2016 Nissan LEAF Online Configurator Now Live

NOV 5 2015 BY JAY COLE 42

2016 Nissan LEAF Configurator Now Live!

2016 Nissan LEAF Configurator Now Live!

New 30 kWh LEAF Battery In SV/SL Trims Good For 107 Miles Of EPA Range

New 30 kWh LEAF Battery In SV/SL Trims Good For 107 Miles Of EPA Range

Nissan announced that sales of the all-electric LEAF started on Tuesday – and a big part of being able to do that, is having your online configurator actually specing out the new 2016 product over the outgoing 2015 model year.

Today that is a reality as future EV owners can now explore and build their own 2016 LEAF, which of course includes the larger 30 kWh battery on the SV and SL option.

The 30 kWh battery is rated by the EPA to have 107 miles of all-electric range, while the base 24 kWh battery remains rated at 84 miles.

Full details/review on the 2016 edition can be found here.

As for pricing, the base Nissan LEAF remains unchanged at $29,010 (+$850 delivery), while the extra 23 miles found in the SV and SL trims see the prices increase anywhere from $1,600 (SL) to $2,100.

After the federal government’s incentive is factored in, a 107 mile LEAF will set you back at least $26,700 before any dealer or state-level incentives are applied:

* – Nissan LEAF S – $29,010 ($29,010) +$895 dst
* – Nissan LEAF SV – $34,200 ($32,100) + $895 dst
* – Nissan LEAF SL – $36,790 ($35,170) +$895 dst

2016 Nissan LEAF SV/SL Interior (w/black leather)

2016 Nissan LEAF SV/SL Interior (w/black leather)

A few of the optional (and really only) highlights include:

S Model (24 kWh): Charge Package ($1,770) – upgrades L2 3.3 kW charging to 6.6 kW and adds CHAdeMO fast charging (this package is standard on SV/SL)

SV/SL Model (30 kWh): Premium Package ($1,570)provides “around view” monitor and upgrades to a BOSE sound system, navigation is now standard in SV/SL, leather is standard on SL

For "Fun", We Maxed Out The New 2016 LEAF Configurator And Found This Brown Forged Bronze LEAF Is Top-Of-The-Line At $39,070

For “Fun”, We Maxed Out The New 2016 LEAF Configurator And Found This Brown Forged Bronze LEAF Is Top-Of-The-Line At $39,210

As we always do when reporting on a new plug-in offering going live online, we can’t help ourselves to learn ‘what maximum price’ can we deck the vehcile out to.

Anyone interesting in building or ordering their own LEAF should check out the configurator here.

Hat tip to Andrew S!

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The lease prices seem very high.

The lease calculator is always crazy high. When I got my $199 a month lease for the 2013 Leaf S I had the calculator on the nissanusa.com site said something like $435.

You can’t blame automakers for not trying too hard to sell money losing EV’s.

You can get a BMW i3 Rex for less. I was waiting for the new Leaf but decided to lease a i3 Rex. My deal $400 per month including tax 2 year 24k lease $1,500 out of pocket (Includes 1st month payment) on loaded $55,800 BMW i3 Rex with 20″ wheels.

A LEAF is sad, but an i3 could be just as tragic.

Good luck to you!


from that article you linked to:

> “I decided to opt with charging my BMW i3 at work where there is a ChargePoint station. I also charged the car at local garages and super chargers.”

> “I’m very busy, I’m in management, I don’t have the time to stop and charge the BMW i3.”

So of course it did not work out for her, when she decided to choose public charging, and than states she does not have time for that.

Awesome, hope this bring used Leaf prices down.

The new owner’s manual just hit too, may have more insights.


I’ll look for the service manual, that is full of goodies.

Any idea if the 2016 still relies on AT&T 2G technology for CarWings?

LEAF max GOM thread! Here’s my 2015:

View post on imgur.com

My 2013 said 113 once. I’m eager to see what the GoM will say on the “perfect” day for the 30kw equipped cars.

I hit 114 a couple of times 😀 I’m getting a max of 103-105 regularly. On my normal work day, I average 5.4 m/kwH. It drops on the weekend because of the different routes I take for running errands and such.

I forgot to add … I have a 2014 SV that I bought new this past February.

Does five grand for 20 miles range bother anybody else but me?

Yes. Be prepared for some disappointing sales figures.

I don’t think this is going to raise existing sales more then 30%.

The 900 pound Gorllia is what BMW and Mitsubishi along with GM might do in 2016.

@James, it’s not really $5k, because you need to first add to the S model the QC+6.6kW charging. Then it’s more like $3.5k, that’s besides other more minor stuff which probably is included in the SV.

– BMW is not at all in the same market segment. The i3’s are like at least $10k pricier, plus a 4-seater. You’re looking at the wrong German Leaf competitor; it’s the eGolf.
– GM, we know the Volt:Leaf “wars” will resume after a year-plus of Leaf dominance. Hopefully both sides will be smart enough to go after broader crowds rather than cannibalize each other.
– Mitsubishi when the Outlander PHEV arrives, it again will cater to a totally different segment. It will be the nicest PHEV around except the Volt, plus the only affordable plug-in SUV. OTOH, Mitsubishi doesn’t have much of a foothold in the US.

