2016 Ford Fusion Energi Gets $900 Price Reduction, Slight Changes

MAR 6 2015 BY MARK KANE 20

Ford Fusion Energi sales in US – January 2015

Ford Fusion Energi sales in US – January 2015

The Owner of This Ford Fusion Energi Plugs in a Lot

The Owner of This Ford Fusion Energi Plugs in a Lot

Ford has step-by-step been slightly lowering prices of its hybrid cars. After a $1,200 cut for C-Max Hybrid and Hybrid Energi in September, now it’s the Fusion’s turn.

The 2016 Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi SE, which will arrive in late 2015, gets $900 in price cuts.

For the Energi it’s the right time to do something since sales were down over the last five months year-over-year.

“The 2016 Fusion Hybrid S will start at $25,675 (down from $26,575, a 3.39% cut), excluding destination charge. The 2016 Fusion Energi SE Luxury will start at $33,900 (reduced from $34,800, a 2.59% drop). Gas model Fusions are excluded.”

For 2016, Fusion Energi SE will get new a driving mode called EcoSelect to improve fuel economy by lowering heating/cooling power, acceleration and increasing regenerative braking power.

Source: Cars Direct via Green Car Reports

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This is good news for Ford but would have been nice to lower the price more. Also, I enjoy my Energi but often wish the battery capacity was better. Ford needs to work on more range as well with there Energis. At least 30 miles would be good I think.

Lower the price more?! What, you want a free car? A mid-size sedan for $26k sounds very reasonable, especially considering it has two powertrains onboard. We do want the car makers to have some incentive to make and sell these after all.

I have the plug in energi version. Not the hybrid. If you notice in the article, it cost a lot more than the regular hybrid.

I am starting to look at the Fusion Energi a lot more lately. I like the price reduction but it would be hard to go from 38 miles of EPA AER to around 21. I regularly get 48 miles with my Volt so I would bet that I would get 25 in the Energi, (during the 9 warm months) but I would be burning a lot more gas in an Energi.

But a mid-sized car with a comfortable back seat would be great!

I very briefly considered the Fusion when shopping for a new car last year, but the tiny trunk was a deal killer. Thus I went with the C-Max Energi. Fusion looks tons better, styling wise though. C-Max is not gonna win any beauty contests.

I’m still completely dumbfounded by the fact that they don’t offer a 16KWH battery pack considering that the government will pay for that larger battery pack. (Yeah, I know, that would require some engineering to get it to fit . . . well get on it.)

If they tried to cram a 16 kWh pack in the current Fusion, there would be 0 space left for a trunk. The trunk is already tiny enough as it is with a 7.6 kWh pack.

We’ll have to wait for the next generation of Fusions before we see any significant increase in battery pack size.

Ford isn’t going to do the type of major redesign required to the Fusion chassis to fix a large battery pack somewhere else.

Any range increase will have to come from better battery chemistry.


…and the next gen is due for MY2018 in 2017, riding on a new platform that integrates the battery pack better. Which makes at 200+ mile EV or 50 EV mile range Fusion viable.

So I went to ordered a 2015 Fuson hybird titanium and was told I could not, because they stop taking orders. So I have to order the 2016 with no date when it would be build. But seeing some information online, which not sure if its true but I was under the impression that the 2016 will come out 2nd quarter which is April, May and June. What I read it said they will be doing major changes to the lights and interior flat dash smallers console with smaller screen for a sleeker look with a new shifter small knob type. Now if this is not true than Why couldn’t I order a 2015? No I wanted to order and get what i wanted.

had to order a 2016 and minor changes to the lights. Sorry about the miss spelling..

I took a fusion energy for a test drive after fully charging it at the dealers own L2 station (they didn’t seem to understand the car needed charging) and drove 24 miles before the engine started. Most of the trip was around 45-50 mph.

Wow! 30 minutes test drive of more than 24 miles.

Which dealer allowed that?

The 20-mile range would be a good fit for me. Unfortunately, the Fusion Energi has about the smallest cargo area of any plug-in making it useless for my family.

If the car is a good fit for you, though, this sounds like a good deal just got better. People who have one seem to love it! And it’s a great transitional car from gasoline to electric driving.

I own a Ford Fusion Energi Titanium and love it. I was worried about the trunk, but can still fit 4 carry-on sized pieces of luggage in the trunk, plus I’ve folded down the seats and carried some large plants and hardware… if you think about the interior, too, the car is huge. I bought it knowing that if I ever needed more space for a long trip, I’d just buy a roof rack. So far, no need.

I’m glad you love it! It is a great car if it is large enough.

I have a family of four (no folding the seats) and I have a roof box I use 2-3x per year. With the box, my Insight has over 32cu ft of cargo space and it still isn’t enough at Christmas time. The Fusion is hugely limited for families and it would be unfortunate if Ford didn’t improve it for the second gen.

This $900 reduction is a good sign for the hybrid and plug-in hybrid Fusion, because it also indicates a battery/electrification cost reduction.

The refreshed 2016 C-Max Hybrid/Energi that rides on the same updated platform of the refreshed 2015 Focus, where the gas/diesel versions already debuted for Europe, should launch in NA at the LA Auto Show later this year.

Looking at the 2016 Fusion Energi and Hybrid order guides, it seems the Energi model does NOT get the EcoSelect option, but the Hybrid(HEV) does.

— EcoSelect Standard on HEV – the EcoSelect button located in center console will allow the vehicle to operate more efficiently with less aggressive heating and cooling, softer acceleration, more regenerative breaking, changes in engine behavior and EcoCruise control activation.

One more thing…

Looking at the 2016 Price List, the Cars.com calculation for the Hybrid seems to be inaccurate. They used the 2016 Fusion Hybrid price BEFORE destination and the 2015 Fusion Hybrid with destination charges. There is still a welcomed price drop, but at $410, not $900.