Nissan Dealer: Buy A 2015 LEAF And Get A Rogue For Free*!

AUG 18 2015 BY JAY COLE 17

News from earlier today bought another confirmation that the 2016 Nissan LEAF will indeed have a longer range, 30 kWh battery option; good for an estimated 110 miles of EPA range.

And it seems as though this new LEAF is putting even more selling pressure on the outgoing 2015 model, as incentives are as deep as ever.  Underlining that point is this BOGO sale that our friend (and InsideEVs contributor) Tom Moloughney pointed out via the BMW i3 Facebook group.

Buy A 2015 Nissan LEAF And Get A Rogue Thrown Into The Deal

Buy A 2015 Nissan LEAF And Get A Rogue Thrown Into The Deal

Via Boulder Nissan in Colorado:

“Purchase a new Nissan Leaf from Boulder Nissan and bring home a 2015 Nissan Rogue at no additional cost* during the Buy One Get One Sales Event!”

Now to be fair, there is an asterisk there, so a closer look at the fine print is warranted.  (We will go ahead and enlarge it some for ease of reading)

*Purchase of Nissan Leaf from dealer stock, 0% available for up to 72 months. Leaf purchase must be financed through NMAC to qualify. 24 month lease of Nissan Rogue at no cost, 12k mi / yr. lease. Tags, fuel, maintenance and taxes extra. W.A.C. must qualify for terms of financing/lease. “

So, you don’t actually get a free Rogue, but at least you get the use of it for 24 months, and that ain’t half bad!

Interested in the deal?  Hit up Boulder Nissan’s web special page here.

Hat tip to Tom M!

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Nigel at Boulder Nissan is a nice guy and a real LEAF/EV advocate. They use a couple of LEAFs as dealership cars and do a good job of making their free L3 charger available even though it’s a fairly small lot with heavy traffic. They are one of three Nissan dealers in the state that I feel have really gotten behind the LEAF.

That’s an odd deal. What are you supposed to do with 2 cars? Free long distance rental for a couple of years up to some mileage would be a better deal.

It is designed for households with more than one driver.

In Southern Cal there was a dealer that had both a Mercedes Benz and Hyundai dealerships.

He offered a deal about 5 years aga that was buy an S-Class at full price for yourself and we will give you a Hyundai Excel for free for your teenager.

Think you’ll find most households in the Boulder area have two cars.

thats one way seat 10 people for a trip.
5 seater LEAF
5 seater Rogue


the longer traveler gets the LEAF, the shorter commuter gets the Rogue.

I drive a LEAF and an Xterra. Main car is the LEAF for work and day to day driving and the Xterra for everything else.

At the moment there is $5K or more on the hood of every 2015 Leaf.

My guess is that you have to buy the Leaf at full price and they use the $5k to get you a 2 year Rogue lease

My question here is… where is the plug-in Rogue/Qashqai?

It should have been here now according to the news last year. Yet no info at all about it coming or being postponed or whatever.

Got any information about it for us, Jay?

I second that request Jay. Or even knowing whether it was designed with a “universal” platform similar to how the latest VWs have been designed for multiple drivetrains. If someone sleuthed out that the new Rogue looked “future compatible” with an EV drivetrain, that might be interesting in and of itself and hint at Nissan’s future plans.

Hi Mikael, I believe the Rogue is actually our X-Trail and not Quashqai.

I don’t know much about Nissan ICE’s but at least according to Wikipedia the Rogue is the North American version of the Qashqai.

And to be honest I’ve never heard about the X-Trail before anyway. 😛

Why would I want that 20th century oil-burner? 😉

Get an emissions free EV but get a petrol burning smog spewing Rogue.

have some empathy with the dealership’s effort to move inventory “creatively”; but detest the conjunction of a best-selling, perfectly practical EV with a particularly thirsty fossil-fuel dinosaur—especially if the im/explicit message is sent at point of sale that you “need” a fossil-fuel burner to do “long” journeys.

you don’t; you need instead to adjust your expectations about the time required for long journeys.

catastrophic anthropomorphic global climate change is a) real, and b) an immediate existential threat we can only *hope* to mitigate by taking decisive actions now.

people, especially US citizens of the Boomer era, are today largely unaccustomed to making any concessions or sacrifices whatsoever to their individual convenience and self-indulgent whims; and current political leaders find the prospect of calling for actual sacrifices of that convenience unthinkable—witness Bush II’s pathetic response to how citizens should best respond to the 9/11 attacks (i.e. “go shopping”).

however, it’s long past time adults started actually acting like adults, instead of children.

that includes accepting that routine long journeys under time pressure are something we all need to find ways to avoid.

tl;dr: every new fossil-fuel burner sold is another nail in our collective coffin.