2016 Chevrolet Volt Pitched As The Car Of Tomorrow, Built Today


This 30-second video is the second “Tomorrowland” advertisement for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

General Motors pitches the idea of the new Volt as the car of tomorrow, built today, but since it will not be available until the Fall of 2015, doesn’t that technically still make it the car of tomorrow?

What do you think of this advertisement for the new Volt? Tomorrowland will hit the big screen on May 22, 2015.

The Car Of Tomorrow, Today….. Tomorrow

The Car Of Tomorrow, Today….. Tomorrow

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Technically the Chevy Bolt would be the car of tomorrow.

My question is if there is a 200 mile range Bolt running around will people jump ship to get on it then go by a volt.

But the good news in all of this is the Volt will take sales away from the Prius.

i think that “technically” the car of tomorrow is a car that people would actually be driving. in that regard, for the foreseeable future there is a bigger potential market for a car like the Volt than there is for a car like the Bolt, which is more targeted for EV enthusiasts.

the real name of the game is sufficient EV range for practical driving with a range extender for added flexibility.

I’ve been saying the Volt is ‘a Tesla 3 for the middle class, available now’ for about the past three years.

the difference between the Volt and anything that Tesla will offer is that the Volt can be your only car. it is never a good idea to have a BEV as your only car. as such, anything that Tesla offers is probably going to be fairly expensive to own as a second car.

“it is never a good idea to have a BEV as your only car.”
Huhhh, is that because you can’t drive a Tesla from LA to NY??

“the real name of the game is sufficient EV range for practical driving with a range extender for added flexibility.” This reality has been very difficult for people to understand. I don’t think people with in the future either.

“Technically the Chevy Bolt would be the car of tomorrow.”

No, that would be the day after tomorrow… =)


Great commercial. I’d like to see the sequel where they show how you fuel the car with zero emission renewable fuel you generated at home. Fuel that costs pennies and covers all of your in-town driving.

Conflict free fuel. Now there’s a bright future.

Good! The Volt is a GREAT car that has not got nearly the attention and sales that it deserves. It has a decent long EV range and then no compromise gas driving after that. GM needs to put that drivetrain into more vehicles (SUVs, CUVs, minivans, pick-ups, etc.)

That said, I’m more of a pure EV guy and I’m looking forward to the Bolt and Model 3.

A modified volt drivetrain will be in the 2016 Malibu hybrid so they are working on just that

I would not call our 2013 Volt great. Great potential but needs improvement, particularly with the crappy climate control system significantly lowering efficiency in cold weather.

i have a 2011 volt & have had no problem with climate control, driving in texas. when on “comfort” it seems pretty powerful. love the car.

The way I see it, the Volt is the car of today. The trouble is, the other 99.9% of the population are still driving the car of yesterday and just don’t know it.

the Volt is a “car of the future” to the extent that it presages automotive transportation of the future. in that regard, i believe that the Volt is a car of the future.

Maybe the car of today. This supposed car of tomorrow still won’t have adaptive cruise available, unlike other cars you can get today like the Fusion, Camry, Mazda 3 and Impala.

this commercial starts with a nice summary of past concept “cars of the future” that will probably be lost on most viewers.

So if the car is “Built today” shouldn’t you be able to buy it today, I think is what the question is asking? I’m sure GM saw an opportunity to get on the coat tails of a new block buster movie but didn’t really give the slogan enough thought. By the time the car hits the showroom the movie will have gone through the theaters and released on for distribution on Netflix or Amazon, if they’re lucky! Don’t get me wrong, I had a 2012 Volt and the lease just ended last month. I would love to buy a new Volt but GM is taking their time with a conventional new car release process. They say it will be available in Fall of 2015 but the fine print says “only in select states”. 45(?) out of the 50 states will have to wait until January 2016. I didn’t replace my 2012 Volt on the hopes that the 2016 will be available shortly but given the conventional factory shutdown of the 2015 model and retooling over the summer for 2016 I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until Jan 2016. If anyone else has some insight on what they… Read more »

I thought we had an article here that said the rest of the US states could order on Oct 1st and production of those cars would start at the end of Oct.

