2016 Nissan LEAF Electric Journey – Video

NOV 9 2015 BY MARK KANE 32

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

Nissan released a new ad of the 2016 LEAF with class-leading 107 miles of EPA range, as U.S. sales begins.

Three friends take their Nissan LEAF on an epic nighttime journey out of the city, through a forest and into the mountains, where they find the most awe-inspiring electric spectacle.”

There’s  reference to sales of the previous 2011-2015 versions, which in the U.S. were the highest among all other plug-ins (all-electric or plug-in hybrid).

Through the end of September, Nissan sold 85,952 LEAF in the U.S. and, hopefully after a weaker 2015, sales will rebound to new highs, thanks to the longer-range 30-kWh version.

For us, it’s an honor to be mentioned as the source of sales data in the LEAF ad spot.

“Source of data: InsideEVs.com. Cumulative Sales Data (Dec. 2010 – Sept. 2015)”

Full/all-time sales data for the LEAF (and all other major EVs) can be found on our monthly plug-in sales scorecard.  Of note: 87,190 LEAFs have been sold through October – which is 2,534 units ahead of Chevrolet Volt with 84,656 sales for the overall “plug-in” sales lead in America.

 "Source of data: InsideEVs.com. Cumulative Sales Data (Dec. 2010 - Sept. 2015)"

“Source of data: InsideEVs.com. Cumulative Sales Data (Dec. 2010 – Sept. 2015)”

Nissan LEAF sales in US - September 2015

Nissan LEAF sales in US – September 2015

Disclaimer:  InsideEVs was not paid any consultation fee surrounding this spot or others using our data, and InsideEVs has no direct advertising relationship with Nissan (or other EV manufacturer)

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The sky diver was about to pass it! lol!

Congrats on being recognized as the true source of all EV info!

Who else would they use? This is the premier site for electric vehicles, with unbiased coverage and authoritative reporting.

That’s pretty amazing that Nissan reads InsideEVs. I’ve often wondered if Elon Musk reads this site.

Hmm. I wonder if that’s why some articles in Insideevs have pro Leaf bent.


Its a little late, if Nissan had done this one or even two years ago I would have applauded them.
IMHO the Chevy Bolt is going to really destroy Leaf sales in a year unless the Leaf 2 comes out at roughly the same time and is equally capable at roughly the same price.

Not really. There will still be a significant price difference between the Leaf and Bolt.

1. Right now the Bolt is designated to be a 4-seater subcompact. Not in Leaf’s class, and generally a much narrower market slice in America.

2. They say Bolt *production* (not sales) starts late 2016. So add a few months, plus a few more months industry-typical delays, and the 107-mile Leaf easily has some 1.5 years to sell before any ordinary US customers can get a Bolt.

3. The Leaf unlike the Bolt, is a truly global car and therefore the US is only a part of its sales scene. An important part, no doubt – but what happens in Europe and Japan is also important.

The CONCEPT Bolt was a four seater, but it didn’t even have real seats. I would be shocked if the production Bolt didn’t seat five.

If the Chevy BOLT is anything that the Chevy SPARK EV (recommended by Motortrends over Leaf), then it’s no contest. I have driven both.

There’s more to an EV than just stuffing batteries into the chassis.

In most important aspect, Bolt won’t be anything like SparkEV: Price. You can’t beat $16K EV that gets 82 miles range, fast charge, and quicker than any gas car under $20K and quicker than any EV under $30K.

Leaf, on the other hand, perpetuates the notion that EV are over priced turtles. I fear Bolt may be more like Leaf than SparkEV.

Bolt will be a 5 seat CUV and despite its smallish outer dimensions should be fairly roomy inside because it is the first non Tesla car to use the space-efficient skateboard design.
Also, CUVs are pretty popular in the US and at $30-$40,000 price point it should sell well as a poor man’s Tesla

It will be on sale in 4th quarter of 2016 but you are probably right that it will not be produced in huge numbers or sold globally right out the door but it will be a much more capable car then this Leaf and of course we don’t really know what Leaf 2 will offer as far as range/size/price.

What’s your definition of a utility vehicle? Cargo space? Ground clearance and all-wheel drive for offroad capability? Towing capacity? Will the Bolt EV have any of that?

Maybe. Chevy tends to use much better batteries than Nissan does. If the two cars are near each other on price I would give the advantage to the Bolt.

The bolt is just another crapy chevy

Go LEAF GO! I cant wait until first deliverys!

Wow, what a nice shout-out from Nissan to insideevs.com!

Well-deserved and well-played.

I wonder if this is the ad that aired on NBC prime time last week. I’ve heard people saw some 107-mile Leaf ad there.

It ain’t bad, (=

We’ve actually seen a couple different spots for the LEAF now (with the IEV nod) over the past couple months, this one just randomly recently.

Personally, I have seen the LEAF spots air on NBC quite often – mostly recently the other night while watching Jimmy Fallon.

We noted this in the disclaimer at the bottom of the story, but it can’t hurt to say again, we have no direct advertising relationship with Nissan (or any other EV manufacturer), and weren’t paid for the use of any data. I guess they just like our charts, (=

Freudian slip? ” InsideEVs was paid to…”

… definitely NOT paid for this or any other EV ad, lol – that is something we’d remember, (=

So to recap:

Not paid. For anything. Ever.


Why so defensive? What are you hiding? Just kidding 😉

In a perfect world you would be able to get some of what you deserve for your hard work. But as the world looks total abstinence is the only choice to keep the integrity instead of being in the grey area of being rewarded and or bribed. 😛

Congrats! Very cool to be referenced like that. Not to mention a very cool commercial as well. Sure beats the pants off the Ford EV commercial that was running.

Congrats on the nod from Nissan.

(Now I better watch what I say on my LEAF critiques) 😉

Huge advantage for any car on the east coast that uses chademo, SAE ccs is almost non- existent currently in the east coast of the USA
I might be tempted by the bolt but unless there is a rapid increase in ccs chargers in my area……no go

Not enough Polar Bears and Eco-Guilt. 😉

I hope Nissan considers 2 battery levels. A 40kw version would be perfect for a 2nd car, or a level to go 200+ miles. Probably sell 35% more Leafs.
Whatever, they need to get to market soon or loose market share.

40 kWh would be around 142 miles/ 230km ish. Adequate if there are charging stations. 60 kWh would be the perfect entry level. Range anxiety would disappear.

Good Job Nissan!

Where are the Volt ads? No, not the Leaf/Prius bashing ones, the ones that get people excited about driving a Volt?

There would be no range anxiety if the car actually performed as advertised and if there were actually functioning charging stations and if the company supplied the free Level II that was promised at the time of purchase but, still not received 8 months later. Nissan has misled the buyers with promises that simply are not true nor nearly accurate and the card for 2000.00 of free charging is worthless as there are few stations that take it and even fewer when those are found to not be functioning. It’s all one big scam. Do not buy this vehicle.

Nissan Leaf does not give more than 85-90 miles per charge. This is under best diving condition.