2016 Chevrolet Volt & Bolt EV Concept Reveal Video – Live From 2015 NAIAS


Here’s live video of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt & Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept reveals at the 2015 NAIAS.

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13 responses to "2016 Chevrolet Volt & Bolt EV Concept Reveal Video – Live From 2015 NAIAS"
  1. ClarksonCote says:

    If they put half as much effort into the marketing on these two vehicles as they did into the theatrics to introduce them at NAIAS, they’ll both be top sellers.

    1. David Murray says:


      Seems like they usually stick the Volt in the back and almost act like they don’t claim it as being theirs. Today they actually seemed proud of these vehicles.

      1. Mike says:

        I want to buy BOTH.
        Damn, it’s going to be hard to decide.

        GM hit’s 2 home runs.

    2. ffbj says:

      Yep. Over a hundred years in business and they have learned how to put on a good show, and once in a while, make a good car.

  2. ClarksonCote says:

    The real question is, will the 2016 Volt finally let its owners disable the ERDTT for climate comfort instead of forcing it on at a particular temperature? 😉

  3. Josh says:

    She seemed to be stressing that Bolt was a concept. I hope they have genuine intent on putting it into production.

    I remember the go/pause/cancel/go they pulled on the ELR, even though the concept (Converj) was a hit.

  4. Assaf says:

    Awesome. Congrats to Mary Barra. That’s what I was hoping for, a new kind of GM leadership.

    I guess she preferred going bold (Bolt!) on an aggressively scheduled high-spec next-gen, rather than trying to salvage Volt I sales. A perfectly valid call.

    Your move, Nissan 🙂

  5. azm-volt says:

    I was hoping for a little more enthusiasm from Mary but I’m very happy that the Bolt will be available nationwide and the new volt looks incredible!

  6. mbepic says:

    If the price really comes in starting at $30k, then I wonder what the new Volt will be priced at. Currently @ $35k and presumably being made to sell at less than that, makes me wonder why I would pay $30k for a sub-compact, even if it does give me 200miles on electric. It still is sized to be a second car.

  7. Breezy says:

    Great to see the CEO introducing these vehicles. I wish my presentations were that cool, but I don’t have the budget.

  8. Johnny GT says:

    Hopefully they’ll clean up the rear end for the production version…this one just looks a little goofy.

    1. Johnny GT says:

      Of the Bolt…The Volt looks pretty darn good IMO.