2016 Chevrolet Volt Now On Sale In Mexico

DEC 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 24

2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

General Motors announced the launch of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt in Mexico – a country that also recently gained access (via the first company boutique store in the region) to the Tesla Model S and X as well.

The 2016 Volt is to be available in 7 colors in these major cities:

  • Mexico City
  • Monterrey
  • Guadalajara
  • Queretaro
  • Puebla

The price stands at 638,000 pesos ($36,880).

Chevrolet Volt is the second plug-in model from General Motors offered in Mexico. The first was/is the Spark EV.

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The Volt makes a lot more sense in Mexico than the Tesla models The Supercharger network is still non-existant in Mexico.

Most people don’t do all that many 400+ km trips per year. The Tesla will make plenty of sense even without access to a supercharging network.

And as usual there will be charging points installed when sales start growing.

Yes, and where is the Volt’s charging network in Mexico. Volt will need one much more than a longer range Tesla Model S.

Here it is. Available all over Mexico.

Volt will need one much more
Volt does not even NEED a charger.

Yes,for NOW, in Mexico Tesla is a toy for the Mexican rich.

You have to take the first step before the 1000th.

Mexico’s dollar millionaires will pave the way for a Tesla Service Center and Supercharger network that the Mexican upper middle class will use once the Model 3 is released.

BTW The Volt only makes financial sense in Northern Mexico where gasoline prices are roughly the same as American prices across the border less American bargain hunters cause shortages.

If Volt gets an exemption in Mexico City to vehicle circulation law that prohibits gasoline powered cars on the road one workday a week and limits gasoline cars to 15 year service life then it may make sense.

There is only one Northern Mexican city on that list in Monterey. The third most populous Mexican city,Tijuana, that is right on the American border is excluded.

There are a lot of techies in Guadalajara but don’t know if there are enough for a dealer to invest in sales and service of a Volt.

The rest is basically greater Mexico City.

Kinda crazy that Mexico gets access to 2016 Volts when the rest of the US does. Seems like the US should come first.

I was surprised by this as well.

Yeah but the Volt is partially built in Mexico.

Is part made in Canada too? Most is made in the US but that doesn’t matter. GM faithful tried to claim limited production or parts as the excuse for not rolling out to all 50 states. That’s BS too. GM simply chose to limit Volt sales for whatever reason. Maybe they just wanted consistent production and are fashioning demand to meet this desire.

GM rolled it out only partially because of limited production. I got one here in Ontario after waiting for 2.5 months. It made sense for GM to sell them in places where there are incentives (in Canada it is Ontario, Quebec and BC). The sales numbers in Canada are small overall, I haven’t seen any other Volt around here.

Limited by what? There is a $7500 federal incentive for the entire USA.

Same goes for Spark EV!

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Well that was an ugly anti-semitic rant.

Agreed. I’m sure the InsideEVs staff will remove it when they see it.

Can we get this Dumbass nut off our site?

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Because part of being smart is being able to see Real Conspiracy, and not Racist Conspiracy.

Some old fashioned antisemitism. How refreshing, here I was almost about to think that it was only okay to hate on Mexicans and muslims anymore.

It’s fascinating how people find things to hate…

May the people of Mexico enjoy the great combination of EVs and PV panels to charge them! They’ve got great solar assets that can seriously reduce their oil needs.

Nice to see SparkEV is acknowledged, but I wonder if there was such article when SparkEV went on sale in Mexico long ago. Tesla got an article, now the Volt.

(in dangerfield’s voice) “I get no respect, I tell you! No respect!”

It would’ve been interesting to have an article why GM priced SparkEV less in Mexico than in CA where they get ZEV credit.


Because US government and CA state government pay you to buy the Spark EV?

What I meant is how much profit Chevy is turning with SparkEV in Mexico? They wouldn’t sell it at a loss when they’re not mandated to sell it.

The follow up question would be why not release it all over the world if SparkEV is turning profit at $24K? It’s similar to Renault Zoe, but quicker, faster charging, AND cheaper.

I can understand not selling in US to save fed subsidy for Bolt, but not selling in all over the world makes no sense. I mean, third quickest 0-60 BEV in the world behind Tesla and i3 while costing almost half of i3 is very compelling EV. Fastest charging EV in the world is a nice bonus, too.


Sparky is most under appreciated car on the planet, I bought mine after Car & Driver rated it the top electric by far (not including Tesla at 5X cost). It is a blast to drive, seats 4 large people. Hope they keep making it, with the big motor.
I’m not sure why GM is selling Volt in Mexico and not 50 states, but I doubt it is due to an evil conspiracy.