2016 Chevrolet Volt Is A Mid-Motor Electric Car – Wait A Second…


2016 Chevy Volt Cutaway - Definitely Not A Mid-Motor Electric Car

2016 Chevy Volt Cutaway – Definitely Not A Mid-Motor Electric Car

In celebration of National Battery Day (February 18), Chevrolet release the image shown above.

This image confirms that the 2016 Chevrolet Volt features a mid-mounted electric motor.

The current Volt has an electric motor up front, not in the middle of the car.  Why the switch to mid-mounted for the next-gen Volt?

Well, there’s no switch, actually.  Rather, it’s a glitch in the display of the 2016 Volt.  Probably a case of the software/interface developers not discussing the image with the engineering team.

We hope this gets corrected before the 2016 Volt enters production.  Otherwise, some may believe that the electric motor is truly separate of the the gas engine and that it’s indeed located under the passenger compartment.  Clearly false.

Fix this General Motors and correct the shape of the battery pack while you’re at it too.  Thanks!

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You can’t really believe that GM was suggesting that the electric motor is mounted in the middle of the vehicle, do you?

This display appears to be conveying, in easy to glance at terms, where the power for the motor is coming from. Either from the battery or the ICE. By placing the motor between the two, it makes it easy to visually represent where the power is coming from.

As for fixing the shape of the battery, the illustrated shape is a more universally accepted icon for a battery. While most on here will know the actual shape of the Volt’s battery, most buyers are not as well educated and showing a t-shaped image for the battery might prove to be confusing.

This post is most definitely a tempest in a teapot.

There are distinct differences between schematics and engineering drawings. Schematics look nothing like the printed circuit boards, integrated circuits or processors they depict, but the functions are clearly depicted. Only engineering drawings are accurately depictions to scale which demonstrate the proximity of and clearances between adjacent components.

It’s a easy to read infographical metaphore of the drivetrain: not an engineering schematic. :p

If you want to pick on GM, lets talk about the 53 folks who died in their vehicles due to “Key Gate”.

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Cool. 🙂 My bedroom is pretty awesome… 😉

I don’t have a problem with the infographic. I owned several Toyota Priuses which had similar displays. They were never accurate as to the location of powertrain parts either.

Just because the display was wrong in the Prius doesn’t mean it should be wrong in the Volt also.

The display isn’t wrong. It is the fancy animated equivalent of a block diagram, not a precise mechanical depiction.

Honestly, I’m a bit miffed that some people think it is “incorrect”. The gas tank icon in my car points to the right, yet I don’t look for it on the front quarter panel where the arrow is literally pointing.

if you want technical data, read your manual. Don’t look at some user interface… gosh.

This would be one of the more embarrassing “stories” that InsideEVs has published. Come on, guys.

Well, it’s obvious that there just isn’t any newly available information about the 2016 Volt that’s worthy of being typed up. Slow news weekend, I guess (sarcasm alert!).

Those who want something more substantial about the new Volt must look elsewhere today.

You might try looking at the front page article at the website named after the manufacturer – and the model name.

Hey Jeff,

As we talked earlier, there is absolutely no problem at all promoting/linking articles that have good information value elsewhere on the net. We can’t have it all, (=

Especially true when its from GM-Volt.com where myself and Lyle used to call home and will always hold a special place with us. I know a lot of places around the net like to police the community’s content and pen people in by heavily moderating and disabling links, but we don’t at all.

Here is the link to the article you, George B and Patrick penned..no “searching” required:

Gen 2 Volt Transmission Operating Modes Explained

I encourage anyone interested in the 2016 Volt’s internals to go check it out!

Slow news day, huh? 🙂 I think this is actually much clearer than the Gen 1 volt’s display with the properly located battery, motor, and engine and its swirling wisps of power flowing this way and that.

Um, Eric…

It’s a diagram. Not a blueprint.

The display makes sense. Cramming both the engine and motor in the same area on the screen would be “correct” engineering wise but unclear to the driver. The battery looks like it shows the charge level as well, kind of hard to do that in a T shape.

No it doesn’t. There’s 2 motors.

True, two motors, a generator, complex transmission and the like. But as a driver I do not care about all that complexity. If I care about a power flow diagram I want to know whether energy comes from the battery, gas tank or both. A simpler overview is better in this case.

and a TMS for the battery 🙂

I might point out that the “complex” Volt transmission has a spotless reliability record while Tesla’s super simple one motor one gear reduction set does not.

No. Please be more specific…

The volt utilizes one gas sucking engine, and one electric motor.

I have to agree with Eric… if they’re gonna keep this display, it should be as “anatomically” correct as possible, like it is in the current Volt. For those of us in the know (i.e. the informed folks that posted here), I think this display is total waste of prime real estate anyway since the Volt has an excellent graphic on the main console for displaying the same information, which is much more helpful when it comes to making decisions while driving. Hopefully the Gen 2 still has that. The only time this particular screen on the center display is currently used in my Volt is when my 11-year-old switches to it because he feels like he wants to be entertained. The only other person that used it in my presence is a salesman of a dealership that I didn’t buy my Volt from… I actually felt sorry for him as he struggled to explain it to me. I can imagine the confusion and misinformation that would be communicated if the graphic implied that the motor is midship. So, since the screen is primarily used for entertainment and sales pitches, I’m thinking it should be relatively unchanged from the current… Read more »

Hey, if you’re going to bother with all that– why not have GM do a real-time 3D display of what the Planetary Gears are actually doing: and show what motor/engine is currently contributing to the vehicles torque output, millisecond by millisecond…

Autistic consumers will love it. 😉

This is wrong? I was hoping they’d put the Motor where the Mother-In-Law would normally go.

I feel GM did a great job with the 2016 Volt. I hope they make the front seats more comfortable and more roomier.