2016 Chevrolet Volt Gets Slight Reveal – Aggressive Exterior Design, Interior Significantly Improved


The 2016 Chevrolet Volt was revealed to local Los Angeles Volt owners last evening.

Those owners, who got to see the Volt in its entirety, were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so specifics on what they witnessed can’t be released.

However, we’re allowed to show you these teaser images of the front end of the 2016 Volt, as well as to discuss the next-gen Volt charging setup.

We’re told that the interior quality and attention to detail is more on par with the Cadillac ELR than it is with today’s Volt.

As for appearance, the exterior is claimed to be more aggressively styled, while at the same time being a cleaner overall design.

Due to the NDA, we can’t discuss seating (4?…5?).  Hmm…

What do you think of these front-end images of the next-gen Volt?  Digging the new look?  Or is the current Volt more to your liking?

General Motors' Approved 2016 Volt Teaser

General Motors’ Approved 2016 Volt Teaser

2016 Chevy Volt - Image Credit: Fulgerite via GM-Volt

2016 Chevy Volt – Image Credit: Fulgerite via GM-Volt

2016 Chevy Volt - Image Credit: Taser via GM-Volt

2016 Chevy Volt – Image Credit: Taser via GM-Volt

General Motors’ press release on 2016 Volt charging:

2016 Volt Charging Info : Image Credit Fulgerite via GM-Volt

2016 Volt Charging Info : Image Credit Fulgerite via GM-Volt


 Next-Gen Chevy Volt Offers More User-Friendly Charging


  • GPS makes charging more convenient
  • Portable charger is easier to access
  • Intuitive visual cues show charge status

DETROIT – If there’s one thing Chevrolet Volt owners love about their cars, it’s being able to recharge the battery easily. Evidence of that is a U.S. Department of Energy study that shows more than 80 percent of all trips by Volt owners did not use the range extender.

Chevrolet has made the charging system in the next-generation Volt even easier for customers to recharge the battery – and to check the charge status. The next-generation Volt debuts in January at the North American International Auto Show.

“Chevrolet used the real-world experiences of today’s Volt owners to make the charging process simpler and more convenient in the next-generation Volt,” said Andrew Farah, chief engineer for the Volt. “The new Volt will give owners greater flexibility for charging it on their terms.”The new and enhanced features include:

2016 Chevy Volt Illuminated Charge Port

2016 Chevy Volt Illuminated Charge Port

GPS location-based charging
Owners will now be able to set their charging preferences exclusively for their “home” charging location and the vehicle will automatically adjust to that setting when it is at that location. The car will recognize when it arrives “home” based on GPS data.This will allow owners to pre-set their charging level (8 amps or 12 amps on 120V only) and whether they wish to charge immediately, set a departure time for each day of the week, or set a departure time and a utility rate schedule to charge only at off-peak rates. Owners can input their local utility’s rate schedule into their Volt to assure they’re charging using the cheapest electricity rates. They will only have to program the system once and the Volt will return to these settings every time it is at its home location.

New, more intuitive charge status indicators
The next-generation Volt makes it easier for owners to confirm their Volt is charging and gauge charge status. The new status system features a specially designed tone that indicates when charging has begun, with additional tones for delayed charging. It will even indicate if the charge port door was left open after unplugging but before entering the vehicle.

With a glance through the windshield, an updated charge status indicator light on the on the top of the instrument panel will show the approximate charge level through a series of flashes. In addition, an available illuminated charge port makes it easier to plug in after dark as well as indicate approximate charge level through a series of flashes.

Portable cord set enhancements
A new 120V portable cord set includes a cord nearly 25 feet long, longer than the current 120V portable cord. It can be locked using a small padlock to deter unauthorized removal during charging. Based directly on customer feedback, a new storage bin for the cord is now located on the left side of the Volt’s rear cargo area, above the load floor, for improved accessibility.

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From what I can see, I don’t think I’m going to like the styling of the new exterior very much :/

Reminds me of an Acura front end.

A bit, from the angularity. Yeah. But the lower “mouth” reminds me of a beaked fish, for some reason…

Not a fan of so much gaudy metallic grill covers…

Paint’em black.

Some of the “hint” photos had what was the shape of a kayak paddle, down there. While I think this is better, I agree the metal look may be a little aggressive.

