2016 Chevrolet Volt Reveal & Interview With Chevy’s Marketing Chief – Video


Mahoney Discusses 2016 Chevy Volt

Mahoney Discusses 2016 Chevy Volt

Chevrolet’s global marketing chief, Tim Mahoney, sat down with The Street for an interview following the reveal of the 2016 Chevy Volt at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

Mahoney doesn’t reveal all, but he does state that the 2016 Volt will come with 4G LTE connected technology and that the next-gen Volt’s center dash display will bare a bit more resemblance to the impressive unit found in the Tesla Model S.

Here’s the video description:

“Chevrolet will officially unveil the 2016 Volt at the Detroit Auto Show but gave the media a preview of what it will look like on the eve of the start of CES 2015 in Las Vegas. Chevy’s Global Chief Marketing Officer Tim Mahoney says from the outside the vehicle’s most apparent changes are in styling and design but there will also be new technology offerings on the inside that car enthusiasts will likely be excited about. Mahoney says one of the biggest tech additions to the all-new Volt will be 4G LTE connected technology. While Mahoney stopped short of saying the new control panel on the dash in the Volt will look like the Tesla Model S but he did say it will be more ‘iPad-esque.’ Mahoney calls the addition of connected technology to 16 of Chevrolet’s models, from the Spark all the way up to high-end Silverado trucks, the ‘democratization of technology and creates accessibility’ across all of its auto offerings. TheStreet’s Ruben Ramirez reports from Las Vegas.”

2016 Chevy Volt

2016 Chevy Volt

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“…and that the next-gen Volt’s center dash display will bare a bit more resemblance to the impressive unit found in the Tesla Model S.”

He didn’t actually say that. He said ‘I don’t know if it will look more like Tesla but it has evolved….”

Yeah, he said more iPad/tablet oriented UI. Which I’m not sure if thats good or not. Tablet-style UIs can be done well (Tesla) or not (MyFord Touch).

The current Ford is pretty good. When I first got my FFE not so good. Voice command still not very good

Touchscreens are just a bad idea in cars. Buttons are much easier (read: not impossible) to use without taking your eyes off of the road.

I tend to agree but touchscreens are good too. You can upgrade the GUI and customize. They may be cheaper now too since no custom design is needed and fewer parts.

Maybe I’m nit-picking, but this quote around 4:00, disturbed me: “some – in fact many – owners can go as long as 900 miles before going to a gas station if the fill up on a regular basis – charg in the morning charge in the evening and you’re pretty much free [of the gas station] at that point…”

It seems like the GM Marketing Chief Tim Mahoney doesn’t really understand the Volt. I think it would be more accurate to say “many Volt owners can go several thousand miles before going to a gas station if they charge every night.”

To give him the benefit of the doubt, Mahoney did seem like he garbled his thoughts a bit as he was speaking, but I wish GM had a statisic like “60% of Volt owners have travelled over 3,000 miles between visits to gas stations.” This would be technically true for a lot of Volt owners – maybe even over 60% of us.

As the “Global Chief Marketing Officer”, I’m sure he is talking very carefully because he doesn’t want to get GM in trouble with the regulations surrounding the EPA CAFE window stickers that show official EPA estimates.

Car companies are not allowed to offer a different set of numbers that contradict the official EPA numbers. (Keeping in mind that most EPA ratings numbers are actually collected by the car companies themselves, and submitted to the EPA to be published by the EPA.)

He is taking great care not to contradict the official range numbers on the window sticker. For the 2015 Volt, that official range number is 380 miles (electric+gas).

If he had said something that the general public (not enthusiasts) might confuse with a claim of a 900 mile range would have been a violation of the EPA regulations for window stickers.

He may be working of the GM survey of Volt owners.

Although you can go 3000 miles, the tail of the bell curve may only go to 900, so he’s sticking to actual real world customer experience.

