to this recall.

Nissan technicians will inspect the harness in affected LEAFs and will replace it free of charge if necessary.

Recall notices should be sent out later this month.

Source: Left Lane News

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9 Comments on "2016 Nissan LEAF Recalled Over Airbag Issue"

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There are a dozen 2016 Leafs on the dealer lot in Our Town.
How big of a deal is this to fix?
Or are they just going to sell them as is in our Libertarian state?

You know as well as I do that they’ll fix them as soon as they get the parts.

Quit unnecessarily stirring the political pot.

Easy John.

Is it a 10 minute fix or substantially more complicated? Those damn things can explode you know.

Typo. Again.

Replace hardness with harness.

Thanks Aaron

My 2013 was recalled for the same thing. Waiting for parts.

Waiting as well on 2013 parts. There was a stop sale for a while, while Dealers were waiting on parts. Might be over with, as I see new 2016’s rolling off lots.

Usually a dealership cannot SELL any vehicle with a open safety defect recall. Used or new. Enterprise Rental Car got sued for renting a PT Cruiser with an open recall, to some local college girls that crashed head on into a tractor trailer rig.

Well first off the 2013 recall is completely different.

“the front seat passenger Occupant Classification System (OCS) may incorrectly classify an adult passenger as a child or classify the seat as empty despite it being occupied. As a result, the passenger frontal air bag may be turned off and not deploy in the event of a crash”.

I am waiting on this to be fix as well. The hold up is not parts but a software fix. As for this recall on the 2016 here is the federal laws.

“Federal law prohibits auto dealers from selling NEW vehicles that are under a federal safety recall, but there is no similar federal law that specifically prohibits dealers from selling USED cars that have the same defects, and are under the same safety recall”.

I don’t think any used car dealer will have a 2016 “USED” Leaf right now.