Like the rims – Possibly the grilles look so over-the-top shiney due to the overhead spot lighting at the reveal. Maybe thta shiny silver plastic will look less cheesy in real life? Those who say it looks like an Acura, I disagree. Acura has this whole Transformer look – the angle shot rather than straight-on frontal shows it’s sleeker and very aero – love it! The big maw in the bumper area will have some relief from state license plates plunked in the middle – I’m going to bend mine to get more aero effect. I wish GM would’ve made at least the lower section Tesla-esque ( shiny, or smooth black ). Many of us anticipated an Impala-type feel, since that was much prettier than the ??? Malibu nose. Go check out 2016 Cruze nose and Volt definately dodged a bullet. The Asian Cruze is ohhh, k, but the North American version has a Sonic nose that is b*tt ugly!

The front end of the gen1 Volt looks like it would right in with the current Acura lineup, so there isn’t much change.

Don’t make any judgements from this shot. The front end is the least attractive part of an otherwise great looking car.

I’m dint Ely not into it. They must be trying for the so called “early adopters”.

Agreed, just does not look sophisticated.

where did you get the 3.3 kW max charging rate from? Does not seem consistent with the ‘slightly improved’ recent narrative. Given Volt owners charge more frequently than other plug-in owners, I’m surprised that it’s still only 3.3 kW rate charging – only 18 km/hr for me. I don’t know what others feel, but I feel a personal failure every time that petrol engine comes on when not doing a long distance trip.

I’ve removed that statement. I think I jumped the gun a bit.

Maybe slightly improved relates to the configurable 12amp charge rate, rather than having to over-ride the 8amp rate every single time a 110v charge is used.

Tesla is still behind on things like charge schedule. You can delay the start of the charge, only. You can’t set an ending, nor can you set for the typical nature of off-peak weekend rates. It requires and over-ride, similar to the Volt (Shceduled charging – Off). The Volt is hip to the reality of TOU off-peak rate schedules, and I like that. It even allows input for (winter/summer) seasonal changeover, which is a another thing very typical of off-peak scheduling.

I seem to remember a forum discussion that it could be 4 kw but we’ll see.

Read this:


You can set a home through GPS and have it default to 12 or 8 amp while at home.

6.6 should be at least an option

+ 1 Amen!


I hate paying the equivelent of $8/gal due to only charging at 3.3 kW on a 6.6 kW (30 A) public station.

I would also like to add more miles when I get home after work.


GSP, the public charging rip off issue is a big reason for GM to consider 6.6 kW charge rates at least as an option. Considering the fact that the 6.6 kW charge rate + DC Quick Charge upgrade/option on the Leaf costs just $1770, a simple upgrade to 6.6 kW charge rate should be less than $800.

I do a lot of public charging over lunch breaks, and getting 22 miles of additional range instead of 11 miles would mean that the gas genset of a 6.6 kW C/R car would not get used on a lot of days that my 3.3 kW C/R car uses gas for 6 or 8 miles. It wouldn’t end my use of gas but it would surely reduce it a good bit, and it would reduce it for a lot of us.

I’ll be surprized if the 2016 VOLT has any more than a 3300 watt charger in it. GM said they were under the impression that only 20% of VOlt owners would charge at a 120 volt rate. Turns out 55% do, mostly because they don’t want the extra expense/hastle of purchase & installation of a 200-240 volt EVSE (required in North America). Buyers have correctly deduced that the savings they would get from charging at a faster rate will not compensate for the added expense, especially when you figure that many owners lease the car and didn’t know at the outset they’d love the car as much as they do.

I suspect another ‘slight improvement’ is that the substantial tapering of the charge rate as the battery nears full charge will be greatly reduced so as to knock off 20 minutes of charge time (at 206 volts and above), and raise the SOC compared to the first generation VOlt.

Bill I respect what you are saying, but there are a lot us that really want the 6.6 kW charge rate. First, using public chargers that charge by the hour is a ripoff in a Volt which means that we either pay through the nose or use gasoline when we don’t want to, and this happens a lot.
Second, there is a lot of opportunity charging going on, as GM acknowledges. And 3.3 kW charge rates simply don’t measure up to the competition when you only have a moderate amount of time to charge. We don’t want an expensive bulky Quick Charge plug, a simple, inexpensive 6.6 kW charger would be perfect. This isn’t 2010, everyone is having to improve their game.