That’s true. Technically you could go a million miles without ever filling the gas tank on a Volt if you recharge every single time before the engine comes on. But that wouldn’t really highlight the strengths of the Volt with the REEV. Because technically even a Coda could be driving without ever visiting a gas station.

There are diminishing returns on saying how far a Volt can go without gas before folks start wondering why they would bother carting around that gas engine if they never use it.

an article a year or so ago about Jay Leno’s driving the Volt to and from the studios included the following factoid: he had the car for 10 months and drove it for 11,000 miles and still had half a tank of the original gas.

Is it just me, or does it seem like GM has chosen a bit more masculine color than the green-grey “Viridian Joule” they used to launch the 2011 Volt?

when the Volt was launched Chevrolet ran a contest to solicit suggestions from the public for colors for the Volt. the winning color was “Viridian Joule”. the reason which GM went with that color was because it was suggested based on feedback from potential customers.

i personally never cared for the color and liked the topaz blue color. i was surprised when GM cancelled it (it is my understanding that blue hurts resale value, for some reason) but it appears that it has been resurrected.

Very interesting, I did not know that. Thanks for the insight! This color definitely looks more like a color that would be chosen by a marketing dept. than the original — so the old color makes much more sense to me now that I know the history.

GM was probably very smart to get personal involvement with the early adopters, since they were their original market. Now it makes more sense to try a more traditional appeal to the mass market.

Actually the color already existed. The competition was just for the name for that color

So GM pulled the plug on the Volt 1.0 in september, and will tease/annoy us for nearly a whole year before we can get the version 2.
Nice way NOT to sell their hybrid!!!

This was the CES show, so the obviously the talking points were mainly related to car connectivity and in car electronic toys.

However I thought the most significant comment made related to the insightful question about marketing the Volt in a low gas price environment. He clearly implied the marketing will be more focused on the driving experience and technology rather than the economic savings of not buying gas. That’s a huge shift. Not what I wanted to hear, but understandable in the current climate.

BTW, oil went under $50/bbl today…

So whats the range improvement on this hybrid?

4g wifi. Wo ho.

The Gen II Volt will have seating for 5 (albeit a smaller fifth seat), more legroom for rear seat passengers, faster acceleration, will use regular gasoline and longer All Electric Range. That isn’t a bad list of improvements.
Now if they can do all that and reduce the price, even a little, I will be a happy Volt owner.

I liked the tone of this interview, from both sides of the microphone.

Although some didn’t like the interviewer’s vivacity, this is, after all, a marketing affair, and people go out of their way to be pleasant. I didn’t find the interviewer Saccarine in the least.

Mr. Mahoney also seemed refreshingly ‘off-stage’. He pointedly stated what was agreed he could not say, and talked mainly about the latest gadgetry, which appeals to some (not me, but what the heck – they have to sell to a wide ranging audience and tastes, or at least that SHOULD be the objective).

Pretty uninspiring that the big new feature he could talk about was 4G LTE Wifi. That was available on the 2015 so isn’t even anything new and doesn’t have much to do with a car (anyone can carry a Wifi hotspot around).

Well it was the CES show, so not really surprising the topics were limited to 4G LTE, WiFi and electronic features.

They should have had Tim Mahoney go over and sit in the Volt, that would have helped prove that it is a big enough car for Americans.

I don’t mean to be a jerk but a lot of Americans are pretty large these days and if big Tim could comfortably get in and sit in the car, that would alleviate some people’s worries.


Actually it would be better if there are 4 of them in the car…

Get 5 of him in there comfortably and sales should be good.

Okay. New Volt has wifi that now matches many other GM vehicles, and they’re gonna use deep data to track customers needs and provide for a more pleasant customer experience. Oh, and they cloned touch tablets for their GUI. Lovely.

What’s new about the actual car? Still not excited…

More AER, faster acceleration, modestly faster charging, a fifth seat, more legroom in the back (this one is anecdotal but repeated by several people who saw it) and it will use regular gasoline instead of premium.