2016 Chevrolet Volt Slower Than Expected Rollout Stalls September Sales, October Fix Coming

OCT 1 2015 BY JAY COLE 17

GM Had To Rely What Was Left In Inventory Of The First Generation Of Chevrolet Volt As The 2016s Failed To Materialize On Dealer Lots In September

GM Had To Rely What Was Left In Inventory Of The First Generation Of Chevrolet Volt As The Next Generation/2016s Failed To Materialize On Dealer Lots In September

Heading into September, we had expected the imminent arrival of the next generation, 2016 Chevrolet Volt to help kick start what would be a very strong end of the year selling season.

Like This Color Of Chevrolet Volt? That Is Too Bad, Because You Can't Order It

Like This Color Of 2016 Chevrolet Volt? That Is Too Bad, Because You Can’t Have It (prop car from Disney’s Tomorrowland film)

And despite the first 2016 car being added to Volt stats (via its owner, and GM marketing director Cristi Landy) during the month, no actual cars were delivered despite hundreds (thousands?) being produced.

The end result was 949 new copies of the “old” Volt were sold. A five month low for the brand, and off 32% from a year ago.

Overall, 9,264 Volts have been sold this year, which is off 36.3% from the 14,540 sold in 2014 through September.

Getting back to those 2016 Volts; rather than new cars making their way to customers and dealers,  completed Volts piled up in a protracted quality control hold – with some very early California orders actually getting re-assigned/rebuilt.

However, we can report that all that is behind us, and 2016 Volts are now in fact leaving ‘quality assurance’ and are weaving their way to California (and possibly the 10 other states eligible to receive the 2016 model), while production of the extended range car at GM’s Hamtramck facility appears to now be in full swing.

Nutshell:  September = bad, October  = good, at least in regards to sales.

We also heard news from GM’s 2016 new model launch that the 2016 Volt will be getting a couple new ad spots focusing on the car’s abilities over that of other top selling/green-favorites, the Toyota Prius and Nissan LEAF.

Watch those ads now – here.

“We’re going to go head-to-head with Leaf and Prius.  The ads allow Chevrolet to talk in one way and they allow Chevrolet’s personality to come through. We’re going to be taking more risks,”Tim Mahoney – Chevy Global Marketing boss.


GM Launched 2016 Chevrolet Volt Configurator In September

GM Launched 2016 Chevrolet Volt Configurator In September

Also of interest in regards to plug-ins at GM this month:

Video Below – Some quick interview snippets from the execs across GM’s HQ on the 2016 Chevrolet Volt this month:

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No rhd bolt! OK that sucks a lot, essentially GM will offer a sum total of nothing electric for the civilised world! Words cannot describe how I feel right now, GM have gone from hero to…. Well, zero in the rhd world.

It’s a relatively small world, especially when you eliminate Japan, which US automakers don’t really have fair shake in.

And I assume you mean, no RHD Volt, not Bolt.

Article says bolt? Maybe I’m wrong, hope so, would be far happier to be wrong on this one.

There have been reports published that have stated there will no rhd BOLT as well. So the UK (and other rhd countries) get double-screwed.

Score 1 for the Model III then.

Too bad no rhd. Sounds like a bean-counter decision.

Shows a complete lack of ambition on GMs part. The rest of the car world are trying to take over the world and GM, small numbers of really good cars.

It’s an anti-marketing depth decision. As we can see, sales of other carmakers are down, to compensate for the success of Tesla. The sum of EVS is too high for their plans of never sell good EVs and keep poisoning the world with more profitable gas cars.


You’re missing several other countries/regions: Australia, MANY countries in South East Asia + India/Pakistan, South(ern) Africa…

You know it’s perfectly legal to drive a LHD car in UK (and I assume any RHD country), right? A friend of mine in USA drives a RHD Mini and the only thing he doesn’t like about it is when making left turns he can’t see oncoming traffic beyond the guy turning left in front of him, so he has to wait till the guy has finished his turn so he can see if it’s safe to make his turn. It’s not that big a deal.

It’s a big deal when you want to get your LHD Bolt serviced at a dealer….who will likely not be authorized to work on the car, since they don’t sell them.

Best solution is to quit driving on the wrong side of the road!

You can import a LHD car into the UK, but need to make a few modifications to it (headlight angle, IIRC speedo needs to read in miles etc.)
That’s not always the case — for example, to import a LHD car into New Zealand, it needs to be converted to RHD including stuff like airbags, pretty much impractical for any modern vehicle. Same goes for Australia.
(There are obvious exceptions for classic cars, usually defined as >30 years old).
I’m in a LHD country, and it’s the same — cars need to be LHD to be imported here except classic cars.

Why would anyone buy a 2015 Volt over a 2016 Volt? Except for super discount?

Apparently, there are $139/month leasing deals advertised in California for 2015 Volts…

2016 Volt is better in just about every way. It is going to be a long slow ramp for the new Volt.

You got it. Lack of availability of 16’s and total savings of $14,500 on a new 15 ($7000 discount + $7500 tax credit convinced me to buy mine August 19. And, my 15 regularly charges to 49mi correct according to the odometer.

Notice the chargers at Crissy Field. Those GM people have got to realize that sometimes we could use those at 6.6kWh. It’s just more efficient. Stroll around for an hour and charge 20 miles of range.