GM has apparently built a phenomenal Gen II Volt, don’t make the charge rate the one thing that irritates people that know what electric cars should bring to the table.

I’d like 6600 watts also, as I’ve stated in other posts I think GM could offer it by just offering a second 3300 watt charger as an option in North America, Britain, Australia, and anywhere else that allows 32 ampere draw from a single-phase mains. Almost a full 6600 watt rate would then happen at most public chargers (30 amps at over 220, or 32 amps at over 206 volts). Some of the ChargePoints claim to be only 30 amps, but a minority of them actually tell the car 32 amps.

It would make the preheating of the car at full speed take place without draining the battery.

But prepare to get annoyed:

GM has stated that if the current rate isn’t fast enough for you, there is always the “MEGACHARGER” (play on words compared to Tesla’s supercharger, i.e. a gas station).

The black section across the front bumper makes it look like its smiling. Hopefully it looks better fully uncovered. From everything I’ve heard the car is a decent incremental improvement across the board, but nothing groundbreaking. It might attractive a few more customers.

Yes. It’s the perfect spot to put some “nose art”, to enhance the effect. How about a decal of large human teeth there? Buck teeth, would work. 😉

Wow.. I get the impression this car is going to be very sporty and aggressive looking. Not that the old Volt was in any way ugly, but I’m glad the styling will be improved. It will catch a lot of eyes and people are going to want this. I’ve been saying for a while that the new Volt’s goal should be to compete for customers that want a Tesla but can’t afford one (IE: most people) so hopefully that is the direction they are going.

The goal should be to compete for Prius customers that still worshiping Toyota.

Yes, they should be going after people looking at old hybrid technology, and typical gasser customers. I think if someone is set on buying a BEV (especially a Tesla), that an EREV is not on their radar, as practical as it is.

I’m hardly a Toyota worshipper, but I do think hatchbacks are infinitely more practical than trunks. (LEAF and Fit EV owner).

The Volt is a hatchback. It’s just not a wagon.

Judging from some of the spy shots, the Gen II Volt may have a slightly different hatch shape on the bottom, more rounded. Not sure if that is just for the prototypes or what, because it doesn’t look like it would be very utilitarian.

This will catch eyes? What the hell are you saying?

This thing looks like a generic civic or camry from the front

A Tesla catches eyes, this will not.

If GM unveil such the same of the old thing, it is because they are confident to kill Tesla one way or another.
GM prove it can built a car with 125 miles range in 1999 !
The charming oeration has begun, people will cheer up for 3% more efficiency!

Why don’t they put the batteries under the floor and seats like anybody else?
To make believe batteries a re cumbersome and that they can’t put no more. B. S. !

Such a deceptive company!

Whatever your feelings for GM does not change the fact that the Volt is an engineering marvel. There is good reason for the battery being T-shaped, it allows the car to sit lower to the ground like a sports car.

You beat me to it!

+1 the ONLY coupe-like EV, unless you went ELR. Despite their low roll-centers, being up high was immediately noticeable for me in both i3 and B-class test drives. By being next to the battery, instead of on top of it, you feel less thrown around. IMO, the Tesla’s wider track helps make up for this (or air compensation, as the case may be).

Yes and it also keeps the battery out of harms way.

I am going to go against the grain here, and say that I like the setup of the Volt / eGolf batteries. Rather than putting them in a pan – resulting in a tall vehicle – they are placed down the center and over the rear axle. Thus the driver sits next to the battery instead of on top of it. This puts you lower, and gives you a much more dynamic driving experience.

I know on the flip side there are plenty of people that prefer an upright seating position. I am not one of them. I am glad that we have options.

We’re not talking huge amounts of batteries here. The Model S pack is only 4″ tall, has 5x the capacity of the Volt, and the car is the same height as the Volt.

I personally don’t have issue with 4 seats, but if I was calling the shots, I’d know that 5 seats is an important selling point.

I thought everyone already knows that the 2016 Volt will be a 5 seater. I just zoomed in on spy photos and the bench seat in the rear is easy to see. Should get more people in a Volt. Which by the way, I absolutely love what I see so far, love the front.

