2016 Chevrolet Volt Order Books Open In 10 Additional States


On August 27th, order books for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt opened in 10 additional states.

Of course, California was first to be able to order the 2016 Volt way back in May, but now there are 10 more “CARB” states added, including Oregon, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire.

We believe that the first 2016 Volt delivery will occur any day now, but General Motors is not providing a specific date.

GM-Volt.com earlier reached out to Chevrolet Communications representative Michelle Malcho for comment on delivery timing.¬† Here’s her response:

‚ÄúDeliveries are expected later this fall. No exact timing as of yet. California will be first.”

2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt


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I hope they’ve collected a huge book of orders already, this great car deserves to be a huge success. Great range, great gas MPG, nice aero, nice looks, etc.

GM just needs to put that Voltec drivetrain into an SUV, minivan, pick-up, etc. Yeah, the range & gas MPG will drop but it will still be pretty good.

I agree Spec. The Volt is a great car. Now put that nice powertrain in something a little more practical.

That’s a nice shot of the black Volt. I’m a fan. Especially since my 2012 is now gone with its expired lease. Probably the nicest vehicle I have ever owned and I miss it.

but this time I’m going to get a pure EV. My drive is 68 miles round trip with no charging available. I would like to do that whole trip gas free.

Maybe I will lease a Leaf 30kwh 2016 and then roll into a Bolt.

There are lots of CPO and inventory Teslas out there. Some have been in the $40k range.


Thanks for that CPO list. But right now, the cheapest Model S cars are $65K. Ouch. That hurts considering they offer a base Model S 70 model these days for $70K.

The 70k car will be nothing with at at all, most of the CPO cars have higher cost paint, a pano roof better wheels and leather seats, to get that in a 70 you’re going to spent 85-90k on the car easy. Oh, and almost all of them are 85’s.

Be very careful with the CPO Model S. The cars have many issues. These are nowhere close to the Volt quality.


The cheap ones go fast. Someone got one for $42k last week. In Colorado (and perhaps other states), the $6000 tax credit can be claimed on used and inventory cars. Remember that the inventory cars should also be eligible for $7500 federal tax credit in most cases.

If you can find it from an owner then you don’t have to pay the sales tax. In AZ anyway.

The new 70’s look good but you need to add the the D then add destination blah blah blah it gets expensive too fast.

be sure to sort by price, there are hundreds in the CPO consolidator but it isn’t sorted by price when you first open it.

I think the default sort is newest listing on top (date/time added).

There’s one for $58k and one for $61k, all the rest are more money than the $62,500 entry price for the base 70kwh. Id like to see some in the $40k -$50k range otherwise you’re better off spending $62,500 for a brand new one.

It’s a tough car for sure. I’ve been looking at the CPO cars and I can’t decide between a new 70 or a used plain Jane 85….

Totally agree with the comments above. There is no way I would buy a CPO Tesla, even at 60K. Why would I buy a used S85 with 30k miles, when I can get a new 70D for just a tad more money. New 70D costs 75K – 10K rebates and credit in CA = $65K. In nearly all ways the 70D is as good, if not a better car than the S85.

Agree that the S70D is a great all round car and shows good value for money.
On the Volt, in Worldwide YTD sales it sits at number 9 for EV’s and PHEV’s on the EV Sales site. Watch this space!!

Chevy Mailbu Hybrid?

On a black Volt like the one pictured above, I would black out (paint or PlastiKote) the upper and lower silver grills.

Or apply a wrap.

I don’t know sven. The silver grill looks pretty good with the black paint. I’m already bored with the “all black” look that is such a rage around here. Heck I see all these monkey boys in their monkey trucks the latest fad is all black wheels and all black body…..it gets old in a hurry.

and “rolling coal” as they accelerate. Some of them are actually proud of blowing pure black carbon exhaust in the faces of pedestrians, cyclists, etc. and post Youtubes of their exploits.

Whenever I see those Coal Rollers – especially the ones with the vertical pipes – I get the urge to follow them to a parking lot and dump unpopped popcorn down their pipes, then wait till they leave to get a good show!

Sprayfoam in the exhaust is the best cure to rolling coal;)

I agree. That silver is a bit obnoxious.

I expect there to be a healthy 3rd party market for replacement grill pieces. It’s not that I hate the factory look, but I can see how a lot of people would think it’s “a bit much”.

Maybe GM should steal an idea from Nissan and make a few trim pieces available in different colors, ala the Juke. A black Volt with red grill inserts would look lovely in my garage, right next to my Leaf.

I actually agree with George. I really like the silver. I think it looks good on the Volt regardless of the color. But the black and silver do make a nice looking contrast.

I was thinking about doing that myself. I ordered a black one.

Gorgeous car but I won’t buy one until GM gets rid of the ICE altogether. I envision the BOLT with the same exterior design as the VOLT … too bad GM doesn’t share my vision.

Funny you say that.. Most Volt owners say they wouldn’t buy the Volt if not for the range extender. So you can’t please everyone.

Well, no one wants to get rid of the version with the ICE. Just offer a version that is battery-only.

I’d be down with that. Heck, I’d probably get both versions!

Why would you expect the Bolt to have the same exterior design as the Volt? The Bolt concept plus spy shots of production-intent Bolts are more Sonic-like. Not at all like the Volt exterior.

I believe he’s saying that he’d rather they made the Bolt design similar to the Volt. Not that he thinks it will be.

With the Bolt’s exterior design, it could end up being surprisingly roomy inside. I was in a Honda Fit and it was pretty comfortable for all four of us. It is a subcompact with a WB of 99.6″ and a length of 156″ so maybe the Bolt will be just as roomy, since the exterior of the concept car wasn’t dis-similar.

How accurate is this “2016 Chevrolet Volt Timeline” for production deliveries?

ie: Did 2016 MY California deliveries start in August.

Hey Brian,

The timeline is specifically for dealer ordering and follow-through production, not the actual deliveries (which obvious can vary quite significantly depending on the region and allocation of each specific dealer). But first wave production did indeed start in August, and there is a lot of inventory/orders completed and now in transit to dealers.

Barring any late QA issues/holds (there seems to possibly be a couple checks related to LTZ/Premier components – not so much on LT), we expect retail/gen pop. deliveries imminently.

Hi Jay,

Does that include filling dealer inventory or is that only for folks who ordered one?

Thanks Jay.

Ah I remember when Arizona was a Clean Cars CARB state but the AZDEQ cancelled it saying it was too expensive to impliment. They don’t know what to do if a vehicle doesn’t have a tail pipe. http://www.azdeq.gov/environ/air/vei/index.html