There’s some info on the release dates here.

I’m sure I saw more info on GM’s site too.

If it’s the car for tomorrow why did GM style it on yesterdays Honda & Mazda with Ford lower grill.

They should have continued the Bold design theme of Volt, but GM have no Guts to do that.

At least the Bolt has some futuristic edge to it but the Volt 2016 ? Lets hope by version III they get it together.

The Gen 1 Volt’s divisive. I don’t think it looks good at all, my wife likes how it looks.

Interesting I always thought Version 1 looks awesome as in Australia we get alot of Asian Euro style vehicles and for me the 2016 is such a beige copy cat vehicle, but if that is what the North American market wants so be it. But were i sit Americans on occasion can have some absolute shocking taste in auto in regards as to what they think looks good – leaving us and the Europeans with good car design taste in tears of laughter.

I’m typing this from my motel room just outside of Dayton, Ohio on my way to the Dayton Hamvention. (Largest Amateur Radio flea market event in at least the US – possibly the world). The 2011 Volt’s efficiency is to me simply amazing. 404 miles so far on $21.59 of Native American gasoline (no NY State gas taxes). Plus 15 minutes charging in Niagara Falls, NY at the IBEW union hall, and also for 45 minutes at the Dunkirk, NY Marina (both ChargePoints). The Traveling between 65-75 mph, I’ve gotten around 41 mpg while on Gas (with tires inflated to 42 PSI). I asked for a room toward the back of the motel, and have taken a room in the Smoking Wing to get a room near an parking lot window. I’ve had my 110 voltec with the #16 orange cord plugged in, and it will be done after about 14 hours of charging since I don’t dare run more than 8 amps. Its just a tiny unobtrusive cord, which looks like a very small ‘battery charging’ cord which I told the front desk, ‘could I please plug my car in out the window since my battery might be ‘a… Read more »

Bill, how are you dealing with protecting the charging unit from theft? Are you able to park close enough to where you can position it inside your room?

Yeah, its a one-star motel, but at least it is fairly clean. ALthough the front desk accused me of stealing towels so they didn’t give me any new ones today friday. One more day here. The girls steal the towels and then blame it on the customers…. But yeah, the voltec is in the room by the window (a short extension cord gets it to the recepticle, and the 18′ (?) orange cord reaches the car with just enough slack that I can square it off on the sidewalk so that it appears more or less ‘hidden’.

But that’s no reflection on the VOLT, which is the point of the post. Many people complain about the ‘0.96 kw’ setting of the VOLT, but as indicated here, its just a quick enough charge for what I’m doing and the standard 12 amp charge on other ev’s would have the motel accusing me of burning down their wiring when the breaker tripped.

But here’s the thing, 99.9% of the population doesnt want to deal with a BEV…it’s the car from 100 years ago. You enthusiasts are willing to put up with all the nonsense of stringing power cables out the window of one star motels but that’s about it. The Volt at least can be driven like a real car. The only problem is that its too expensive for there to be a decent return on investment for a lot of people. Get the price more reasable then all cars should be built like the Volt.

Yeah Jonathan you have a point. I don’t agree with it for me, but I see how you could say that for you. And that seems to be the feeling in mid-state-ohio (DAYTON), since I’ve seen probably a thousand cars since I’ve been here, and my VOlt is the only car that has been a plug-in. So I was not only the only car I’ve seen that can plug in, I’m also the only car I’ve seen that could have plugged in, which the parking guys were very nice in that I asked today if I could plug into a 110 volt outlet I saw at the “SHOW”, and they thought my Volt was so novel that they said sure, no problem… Whether they would allow that should EV’s become more commonplace here is of course another question.

They showed many 1960+ GM concept, prototypes in outline, yet didn’t show either the Impact or EV-1, the real tech forefathers of the Volt.
I like the Volt but GM has blown it so badly in marketing.
It and the Bolt should have come out as Cadillac’s a yr early and then lower Lux version dropped to Chevy giving both a far bigger tech advantage, Cad from coming out first and Chevy for adopting Cad tech.