This is assinine. The combination volt/spark ev, really hits the market much better at a lower price point than the old ev-1.

GM has a longer range bev in development. Really its hard to find that spot between leaf and telsa model S. The erev is probably a much more practicle spot, I just don’t think chevy dealers know how to sell it. I think most americans would pay more for a 70 mile aer EREV phev with a range extender, than a 125 mile bev. Do it in a midsize sedan, and its even better, but gm’s midsize, the malibu is far behind those in the segment, so maybe put voltec in a CUV also. If chevy is slowly growing from 38 miles to 50 miles its getting closer to what customers are asking for.

I wish to remind you that the battery pack IS under the seats and the floor, not in the trunk, like the Ford PHEVs.

It remains a strong contender in large part because nobody besides BMW tried hard. They all did the least possible to hit the chinese 50km AER and no more

I have my heart set on AWD but won’t pay for a Tesla or Cayenne and am very disappointed in Audi A3 and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV AER.

Thus I may end up with the Volt depending upon final A3 and Outlander specs.

I like the new look better than the old.
the slow charging doesn’t bother me as much as others since I will mainly cjarge at home but we may see future friction if Volts hog up public chargers trickling in energy while other BEVs have to wait.

I wouldn’t even say that BMW “tried hard,” at least not in America. They intentionally crippled the i3 REx just to get extra ZEV credits.

Well, I like the paint color…

I not sure what to think about the headlights. I like the look of my current headlights. I wonder if they are LED lights like on the ELR?


“2016 Chevy Volt Illuminated Charge Port”

YAY! I’ve been b!tching about that since Day 1.

I like the idea of an illuminated charge port. would also like to see it flash when the battery is charging so people KNOW its charging.

“This will allow owners to pre-set their charging level (8 amps or 12 amps on 120V only)”
This is nice too. No more having to change the charging rate each time.

see they do listen to your posts.

I’m not sure if it will give you the option to simply set the default charging to 12amp (always) or if you must have either navigation, OnStar, or 4G LTE to have the GPS to default to 12amp every time? It seems that GM would prefer you to use 8amp unless you are confident in the reliability of the 120v outlet. If 12amp was a default setting; I don’t see the need for GPS interaction; unless it is simply an incentive to opt for built-in GPS service. I hope you will be able to default to 12amp and change to 8amp on those seldom used times you’re not charging at home or using a public 240v charger. Many people would like 6.6kW charging just to get their monies worth from chargers that charge by the hour.

True, but GPS enabling is the way of the future. My guess is if EPA allows the better efficiency numbers it could achieve, the features will become standard.
Multi-modal PHEVs will get better numbers, if the car is left to balance where the heating, cooling, and engine use come from.

Apart from the engine coming on, the other cringe moment in the Volt is when you’ve used it, and pull in with range leftover. GPS is the ticket to pulling in efficiently, right when you get to zero, every time.


The way I understand it, is you would set your “home” location. And if you know your home location can easily handle 12amps, you can set the Volt to 12amps at the home location and it will always default to that setting when you are at home. When you are out & about in the rest of the world, it will default to 8amps for L1 charging.

Regaring GPS, it’s free to use. There are no subscriptions required. So I don’t think OnStar will be a requirement.

Ah, I can certainly deal with no extra cost for GPS service. 

I get what you are saying but some of us would rather have the choice to turn a feature on/off by default like: charging and ERDTT without yet another monthly service bill. I like to pay for something once or have such features baked into the price of the vehicle. Next, I fear having to pay for anti-virus, malware and backing –up my car’s computers. Efficient driving = no lead foot. 😉

@ pjwood: pull in at home with 0 AER every time.

I certainly don’t want to use up all of my battery (potentially) every time I pull in my driveway. I frequently have other places to go , many times. Using your different driving settings options: N vs S, N vs L, fan only, eco, comfort, heated seats, remote start etc…I think most people like choices JMHO.

All systems are a go on a new one for this kid.

I think the (too?) shiny fron grill will look better on Silver than blue. The silver also doesn’t show the dust as badly.

The charging improvements are a meh for me. I charge at home whenever I want cuz I’m not on a TOU plan and 3.3 kw charger is plenty fast enough. I’ll just use my old 220 V charger so I can save the added expense.

