2016 Chevrolet Volt Shown Again


The public relations team responsible for spreading the word on the Chevrolet Volt is loving the added activity it’s seeing these days.

After yesterday’s unveiling of the 2016 Chevy Volt at CES 2015, you’d think we wouldn’t see the Volt again until its formal unveiling on January 12 at the 2015 NAIAS.

Well, scratch that as here’s yet one more image of the 2016 Volt revealed today from the event on the official Chevrolet Volt Facebook page.  Perhaps they just didn’t like how all the amateur photographers caught the car last night.

“Get charged up! Just one more week until the Next Gen Volt takes North American International Auto Show by storm. But who’s counting? (Okay, we are..)”

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Still can’t see anything different, though.

A bit more curvy, no?

Regardless, it’s great to see GM finally getting serious about marketing the
Volt. This car should be their brand’s flagship for the coming year, gas prices be damned.

I meant that I couldn’t see anything different from the other reveal at CES just last night.

Makes me want a silver teeth grillz.

Lots of shiny pieces!
Edgy, very Edgy.

When a car looks this good it means GM is ready to start SELLING.

All I want to know is if it has more head-room than the 1st gen.


Odd there is nothing i’ve found so far regarding interior dimensions.
If anyone finds these new gen stats, plz post.


I’m hoping for more cargo room. It’s got to be better than my 2nd gen Prius if I’m going to replace it with the 2nd gen Volt.

There are images of this, showing the front in profile, and it is significantly different than the current Volt – the hood slopes downward a lot more than the current car.

I think it will look better than the current Volt.

If you color the silver grills black, it will almost have the look of the front “bubble” on a Model S.

IMO If those bits were black it would look like a black Prius not a tesla

the new Volt does look a lot more in line with other Chevrolet offerings, like the Impala, than does the current Volt. from the photos i’ve seen, i suspect that i will like the front end of the current Volt more but will like the rear end of the new Volt more. that said, i don’t really have a lot of complaints about the current Volt as i think it is a really well designed car; i like the exterior design and i like the dash/center stack design. my primary complaint about the current Volt is related to visibility – the thick pillars, while great for roll over safety, do restrict sight lines.

The car looks plain- like something Honda or Toyota would produce, and that front grille is hideous. But I have a Nissan LEAF, so I don’t have much room to complain about car looks. The LEAF looks like a catfish.

Just make the car more practical and don’t disappoint on battery range, and I’ll be happy.

I wanna see a side profile of the car. And I want to see/hear about the rear seat room.

It is being shown soon in Detroit but I have to believe it will only be a turntable car at my local auto show in late January and we will not be able to sit in it. I think until they hit the showrooms, car shows will keep it away from close-inspection. I’d sure like to see more about the car sooner than later. One good thing the Gen-II offers is the ability for people to buy used Volt Gen-I for relatively cheap prices. Hopefully they can route them to areas that can better utilize the used cars – Europe, Quebec or California. But right now, my grid electric prices and local gas prices are a wash in terms of dollar savings. It is as-cheap to buy gas than it is to charge from the grid and the warmer ICE heat is nicer in the winter. I still charge every night that I drive – but I only do it because it is habit and I want to still cut oil usage.

Well, the current gasoline prices won’t last. But electricity will remain reasonably priced.

“Tags: 2061 chevrolet volt”

Do you guys know something we don’t?

Yes, this was a real let down for the people of 2061 as it showed little progress for the PHEV over the past 35 years, (=

ps) who reads the tags, heeh

It seems to me it will be for 4 people

I really don’t care about how attractive the car is. The functionality is what is important to me. The electric range and the charging time are of most interest. It would be great to be able recharge the new Volt at least twice as fast as the current model. I would gladly pay for the needed charging hookup for my house. If it could take a fast DC charge that would be a bonus! Also, the price should be in the high 20K range or at worst, very low 30K range.

The looks of the car are the most important

EV, if that were the case then the only successful BEV’s would be the Tesla S (completely) and the Ford Focus Electric (moderately).