2016 Mahindra e2o TechX Test Drive Review


Mahindra e2o

Mahindra e2o

Autocar recently spent some time with the G-Wiz’s successor, the e20 – which was recently launched in UK.

It’s probably the smallest, or at least one of the smallest electric four seaters available for sale on the market today (Actual sales are limited to on-line purchases only).

Compared to the G-Wiz, the e2o is improved in nearly all aspects, from the design ergonomics, through performances and infotainment systems.

Around a 15.5 kWh battery provides roughly 60-80 miles of driving range.

Driving experience seems to be classed as good to “adequate“:

“On the road, the e2o is better described as adequate than good. Beyond 40mph, it is slow. In handling, it scores points for a spectacularly small turning circle and an agility brought about by its small dimensions (it’s similar in length to a Toyota Aygo, but taller) and the ride is fairly compliant and flat if you don’t go too fast.

The electric power steering is light to the heft but pretty dull, and although they’re safe enough, the brakes don’t have the energetic initial bite we’re used to in most small cars. The high but flat seats are almost without side support, so if you corner medium-hard, you’re not retained by them at all. Better not to corner medium-hard. And yet, there’s a cheeky simplicity about the car and a pleasure in slipping it easily into traffic gaps a Ford Fiesta driver could never consider.”

Autocar said that Mahindra e2o, with price of £12,995 (City trim) or £14,995 (trim TechX), can’t compete with other cars costing £13,000 to £16,000 on either a capability, or comfort basis.

But there is also good news for Mahindra’s outlook, savings on fuel for small conventional cars and avoiding congestion charges, could quickly change the situation, making the Mahindra e2o worth considering.

“The two reasons we can see for buying one of these are to take advantage of parking and charging concessions that are still generous in the city, and to avoid both the need to buy fuel and to pay London’s £11.50-a-day congestion charge – a combination that could easily save you £100 a week. Parkinson believes green credentials and some serious money-saving will be enough to entice buyers away from better cars, and on the evidence of the e2o, he’s probably right.”

source: Autocar

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Pizza delivery car


Only in the US do pizzas get delivered in cars.
Elsewhere, due to crowded street, lack of parking and high gas pricess, pretty much all takeout food is delivered by motorcycles or scooters.
London specifically is known for its dispatch riders, riding motorcycles throughput the city.


It looks like car squashed in a vise.


Whenever I see something like this, I think “too bad SparkEV will be discontinued instead of expanded”.


The problem with this car is not the car, it’s the price, a little city run about is a great idea but it needs to be cheap – this is not cheap. The might be a bit of a market for a London congestion charge drivers who don’t want to be price gouged by Renault’s battery rental but really at this price I can’t see much appetite for it.