It’s an option. If it isn’t worth it to you, save the money and get the 24 Kwh one. But now, it is possible to get one that has an EPA range of 107 miles! Choice! Yeah!!!

Well, it’s really only $3k, because you also get the $1700 6.6kW charger and DC charge package. And really, you’re gonna want the 6.6kW charger. The DC fast charge, depends on your situation.

Price increase for 2016! (30kWh) SV and SL model is ~$3000 over 2015 (24 kWh) counterparts.

These is a ~$2000-$2500 difference in prices between S, SV, and SL due to other included options beyond battery capacity.

Not true. With the 2013/4/5 SV, you had to add nearly $2k for a QC port (plus LED headlights which no one really cared much about), and nearly all SV drivers did so I believe.

Now it’s included in the SV. And the increase is actually more like $2k before accounting for this, so essentially the SV remains at the same price point.

After $7,500 tax credit / not including destination charge, pricing starting at:
2015 Leaf S $21,510 = 2016 Leaf S $21,510
2015 Leaf SV $24,600 = 2016 Leaf SV $26,700 ($2,100 increase)
2015 Leaf SL $27,620 = 2016 Leaf SL $29,290 ($1,670 increase)

It’s 5 grand for 6 wk of battery, upgraded onboard charger, DC quick charge port, upgraded radio with NAV, better seat upholstery, and aluminium wheels.

Saw this earlier this morning and it’s great. Already some dealers are marking down the 2015s. One CA dealer is showing a $2,335 dealer rebate and a $5,000 factory rebate on 2015 Leafs. Federal tax credit and state and local/regional credits on top of this would bring the cost of a 2015 S with fast charge well under $13K in our area.

2016 SL w/ white pearl:

$361/mo for 36 months and 12,000 miles per year, $2096 down.

Residual: $12552 with 36 months and 12,000 miles per year.

That’s with no dealer contribution and $9400 lease cash from Nissan.

Looks like dealers will need to knock a few thousand off for me to bite.

That, or we’re getting close to the point where buying a used one outright makes way more sense.

A $12552 residual in 3 years for a vehicle that will have under 36,000 miles on a 100,000 mile warranty seems like a great deal.

Expect demand and values for used LEAFs to be good over the next few years.


I just ran the lease calculator on an SL and it comes out 671$/mo. Sure sounds high to me. No way I’ll bite on that number.

I don’t understand my 2012 Volt optioned out at over 40K and my lease payments were 500$….and the 671 Nissan number doesn’t even have tax and license in it.

I wonder if the 7500% gov rebate is figured in.

oops I meant I ran the SV not SL

The lease calculator is broken, don’t trust it.

The lease calculator result is always too high because they never factor in the $7500 tax credit that Nissan passes on to you, and there’s usually more manufacturer incentive on top of that. If you want a better estimate, take $7500 off and try again. You can find generic lease calculators via your favorite search engine.

For that money, you could drive an i3 with REx because of BMW inflating residuals. Not everyone likes the i3, I know, but it’s just interesting given the MSRP disparity.

I don’t think there’s any question that a 2-3 year old leaf with low miles for ~$10k is a great value unless you NEED the range of the ’16.

I go back and forth about the i3. The REx does appeal to me, but I thought the ride was too uncomfortable for a daily-driver. The styling was secondary for me (heck I bought a LEAF haha, and I’m not crazy about its looks, but I’ve gotten to a point in my life that I don’t worry too much about those superficial things anymore HAHAHAHA)

Well, if your 2011/12 LEAF has a range of 55 miles or less per charge, that is pretty much crippling.
And Nissan refuses to honor their 8 year battery warranty.

Price-wise, a 2016 SV with 107 miles of range costs $34,200 before the $10,000 in rebates and my 2013 SV with the 6.6/QC package was $33,750, so the higher range model is only $450 more than my 2013 was.

Why does ithe build site show the lease payments being almost 100.00 more than purchasing? On a 2016 SL its showing ‘finance 634.00/mo, lease 726.00/ mo.” That’s just a hair less than the 818.00/mo lease payment on a Tesla Model S!

For realistic lease deals I’d contact a local dealer.

Click on “Modify Terms & View Disclaimer” in the Build Price section for each model and you’ll see the current online lease offer.

They do not list a lease offer for the SV version.

$361/Month Lease offer
2016 LEAF SL
36 Months – $361/Month – $2,457 initial payment.

$229/Month Lease offer
2016 LEAF S Lease
36 Months – $229/Month – $2,399 initial payment.

Model S is $742/mo.

The lease offer is always based on MSRP – and you don’t pay MSRP at a dealer.

Why there is no driving review in US? I would be interested in Screenshot of Leaf Spy, how many GIDs?