We don’t know the price yet but I don’t know how GM can drop the price much or at all. I’d buy another at the same price anyway but this time find a better lease deal than the last one I did. Also I think I’ll see about a 2 year lease instead of a 3 year just cuz things are changing so fast.

I was worried about the styling because I like the small sporty look and feel of my old one. Sounds like there won’t be a problem there.

I’m jazzed.

I don’t know about price, George. GM is selling the Volt at a slight profit, presumably, discounted to $32k. If they increase the pack size only slightly (and dip a bit deeper into it) it is possible they can get the MSRP down close to $30k. I hope they do, but I have to admit that GM has consistently disappointed on the details since December of 2010.

I love my Volt but it is not the car they promised in 2008. I have a feeling though, that the Gen II is going to be close to the car they promised in 2008.

You’ll like the styling George. Much more sporty/aggressive. The front end wasn’t an improvement IMO. The rest of the car, definitely an upgrade. Much more distinctive than the current generation.

Hey DonC,
I guess I missed you too last night, as well as Fulgerite and Taser. Bummer. I did get to meet Jeff N. before they let us in.

I knew Ted was going to be there so we had dinner beforehand. Would have been great to know who else was going. It would have been great to meet you and the other forum members.

I was one of the guys who wasn’t hipster-marketing cool. LOL

I was going to ask about whether you got invited back. Looks like you did. That’s good. So DonC got to see it in person also? Wow I’m totally jealous.

I’m pretty sure RDS has blacklisted me for all future focus groups. I confirmed with a friend that he was invited to a more recent Volt 2.0 focus group held by RDS that I was left off. I surmised that GM/Volt team wasn’t that bothered by my earlier miscue, based on their response to my request for invitation to last night’s event.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Slow charger comes pretty close to a dealbreaker for me. Given that the Accord plugin has 6.6kW, there’s really no excuse for GM to suck other than that they ordered a crapton of them from some vendor and need to sell ’em all.

Not sure what your driving pattern is, but I charge my car each night at 120V, 8amps. Sure, I opportunity charge at L2 stations when I can, and when I do, I’m usually there for 2-4 hours.

I’m not against 6.6kW charging, just if the choice came down between price and faster charging for an EREV, I’d rather they target the price.


I hate to say that no one cares about 6.6kW charging, but… well, no one cares. The stats I’ve seen say that the overwhelming majority of Volts charge on 120V.

Dan, I think you are reading the stats wrong. I do 80-90% of my charging at 120 volts. But 10-20% of my charging is opportunity charging at lunch time and being able to get 22 miles of AER per hour of charging would be huge! I feel like I am getting ripped off when I pay for charging by the hour, and it will only get worse because the Volt is going to be one of the few electric cars that doesn’t have 6.6 kW charge rate at least as an option.

It would cost less than $800, maybe as little as $500, as an option and GM would be making a profit on it at that price. Look at what Nissan charges for a 6.6 kW charge rate plus a DC Quick Charger! This isn’t rocket science, GM ought to get up to speed on this issue. There are a lot of us that want this option.

Yup, they’ll lose you as a customer but to GM’s surprise, most customers don’t want to pay for a high voltage evse. They assumed 20% would charge at 110 for the 2011 volt, and it turned out 55% do, as verified by On-star data autonomously collected from every volt owner when plugging in.

As I’ve mentioned many times, the 3300 watt charger fills the world-wide bill for compatiblility.

That said, there is nothing really stopping GM from offering a ‘2 part’ option the same way Tesla does with its car chargers.

Standard: 110, or 16 amp 200-240 volt charger.

Optional: (For North America, Britain, Australia, and where ever else 32 amp single phase loads are Legal):

1). 32 amp J1772 fender connector.
2). 2 – 16 amp chargers, with negotiation limitation back to the evse of ’32 amps’.

That would provide a full 6600 watt charge rate at anything over 206 volts.

I see I’ve got that worded improperly.. What I meant to say was, in 2-charger mode, if they ever supplied such an option, that each charger would limit itself to half the total limitaion by the EVSE whenever it was plugged into an EVSE under 32 amps (i.e. on a public charger rated at 24 amps, each of the 2 identical chargers in the car would adjust themselves to 12 amps each to make the draw at the connector 24 amps in line with the EVSE’s wishes.

