2016 Chevy Volt – Separating Truths From Speculation


GM's Mahoney Discussing Next-Gen Volt
GM’s Mahoney Discussing Next-Gen Volt
Next-Gen Chevy Volt Teaser

Next-Gen Chevy Volt Teaser

Next-Gen 2016 Chevy Volt – The Truths

In all honesty, little is known of the next-gen 2016 Chevy Volt.

Sure, there’s widespread speculation claiming it’ll seat 5, or provide more than 50 miles of electric-only range or…

The speculative list goes on and on, but what’s really known of the next-gen Volt?

Officially, General Motors has revealed that the next-gen Volt will debut at the 2015 NAIAS.  That it’ll have improved “fuel economy and efficiency.”  And that it’ll be called the Volt.

Beyond that, Automotive News adds that this fact is confirmed too:

“The next-generation Chevrolet Volt will have a trunk and the word “Volt” on the back of it…”

Presumably we know that the next-gen Volt will have 4 wheels, more than 1 door, an interior and a steering wheel too, jokes Automotive News.

But really…that’s all that is known.  The rest is speculative, as General Motors has done an impressive job keeping the next-gen Volt under wraps.

Source: Automotive News

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By “trunk”, does that imply they are getting rid of the hatch? Or in this context is that acceptable to call a hatchback a “trunk”?

Very good point. And are we even sure that that’s the rear of the car? With the sun like that I’m not sure whether the picture shows the red tail lights.

My take is that the comment was meant to be a joke. As in – we don’t know anything, but one thing we are sure of is….

Well I know that we all had ourselves convinced over at GM-Volt that there would be 2 versions of the Volt: a lower cost version with less range and perhaps a hybrid transmission like the Ford or Prius and

2) A full up version at the same price point with more range and the same unique tranny that the Volt has now.

but in retrospect I don’t see it happening so like this article says: who knows.

I can’t wait to find out. I hope I’m not disappointed.

I thought two launch pads for what the next Volt would be were the ~half billion investment, whose wording implied at least three plug-ins, and LG Chem’s news of delivering a “200 mile” battery. Admittedly, not ironclad Volt info, but enough to suggest there was a substantial improvement pipe available to GM. The three cylinder engine variants, also both make sense with respect to retiring the generic 1.4ltr, and the timing of its roll-out as a naturl REx fit, for a true EREV. I can’t cite chapter and verse for these improvements, as fact, but doubt many would bet against them.

Lastly, Eric, I don’t think you are as inclined to muse over what GM is up to, like you do VW. I mean, “all we really know about VW” isn’t exactly how you’ve been ending their stories.

I think Eric/InsideEV ran out of BMW stories today and decided to “balance” their coverage with a Volt non-story.

No comment…. I’ll stick with what my large dealership told me. I have seen nothing to go against the info I’ve gotten from them..

Based on this spy shot of a test mule, it looks like at least one version of the 2016 Volt will have a rear bench seat:

Agreed on the rear bench seat. The exit point for the center shoulder belt is visible beside the right-hand head restraint. There are also 3 tether anchors visible in some photos.

But it’s definitely a hatch…otherwise we wouldn’t see the back of the rear seats.

I agree that this picture clearly shows a hatchback. But for my own edification, how do we know that it is the next generation Volt? (remember, this article is supposed to be about separating knowns from speculation)

Well, what else could it be?

Um, I have no idea how these test mules work. That is why I am asking. This was an open, honest question. I believe the burden of proof should be on anyone claiming it is the next gen Volt.

Unless GM is making a new car with multiple gas tanks, this test car is either a Volt or some other heretofore unannounced GM PHEV/EREV.

Thanks, Dan, for an honest reply. I cannot make out that door on the original photo. It sure looks like a Volt charge-door to me.

I will not consider a 2016 Volt if it requires black tape application. Not at all.

Well, if they can add more AER, more passenger room and some profit built-in, I think they will sell great. I have no interest in a cheaper Volt with less AER. My preference would be an EREV CUV or a true 200 mile mid-sized BEV.

Another angle of the rear bench seat:


Even if there was a 5th seat in the back, do you REALLY think there’s enough room back there to be even slightly comfortable?

It’s cramped (leg room/head room) back there already so let’s add another body in there….lol

Well, it’s a compact car so it’s only ever going to be so roomy. The back seat of the Cruze is cramped too and it sold 280,000 units last year in the US and Canada.

My Pontiac Sunfire (compact) had a VERY comfy backseat, no hitting your head at 5’10”, a backseat that folded for plenty of room for a trip to the garden center…it can be done.

Oh, I know. I had a Ford Focus and a Honda Civic before the Volt. No complaints with the back seat.

I’ve carried 6 large bags of mulch in the back of the Volt. I figure it could hold about 20.