2016 Nissan LEAF Discussion And Quick Spin In California – Video

MAR 5 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

2016 Nissan LEAF test drive by Autos 0-60

2016 Nissan LEAF test drive by Autos 0-60

Javier Mota from Autos 0-60 recently had the chance to test the 2016 Nissan LEAF and to talk with Nissan North America’s Doreen Paris.

The video itself is a rather basic discussion of the car.

Doreen Paris said honestly that the 2016 version is still the first generation with another set of new year changes implemented. Previously, we spotted some statements in Europe from Nissan execs that LEAF is already in its third generation (2013 refresh was the second-gen), which we can’t agree with.

Since launch, Nissan improved the LEAF step-by-step and the major changes were moving the on-board charger to the front and doubling the charging power to around 6.6 kW, as well as the new 30 kWh battery pack and new NissanConnect EV system.

The 2016 Nissan LEAF Is Unchanged Outside

The 2016 Nissan LEAF Is Unchanged Outside

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Another major change was the Lizard battery chemistry.

Even bigger change was the heat pump hybrid heating system in 2013 MY and newer.

Some things don’t change!
It seems the new Leaf run with a 30 kW battery??
I don’t know how a representative could be so clueless about energy and kWh.

A battery range extender for 10s of thousands of LEAFs that are already out there would be nice.

Per owner reports on MNL, the so-called Lizard chemistry is showing similar degradation rates as the earlier chemistry in hot climates. In short, it seems to be marketing B.S.

Any links you have would be appreciated.

Hi Mark, Leaf sales for Japan in February are out, new record 2819 Leafs!
Over 5300 Leaf in first two months, looks like Japan Leaf sales take off. I am sure 2018 Leaf with piloted drive like announced in Roque sales will explode.


They added some cool features in Japan , and skipped adding them in the U.S. , the roof color , automatic cruise and front crash protection.

That combined with the larger pack is making sales there. The next leaf must be a lot of things to a lot of buyers….. A lot of range, a lot more available features, a lot more sporty and quicker to 60. A lot more stylish.

Or a lot less expensive. MSRP $23K for a Leaf with 30 kWh battery pack might help post Bolt release.