2016 Chevrolet Volt Video Mashups


Current Chevrolet Volt owners are perhaps the strongest supporters of General Motors’ plug-in electric car.

Most are hoping that General Motors markets the heck out of the next-gen 2016 Volt.

Problem is, GM has struggled (and shown lack of interest) in the department of marketing the Volt.

That leads some Volt owners to take it upon themselves to assist GM in the task of getting the Volt word out there.

These two videos below (created by Volt owner Mark Renburke) are examples of the lengths some Volt owners are willing to go to spread the word.

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It has been my experience that car dealers and manufacturers don’t always tell the truth about their cars. I have a 2012 Nissan leaf and I’m still trying to get 100 miles out of a single charge ( that was promised). Owners of the vehicles are usually more honest and straightforward. I don’t think an owner would have told me I could get 100 miles out of a charge on my 2012 Nissan leaf. I really do like the idea that owners/customers are coming forward and promoting the Chevy volt. I have read of some Tesla owners who have even let people test drive their cars. I don’t know if I would take it that far when I get my Volt, but I will surely spread the word.

I have been very impressed with what is published about the Volt so decided to take a serious look at it and drove one the other day with my wife. I liked it but she did not like two things… 1. How close the dash is to the passenger. 2. How low the ceiling is when getting in the back seats. The first is not such a big deal but it is a bit painful getting in the back. If you have any kind of torso height, you have to bend to get in without hitting your head.

Q… any idea if that headliner might be a bit higher in the Gen II?

I think it is the same, or technically, 0.1 inches lower. That said, many have said that the back now feels roomier than previously from other modifications.

The Gen II backseat has slightly less headroom and slightly more legroom. It is still pretty tight. This is the main reason I probably won’t be replacing my Gen I Volt with a Gen II Volt. 3 years of seeing my friends and clients shoehorning themselves into the back seat is enough.
Love the Volt, hate the backseat.

Yeah, since they have a similar setup in the Malibu you’d think they could also make a plut-in Impala without too much work.

Ok, so the concensus is one of the things Chevy ironically went backwards on is the rear seating. Still not a real seat, and less headroom than in the 2011.

Seeing as they do sell 4 cylinder Impalas, you’d think a voltec powered one wouldn’t be that much of a perfcrmance compromise, and people would love the larger car.

In the US, Tesla has no competition in the large car space for a plug-in. One that was roughly half price would just have to sell many copies. Since most Tesla’s are around $100k, a $50k Impala plug-in with the more luxurious trims (which CU said was the best Large car anyways) would just have to sell large volumes.

Bill, You’re so right about Impala PHEV, but the Caddy CT6 story (newer, above) sheds light on GM’s thoughts, in my opinion. A CT6, for even more money, with what we expect will be 20-25 miles, of EV-range.

The message: “Not ready”, to kill off that many combustion engines. Instead, the Volt looks to remain the paragon of what is currently available, for premium luxury GM drive-trains. Cadillac will join a big European barrel of laughs, if they stoop to 10kwh of storage.

Yeah PJwood1 I don’t get it. The volt is the only vehicle where they’ve semi-listened to customers. At least they heard, and are delivering on the 50 mile electric range which is undeniably great!

But that new head of Cadillac who has hated EV’s in the past has an initial attrocious sales record since he’s started at Cadillac. His big accomplishment has been to remove the wreath off the shield. Big Deal. I never see much point in a 15-20 mile ev range vehicle, of course, the average excursion in the states must be larger than in Europe. But batteries are getting cheaper all the time so why not use them, especially with the caddy’s lofty pricing.

Hi Scott, best you wait for the Outlander PHEV it will suit your needs much better.

see some real world reviews here: http://www.mmnz.co.nz/plug-in-hybrid/reviews/