2016 Fiat 500 Gets Rendered – Will Electric Version Be Offered?


Courtesy of Auto Express, we present the first rendering of the 2016 Fiat 500.

2016 Fiat 500

2016 Fiat 500

Auto Express notes that the 2016 500 will be both “wider and longer” than the current 500 and says that interior space will be much improved.

Though only renderings, Auto Express claims to have inside info which assisted it in creating what’s believed to be accurate renderings of the 2016 500.

On the inside (see source link below for additional images), the 2016 500 is noticeable more upscale than the current model.  A large central touchscreen will be featured within and materials will be more luxurious.

But will a BEV 500 be around when the updated 2016 version launches?

Sales of the current 500e are limited to a few states and supply is tight.  It’s a compliance EV, but that’s not to say it’s not in demand.  Fiat even offers some exceptional lease deals on the 500e, so we’d like to think that the automaker has some interest in selling them.  The problem is that Fiat wasn’t equipped to make them in volume, but we’re hoping for a change when the 2016 500 launches.

The 500, even in its current iteration, is a solid performing urban machine.  If lengthened and widened some, its appeal would broaden.  Fingers crossed the BEV version lives on come 2016.


Source: Auto Express

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“Sales of the current 500e are limited to a few states and supply is tight”
CA only – 525 on lots or in transit (per Fiats website). 159 of the 2013’s + 366 of the 2014’s. That’s something in the neighborhood of a six month supply – not exactly what I’d call tight.

They will have to offer something with Zero Emissions (ZEV). Currently, they are at 0.79% credit value ratio of all respective car manufacturer sales in California. That percentage only goes up, so Fiat / Chrysler has to offer something that is ZEV, and I suspect this car will be it for many years into the future. Here’s the ZEV credit requirement in the future: 2012 ———— 0.79% 2018 ———— 2.00% 2019 ———— 4.00% 2020 ———— 6.00% 2021 ———— 8.00% 2022 ———– 10.00% 2023 ———– 12.00% 2024 ———– 14.00% 2025 ———– 16.00% Just to be clear, 16% means credits. So, if Fiat / Chrysler sold 100,000 cars per year in California (they don’t, by the way), then 16% would be 16,000 credits. Under the current rules, they could produce 8,000 cars with 50 mile range (2 credits each) or 1778 hydrogen cars at 9 credits each to comply with the regulations: Type V – 300+ miles range “hydrogen” – Credit per vehicle: 9 Type V – 300+ miles range “fast refueling” – Credit per vehicle: 7 Type IV – 200+ miles range “fast refueling” – Credit per vehicle: 5 Type III – 100+ miles range “fast refueling” – Credit per vehicle:… Read more »

Fiat 500 Clubman

why cant the tail lights be flush though

Because they aren’t flush on current models. The lightbulb has to go somewhere… 😉

Sheesh, “wider and longer”. They’re taking a page out of Mini’s rulebook. Make it less of a 500. would it be so hard to try and make the car more space efficient in the interior? The 500 that was built since 2006 was just the right, small size. It’s disappointing that it wasn’t rear engined. Now that it’s gotten bigger as if the Fiat 500L wasn’t enough, I will now recommend Fiat 500 fans the Renault Twingo. Hell, the new Renault Twingo has a guaranteed chance of becoming electric by replacing the Fluence Z.E, by becoming the Smart ForTwo ED and by possibly becoming the 2016 i-MiEV.

Even though I initially thought that Fiat would not dare to electric again, Tony Williams delivers an awesome point! It also shows the only true reason to why hydrogen cars are arriving on the market in a few years. Literally 3.5 times the amount of points for a Type V Hydrogen vehicle rather than typical Type 1.5 EV that gets around 80 miles. Hydrogen is rearing its ugly head.

And will they include the automated self-disassembly feature?

It’s a Fiat!

I would like an electric 500L, please. I need four doors and room for a car seat.