2016 Chevrolet Volt On The Road In Canada – Photos

AUG 15 2015 BY JAY COLE 29

2016 Chevrolet Volt Out For A Spin In Canada

2016 Chevrolet Volt Out For A Spin

So I was out and about in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and figured we would share a picture or two for those of you who might want to see what the 2016 Chevrolet Volt looks like with a front license plate attached, or just know that yes indeed there are Volts on the road today in Canada.

Slightly Less Aerodynamic 2016 Volt.  Don't you just loathe what front license plates due to cars?

Slightly Less Aerodynamic 2016 Volt. Don’t you just loathe what front license plates do to car’s aesthetics?

Just as a reminder, the 2016 Chevrolet Volt has been priced in Canada from $38,390 + $1,600 destination(LTZ trim from $42,390 + DST), with regional government rebates worth up to $8,500 (Ontario).

As the pictures also prove, InsideEVs has convinced General Motors that “yes, black is the only appropriate color for the new Chevrolet Volt and all plug-ins now sold in Canada will be black”*

Also, as dedicated readers (and true EV enthusiasts) already know, black EVs not only look better, but allow the car to travel much faster and further on electricity than all other colors.  Additional scientific fact: drivers of black cars are at least twice as cool as those found in light blue cars.

Now If We Could Just Convince GM To Make The Chevrolet Bow Tie A Really Dark Gray

Now If We Could Just Convince GM To Make The Chevrolet Bow Tie A Really Dark Gray

* – not at all true

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Black cars make their owners drive very quickly to the car wash, several times a month. 😛

That’s the price (although I’ve always heard that white cars look bad with dirt, black cars don’t show it much.

If anything, and this applies to almost all cars expect a limited few (Peugeot 1007, etc):

Any car will look good in black as it ”hides the ugly”, but ”if it looks good in white, it ain’t shite”.

Can’t wait to see one in person.

“Also, as dedicated readers (and true EV enthusiasts) already know, black EVs not only look better, but allow the car to travel much faster and further on electricity than all other colors.”


Any word on whether the black color allows the new Volt to charge faster than the 3.6 kW limit on all other color Volts?

I’ve got a cyber gray volt.
The first thing I did when I got it home was cover the dated yellow badge with some dark gray vinyl. Looks so much better!

I like the idea of Hybrid Flexibility.
So, the Volt 2.0 is on my list for next year or the year after.
With 200 mile EV’s.
There may be a Volt 3.0, but there won’t be a Volt 4.0.

Something to think about.

A 200 mile BEV still wouldn’t be enough for a lot of people. There will be a Volt 4.0.

blacked out the bowtie

Siren red will look amazing

I like the shot from the front so that you can see how the scoop in the hood lines up with the one in the roof. It would be interesting to see some smoke flow over those surfaces.

Just to let ya’ll know how lame the dealers are, I contacted Van Chevrolet in Scottsdale Az and asked the when they would have some gen 2 Volts on the lot and they said in 2017.

They are so useless.

“Oh, I thought you said Bolts, yea we’ll get those VOLTS in early 2016!!
Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over that 120 degrees of sunshine!”

i thought people in california were getting Volts delivered in September. I have been waiting to hear about the first Volts rolling off the assembly line. No idea what is taking GM so long to start building these cars. I would buy one today if i could.

any time you buy anything that is different from the conventional, you had better make sure that you are an informed buyer because you cannot count of the salesperson to give you good information. that’s true about most goods and not just for car purchases.

Last week I was able to buy two hot wheels Chevy Volts at Walmart.

The Hot Wheels Chevy Volt is called the Super Volt. But the only thing I don’t like about the hot wheels car is that it has a giant gas engine mounted on the hood of it. in reality I think the Chevy Volt if it’s electric motor were powerful enough it would destroy any other gas car on the road.

I have one of those, If you look closely at the motor in the hood it’s actually a gigantic round electric motor. Or at least the one I have is.

Correct. And a giant rear-spoiler, drag chute, and even a wheelie bar! The Super-Volt must be RWD. 😉

Black is the worst color for a car. The car become less visible with increased changes of accident, that’s a know statistic. Ambulances are white or yellow because of that, white reflect the light better and that makes it more visible, day or night. Black also makes the car hotter, and that’s not good for the battery.

Just facts!

“Black cars look better in shade”
Gino Vanelli

Looks like a Japanese car except for the God awful front lower chrome grill.
Americans and their Grills = No taste LOL !

I agree! If I were to get one that’s what I’d try to black out. (P.S.- I am American)

Yeah, the GM version of the “Nose Cone” ain’t workin’ for me…

GM will probely dump it in a couple of years,

Probably not.

Why not shutter grill?
They already have it on “eco” Cruze.
That would be be more aesthetic and aerodynamic.

I have a Prius now and want to get the volt . I need a gps because I have no sense of direction. I am afraid onstar won’t be enough because I need a screen

Do you have a picture of the interior? Cloth or leather? All black or Dark Ash?

Once again the Volt only comes in boring dull colors. It should be offered in yellow, red, and orange. Use the paint colors from the Camaro. It seems like GM doesn’t want to attract young trend-setting drivers to the Volt. An electric car should shine bright and stand out!