2016 Chevrolet Volt Presented By Bowman Chevrolet – Video


At least one Chevrolet dealership is overly enthusiastic over the 2016 Chevy Volt.  Above is video from Bowman Chevrolet.  Below, the video description posted by the dealership.

Now, if only all the dealers were this thrilled.

Bowman Chevrolet Presents 2016 Chevy Volt

Bowman Chevrolet Presents 2016 Chevy Volt

An EXCLUSIVE look at the brand new 2016 Chevrolet Volt, no other dealership has a review of this car, just unveiled at the NAIAS! We are Your Online Dealer!

Chevy has done a tremendous job with the second generation Volt. 50 Mile EV Range, Over 400 Mile Total Range, 100 LBS Lighter, All New Voltec System, Seating For Five, The New Volt Is AWESOME!

The 2016 Volt features:
-New two-motor drive unit is up to 12 percent more efficient and 100 pounds lighter (45 kg) than the first-generation drive unit
-Two-motor design enables 19 percent stronger zero-to-30 mph acceleration
-Battery capacity has increased to 18.4 kWh using 192 cells (96 fewer than current generation) with weight reduced by more than 20 pounds
-Regen on Demand™ feature enables driver control of energy regeneration via a convenient paddle on the back of the steering wheel
-New 1.5L range extender, designed to use regular unleaded fuel, offers a combined GM-estimated fuel efficiency of 41 mpg (EPA estimate pending)
-Stronger body structure and quieter ride
-New braking system with improved capability and blended Regen feel
-New, five-passenger seating with available rear heated seats
-Location-based charging capability
-120V portable cord set has a simpler, compact design with more convenient storage location
-Available illuminated charge port

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Well gee thanks……seriously though nice to see a dealer step up and promote PHEV. (And no…no relation…though I wouldn’t be opposed to a nicely discounted Volt 2.0) 🙂

The video says “100lbs lighter”, but isn’t the whole car actually 250lbs lighter? In the punchlist below, the drivetrain is mentioned as 100lbs lighter.

Looks like this dealer is also embracing the “Online Dealer” concept.

Does anyone know what the “Projection” button on the touchscreen does?

Shows a hologram of Princess Leia saying “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope”.

My guess is that is configures the information displayed on the HUD.

Glad to see some enthusiasm at a dealership. A minor quibble: the text description correctly states the drivetrain is 100lbs lighter, but the video itself leads one to believe the whole car is only 100lbs lighter, when in reality the car is about 250lbs lighter, some of reduction came from the new battery pack.

Not 100% sure, but I believe it’s screen mirroring for your smartphone.

It should be a winner.

Can someone explain how “Regen on Demand” works and how is this different than simply taking your foot off the gas and/or driving in “L”?

Well, I felt the same way until I went from a 2012 to a 2014 Volt that has the voltmeter gauge. I learned there is a difference between braking or using regen via the shifter. Basically what I am getting at is that regen on demand that is variable like the 2016 Volt has potential to be a lot better. Full regen can be greater to slow you down better and yet can also allow for lighter braking and less regen when needed. It is yet to be seen if this is the case in the 2016.

Yeah I tried the ‘regen on demand’ with the Caddy ELR and then what happens when you try to turn a corner?

If its ‘latchable’ then maybe. But its a gimmick at this point and I don’t like it from what I’ve seen.

“overly enthusiastic”??

I’d say “overtly enthusiastic”!

Wonderful to see there actually is one GM dealer who is enthusiastic about promoting sales of a plug-in EV!

Let’s see: At the beginning of 2013, GM had 4,355 U.S. dealers.

So that’s one down, about 4354 to go…

I wonder if the new drive transaxle will reclassify this vehicle. And would it still qualify for the HOV sticker in CA?