Deal Breaker? Really?

I would like faster charging, but can’t imagine forgoing the other improvements just because faster charging is not on the (long) list. 3.3 kW charging works great for overnight. Faster charging is only needed for the occasional daytime top up.


The front looks great. What I am most eager to see is whether or not the back has seating for three. If my Chevy dealer only knew how badly I want this car, it would put me at a bargaining disadvantage. Has Chevy revealed the colors this Volt will be available in?

Victor, it sounds like it is a bench seat of some sort in the middle. There is limited space for legs, so it will work better for a car seat or a rather young child. Will that be sufficient for you, if it is true?
I have a feeling it will work for a little more than half of the people that need a 5th seat, but it won’t work for a significant portion of the “5th seat is needed” group.

I anticipate rear seating similar to a RWD sedan with a driveshaft hump.

I have a wife and 3 kids. Two of my kids are 4 year old twins. If it has a bench seat in the back I think I can make it work. I don’t know if there will be a seat belt in the middle. If there isn’t I’ll find a way to get one in there.

“Looks great” ROFL!!!!!

I like the new aggressive look of the front end. No way anyone is mistaking it for a Prius!

From what I’ve read from people who attended the event, I’m inclined to believe there will be seating for 5 (at least 4 adults and a kid anyways). Why would GM keep that info so close hold if it was remaining a 4 seater? They want to save the 5 seat ‘bomb’ for the full January reveal.

I’d be shocked, given what we’ve seen/heard about the new pack. Don’t get your hopes up.

If the middle seat is for a baby’s car seat, you really don’t need feet room.

I think a car seat is prob the #1 reason the 5th-seat-people complain about 4 seats.

(even though people put car seats in the current Volt)

+1 I think that will be the case for most, though not all, people that need the fifth seat.

I agree with that. It is rare that someone needs to drive 5 adults in one car. The main time that 5 adults would go on a long trip and not have two cars would be college students, who are generally a little more willing to compromise on personal space.

Also, a car without enough luggage space for 5 adults won’t be used for long trips with 5 adults anyway. So that leaves long daytrips for something like hiking or the beach as the only time you would be driving far enough to be very concerned about legroom.


Middle position car seat for a infant is why I was told “No” by the wife on a Volt lease.

I think it looks great. Modern and aggressive as it should be….

It has been all of an hour or two and it is starting to look better and better! I like the photoshopped mirror picture. Aggressive and sporty. Not bad.

5 seats or bust! Looks like someone who attended the event doesn’t know what “Non Disclosure Agreement” means….whoops.


Well, 4.5 seats, actually, now that I think about it.

I’m liking the looks–a lot. It’s a Volt and everyone will still recognize it as one.

When I read that the interior is “more on par with the ELR”, I started getting nervous. That could likely mean very little or no price cut at all.

*Jaw drops and falls off*

I think I’ve said this before, I’m hoping for the new Volt to be significantly more agile. If so, the ELR might finally be considered as worth its price! 0-60 in the solid 6 second margin. Maybe that would be enough for even the Cadillac dealers to value it more to the way it should’ve been.

Dang, that’s a good looking front end. It looks thoroughly modern. I like it better than my current Volt.

You sir have horrible taste and make no sense. This thing looks like a honda civic, camry from the front. It looks horrible.

The current Volt looks great from the front

I like them both.

You sir have horrible taste and make no sense.
nya nya

sry dan, if any confusion, comment was @ EVer
my bad

Maybe necessity will be GM’s Frank Zappa, in this case. With their backs against the wall GM is perhaps finally realizing they have to produce some spectacular vehicles if they are too compete in the modern space.
The government will not bail them out again if they fail. I hope! And they can rely less on the old saw buy American as that stupidity has mostly gone the way of the Dodo.
Massive recalls, being sued by states, and having a hard time selling cars is not a recipe for success, but I think the Volt is a positive.

The partial review is a but odd. This one photo from the front, with a cover over the top, makes the front look a bit like a shark face.

The effect is created by the covering, not so much the style update.

They watched way too many Transformers movies.

And a bit late to the “Vader Cheeks” party, too.

