2016 Chevrolet Volt Interior Partially Revealed

DEC 18 2014 BY TDILLARD 31

The regen-braking video from Volt

The Anticipation Builds For Next Gen Volt

Do you think we’re the kind of people that comb over videos in HD looking for details that normal, well-adjusted people miss?  Well then, you’d be right.

Here’s the video that was just released if you’d like to watch it.  Here’s what we were able to glean from it.


Mark Reuss


Andrew Farah

Using the regen paddle - left hand

Using the regen paddle – left hand

Regen paddle detail

Regen paddle detail

Draped (secret) rear seats?  Really?

Draped (secret) rear seats? Really?

More draped bits: center console

More draped bits: center console

Windshield wiper momentary actuation (right hand)

Windshield wiper momentary actuation (right hand)

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Blue shifter top, vinyl or leather shift boot, smooth lower rent looking door panel, unlock/lock buttons on door, PRNDL shift plate, red/white shift plate (could mean this is a red car?), blind spots still seem big, but may be a bit smaller.

From the side mirrors, it looks to me like the standard swirly white/black test mule paint job.

The swirly stuff is a wrap…could be a red paint job underneath.

That may not be a Regen paddle shifter. It may be a Drive Mode shifter. (Normal, Sport, Hold, Mountain…) That would solve the complaint that the Drive Mode button is too close to the Power Button.


That’s definitely the regen paddle (sounds like there’s only one) he’s pressing. You can see him actuate it although it doesn’t move much.

But, maybe the button on the ride side of the steering wheel is a Drive Mode button?

right side of the steering wheel

You’re correct. He says it in the video.


Interesting they kept the shifter. That’s OK by me. Either way would be OK but it not being there would open up a little more room.

Again, so we get a little seat in the middle.

It’s the drivetrain tech I’m after.

All in all. Looking to be a must have for me.

A better view of the new 2016 Volt center console and one inch larger nav screen can be seen here, at :35 seconds in –

If you haven’t watched this yet, it’s cool to actually see the ’16 Volts in motion too. GM bragged about cardboard and bubble wrap to disguise details and you can see that in effect here on outside door panels. Makes one believe there is some surfacing detail on the doors. I like the bigger nav screen, better looking shifter ( hope it’s lots less clunky than the present shifter, needs smoother less clunky detents ). Current Volt shifter reminds me of 1960-70 console-mounted automatic shifter levers.

For you guys that are detail-obsessed, and impatient like me – the noted video in my comment above also reveals the all-important rear passenger window trailing edge. Look to :46 on the video for an “aha!: moment to see more what the side view will look like. Outside, the window is camo wrapped, but inside you can see the whole shape of that window. It’s also the best shot I know of Volt’s (super “secret”??? ) back seat.

I don’t like the quarter window design as it looks as if they went for max visibility rather than sporty style. Current Volt’s quarter window angles sporty-like, sharply down at an angle where 2016 just curls down to the horizontal flat base of the side window.

What do you guys think?

Watched the video. Looks like they did what I had suggested on the HVAC controls and just made it a big knob for easy access. The touchscreen also looks like it has more icons packed onto it. The Gen2 appears a lot sportier now that I can see it in motion, even w/the camo on it.

I’m guessing the red E-stop button on the top of the dash isn’t standard. 🙂

looks like the overhead controls are different too.

Center stack buttons are different from ’15 Cruze, but screen looks equally raked toward the windshield. Looks nice, but now potentially out of reach.

Volt already brakes better in stop/go than Tesla. The modes, and now a paddle will make things even better. It is just simple, and easier, to do it this way rather than making drivers feather the throttle over so limited a distance.

Was that A-pillar camo’d? I can’t imagine they’ll deliver a black one, on white roof liner?? It’s a fix Volt needs, IMO.

The width of the front A-pillars seems greatly reduced. That should improve front/side visibility. Compare to a 2014:


With IEV’s uploaded images, it is also more clear that the a-pillar has more rake in the new version. Closer to horizontal=bad, IMO.

my biggest complaint about the Volt is the lack of visibility through the pillars. i suppose the upside is that if you get in an rollover accident, they are great, but for regular driving, you really have to gooseneck to see around the pillars.

I completely agree about the difficulty seeing behind you. One of the major negatives for me.

For me, regen paddles are a non-feature, even though I would very likely use them if my next (PH)EV had them.

My primary focus is getting as many drivers into electric cars as possible, and as soon as possible. In that light, regen paddles would be a plus for such a tiny portion of the general public, and a weird, totally ignorable “electric car thing” for so many, that they won’t move the adoption rate needle. And even for those people (like me) who think the RPs are a cool and useful feature, I strongly suspect many of us would use them less over time.

By comparison, the feature I’ve heard people request most often from the new Volt, a 5th seat, would likely help move a lot of units.

I thought so too until I got my ELR. When I drove my Volt again and even my wife’s Infiniti I found myself trying to use them. That’s a sign of something that becomes pretty natural.

i always shift my smart ed into the highest regen setting when i get in

I hope they keep that large spot by the shifter. That’s where I keep my Powerades/Big Gulps.

just so funny how Tesla did almost everything right

cleanest interior i’ve ever seen. Volt has way too much unnecessary stuff

I can’t tell you how much I like doubling over to the center of the Tesla dash, so I can drill in the drop-down for seat memory.

Then again, Volt doesn’t have the power seats that would give them the opportunity to place the button in the wrong spot.

What about this looks like a Corvette???

I thought it was only subtle exterior cues that were going to look like aspects of the Corvette? Also, this interior is camouflaged.

For guys who don’t scroll up or down and just read the latest comments they haven’t yet seen – scroll up to my video link, OK? I’m curious to see what kdawg, George and other Volt nuts think.

Thanks! 🙂

Can I forward this thought ( also on Volt Owner’s facebook page )? What the **** is so super secret about the friggen back seat?!!!

It’s fascinating to me why GM is holding that so close to the vest! Fascinating and mega frustrating! Even in that Motorweek EyeSpy video, a guy is standing seemingly purposely ( knowing he’s being filmed ) in front of the middle portion of the seat, and the inside shot is like the above shots – with tarp over it, and another big sheet!

Shhheesh GM, what’s up with THAT?!!!

Is it so the BIG REVEAL in January at Detroit can be – “it seats 4 1/2, sort of”?!


The big reveal hopefully will include “and behind door number #2 …. A NEW CAR!” – a CUV version of the Volt. Hoping for that.

I will guess that middle seat sestion will fold out and form a child seat with straps, like Tesla’s optional rear seats in the Model S. *shrugs*