2016 Chevrolet Volt – New Year’s Resolution Video


Volt Is #1

Volt Is #1

Here’s the latest video from General Motors on the 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

Nothing is revealed in this video. Rather, it’s a look back at where it all began with the Volt and then a recap of what’s been achieved by Volt owners, followed by an announcement that the Volt is the U.S. #1 selling plug-in vehicle.

The video ends with by hinting that, for the Volt, a new beginning is just around the corner with the scheduled reveal of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt set for January 12, 2015 in Detroit at the 2015 NAIAS.

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I always thought the delay in offering new models was due to the lack of profitability.

But now the Nissan Leaf is supposedly profitable, so why don’t they sell their Nv200EV to GM to be a rebadged EV version the same as they do with their Gas NV-200?

Lack of profitability compared to the ICE version. A e-NV200 might be profitable but as long as the regular NV200 is more profitable there is no reason for them to sell them.

Except when someone walks into a Chevy Dealer and says they’d buy this Van if you had it in an Electric Model.

They better make good use of “#1 selling plug-in in America” since that title will probably be taken away sometime in April or so.

If they can say it was the #1 selling EV right up until the successor was announced, that’s good enough.

By who?

Carlos Ghosn 😉

Cool video and kudos to the Volt, though the last line seemed to spark a negative connotation, at least for me. The “we’re just getting started” line makes me think of GM and their self created purgatory due to their plethora of recalls some related to the essentially criminal actions regarding the faulty ignition switches. Problems that never seem to go away, and will only reoccur until GM changes their corporate philosophy. The sins of the past come back to haunt you.

There were no ignition switch recalls for the Volt at any time. That is other GM models they have to figure out.