Oh my god that looks horrible SMH

The Volt has been ruined.

Wow, that is disgustingly generic. not getting my money

It looks like a f****** toyota camry, my god!

This thing makes the current Volt look amazing

Wait, before you said it looked like a Honda Civic. Now you are saying it looks like a Camry. Which is it? Or are you just throwing out words…. ah never mind, I think I know the answer.

yep, the consistency of certain posters here is mostly painful, but occasionally comical

hard to believe that .1% of the commenters here strive to repeat themselves (sometimes *ahem* in the Same thread).

Do they presume that everyone must read the same message Several times for it to navigate the neurons due to personal experience?

People are putting too much into the sneak peak.

Inevitably the Volt 2 will bear a much greater resemblance to the rest of the Chevy family lineup than before. GM has essentially said as much.

That’s actually a good thing because it’s a clear indication the Volt is going more mainstream. That is significant, regardless of whether you like or dislike current Chevy styling DNA.

Is anyone really going to tell me that these 2 dont look alike?

Yes. They don’t look alike, other than you trying to pick a similar color.

I agree. They will never look alike, except to a blind man, or to the American money paying for the vehicle. The Volt buyer is getting a steak agains a piece of cheap Japanese fish.

Wow, that a honda looks like crapp. Does not belong next to the gorgeous mean looking 16 Volt.

Absurd open wheel wells, non-smooth front are aerodynamically suboptimal. I hope the 10 mile range loss on each and every charge is worth this flashy display of automotive ignorance.

So much better looking than the Toyota Mirai. Way to go GM!

I’ll reserve judgement until I can see it in the flesh, but I’m not enamored with the front end treatment and the silly fake chrome… It seems that they gave up some significant aerodynamics between that, the wheels, and wheel-well openings…

what’s the rub with the wheel well openings?

So far I’m lucky to have bought a 2013 in Australia.
To me it’s a nicer looking car, but if they have to go the sharper Honda / Toyota look for the 2016, whom am I to argue – as long as there are more sales!

The -important- thing regarding a noticeable change in style is that the old Volt shared a front end with the Cruz, a very cheap car. Many analysts said that Volt sales suffered because of that. And not one single post here has mentioned that.

A change to make it different and distinct, no longer resembling one of GM’s cheapest cars, can only have a positive effect on sales, regardless of whether or not any individual person likes the new style.

But no, it doesn’t look that much like a Honda Civic. Sure, they both have “shark nose” styling, but then so do scores or perhaps hundreds of other recent car models. In fact, that style has been so overused that IMHO it’s already outdated.

What’s thrilling is that their product does work and delivers some amazing results. Sweet diet snack: sweet potato You may be watching your carbohydrate intake, but my experience is that healthy carbohydrates help me stick to a diet, feel better, think more clearly, and have the energy I need to exercise. Right after reading this Vi – Salus evaluation you are most likely thinking that Vi – Salus is an excellent opportunity as well as are ready to get started.

Since the company was founded in 1978, it has experienced incredible growth, do at least in part to competitive pricing and quality merchandise. Two liter bottles like those soft drinks come in are good for keeping virtually every little thing. The list of US home improvement retailers would not be complete without including the largest one of them all.

OK, to do this you must start off by understanding that property prices are primarily determined by location. Every homeowner has an interest in home improvement. However, for each job, there are different kinds of home improvement contractors that you can hire.

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In many areas it is only occasionally it rains heavily enough for runoff into dams to occur so fixing the leak is essential. That is why you should get flat panel TV with built-in DVD player, a small flat screen TV in the kitchen, and wireless computer setups. You’d not only be capable of make your common contractor recognize what you desire clearer, but also obtain some pieces of suggestions on the way also.

The chest is quite massive and the quarters are lean. The breed was used as a tool of diplomacy by the Spanish government, and kings across Europe rode and owned Spanish horses. Unfortunately, there are only 20,000 horses of this breed in existence today.

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Ja moraalse õigustuse teemadel on väga huvitavad that is küll, Vestlused Jumala, aga poliitiline olukord Venemaal 19. Teises pooles üpris kaootiline oli, kaob kohati hoolimata kompositsioonist ja tegelaste, ja motiivide rägastikku ära that is mõtete.

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